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Million Dollar Challenge is Scam! Review Exposes Cheating App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM notification in regards to the Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as William Stanford the fake actor and pretender. I personally got 5 badgering Emails in a row in a period of 1 hour, and unsubscribing from their nasty service did not help one bit. Needless to say, we got swamped with complaints about Emails penetrating SPAM filters and being delivered right into the inbox without permission. It pains the heart to see how these marketers ruthlessly pursue, mislead, deceive, and victimize honest hard-working people. So we have arisen to the challenge and conducted a full investigation and review of this bogus app. The results were conclusive and indisputable, this is a very elaborate scheme and a verified binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Scam
It’s not every day we meet such a crafty band of crooks who went very far to cover their tracks and hide their lies. We had to dig deep into their code to find the images they used to expose their misdoings. Still, they failed the most basic and preliminary credibility test. We Googled the name Stanford Marcs Investment Group on the internet, and what we found was a collection of articles related to MDC, but nothing like an official homepage or business listing. We found similar names, but nothing that matches that description as you can clearly see in the image below. Additionally, we were not able to find any social profiles on Facebook or Twitter for these cheaters. Furthermore, we noticed these thieves steal people’s photos and use them as forged testimonials.

mdc 3

In this case we can see Oscar Long is really Paul Beretsky RIP who died of a heart attack at the age of 63 in Pennsylvania. Truly sad story, and  even more shameful when you think about it since there is actually no one who can complain about it. We also found it strange that $50 are given “for free to start”. I mean, would you imagine a regulated or honest broker just giving you $50 without any documentation or forms that need to be signed? I can’t see legit brokers doing something like that, which means you are being led directly into the wolves’ den and you are the main dish.


You will have to take my word for it when I tell you that the rest of the testimonials are also fake and ripped off the internet without written consent. This is the standard modus operandi for crooks wanting to bait innocent customers and trick them into opening trading accounts using false advertising techniques.


Million Dollar Challenge Review
Here we have Mr. William Stanford Founder of MDC advising us that he has found a system that is able to guarantee an income of at least $1,300 a day on auto-pilot. This automated trading solution utilizes 2 unique methods that enable it to achieve this level of performance, namely repetitive and updated pattern strategies and technological speed. They even elaborated on how they have massive server farms spread out across the world that enable the MDC Software platform to operate. It’s also interesting to point out that they mention they charge 3% of your profits as a fee.

This is a novel concept but how is that paid out? The money comes from the broker’s bank so would they bill the customer or how does that work? Anyways, we also tried contacting their customer service at [email protected], and despite repeated attempts we were not able to get a simple answer about a withdrawal-related question. To put it plainly, this is just another scheme designed to drain your bank account. All the trading tools in the world will not help you achieve a ~85% ITM ratio, and you can forget about candlesticks analysis, momentum trading, or bolinger bands on 60 second options. Your best bet is to cash out whatever is left of your money and seek more genuine trading systems.

Is it Free?
Well, you will have to part with $250 in order to qualify for the software. One thing I do have to say in their favor, they were totally transparent about this so I guess that counts for something.

Similar Scams to Avoid
Report a Scam ButtonThe following is a partial yet very “respectable” list of the worst scams being promoted heavily these days: the Free Money System and Walter Green (AKA Millionaire Blueprint), Push Money App, the Lie Detector Millionaire, Quick Cash System with Sarah Markel, iFollow Club, Trade Tracker Pro and Derek Stone, Centument, Tauribot, and the Perpetual Formula App.

Signals, Auto-traders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
We are constantly being contacted by various apps that are looking for endorsements, however most of them fail to comply with our check list of strict standards, credibility, accuracy, and performance. The ones we believe to be the best are listed in our recommended section.

Final Words, Conclusions, and Recommendations
The Million Dollar Challenge Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as William Stanford the fake actor and cheater is a verified binary options investment scam, and there is nothing genuine, honest, or sincere about it. We have conducted an extensive review and investigation and our findings are conclusive and irrefutable. We warn all our members and viewers to use extreme caution when being approached with similar offers and advise them to seek alternative means of investing. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Like, Share, and Comment on our Facebook group wall and get informed.

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