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Megaprofix is a Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Megaprofix is what I refer to as a low level or unsophisticated binary options scam. It has all the right ingredients, a bullshit story about a bank secret, and some method about how a person who was fired took his revenge by leveraging this secret and making Millions of dollars. This scam is very easy to spot and it’s plain to see they will steel your money.

Mega Profix Scam

If you look at the testimonial section you will see our favorite Fiverr actor who is also the primary spokesperson for the Spectre System Scam. Now I could stop here and that would be enough, but just to make sure I’d like to rip this thing apart and look at it from a more in-depth level. If you scroll down to the bottom of the first page where you have to enter your name and email, you will see some TV logos like CNN, that is an immediate scam alert unless there is a link or some type of tangible proof that this thing has been published in CNN.

Furthermore, these guys are outright promoting this thing to affiliates in the most open and transparent way without even trying to hide it. This means they assume (and correctly so) that most people don’t understand the concept of affiliate marketing. Well, in essence an affiliate marketer is someone who receives commissions for referring customers, much like a travel agent gets paid by the airlines for tickets purchased through them by passengers.

The big difference here is that a travel agent understands that he has to please both the airline as well as the paying customer. However, since the internet is an anonymous medium and people can pretty much say or do what they want without having to face immediate consequences, the temptation to scam people is tremendous simply because you can get away with it in many cases. To be illustrate, I can’t imagine that travel agent selling a fake ticket to a paying passenger because they know there will be immediate consequences and maybe even jail time.

OK, so here’s another little tip. A scammer will in many cases ask you to register for his “system” in the members area (that’s the second page). However, you will in fact be registering for a broker. So don’t get pissed off if you get a phone call for someone in an offshore country asking you to deposit, if you were careless enough to leave your details expect to be called profusely since these people are getting paid for getting you to deposit and the affiliate is also getting paid on the back end but the money has to come from somewhere – that would be you.

Mega Profiix 3

In the picture on the left side you will see two very obvious indications of this tactic, the first is that they are actually telling you that you are registering for their software which is the biggest lie of all, because in reality you are signing up for a broker. Secondly, they will always ask you for 5 pieces of information. First name, Last Name, Email, Password, and phone number, this is done because that is the broker’s criteria for a valid registration.

OK, so here’s the obvious conclusion and recommendation: Stay the hell away from this obvious scam, there is no way you will ever see a dime from this system, and quite the opposite it true – meaning you will lose the money you invested unless you read my reviews and follow these steps as outlined in my free E-book, even Michael Freeman from Binary Options Watchdog missed a few of these. Thanks, Pat


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