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The Millionaire in PJs Scam, Review Exposes EZTradingBot

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Millionaire in Pajamas Software (AKA EZTradingBOT) as well as David Williams and his friend Zeb is an online investment SCAM which is infected with Malware. Our impartial review and investigation will prove exactly how deceptive and misleading the advertising practices of these nasty affiliate marketers are, as well as shed light on this fake app and auto-trader. It boggles the mind to see that these cheaters are actually hiding the fact this is a binary options trading system and are just saying its a tool that makes money. Now all you have to do is sign up and fund your trading account, the money will magically appear in your balance. The problem starts and ends with a total lack of transparency. You don’t really know what you are registering for, the inflated bank account shows millions in dollars, and as soon as you finish the EZTradingBOT pops up with the fake actor from an old scam called the Zulander Hack where he is rehashing the same message in a tedious and repetitious fashion as he tries to solicit you to fund a trading account with a rogue broker.

Keep reading to see how we expose these criminals and their tactics and why we have reached the sad conclusion that the Millionaire in PJs is an investment scam.

Official Scam Website:

Proof of SCAM
The image below illustrates how David Williams (Alias) is an image bank actor providing fake testimonials. We found his image in Amazon “Oktoberfest” page selling men’s deodorant to Germans. We are truly sorry to burst your bubble but this person is a ghost with no social profiles or a public record about his company or the level of accuracy and performance his technology provides.


As we continued the registration process we reached the members area where a familiar face greeted us. It was the cheating actor and liar from an old scam called the Zulander Hack. We have blacklisted this system a while ago and believe it is a very dangerous and deceptive SCAM. These lazy fraudsters decided to do a copy/paste job instead of actually finding someone who will relay their message in a real and believable way.


The Millionaire in PJs Software is infected with malicious malware and spyware. A simple check of the various posts linking to it will paint the whole picture very vividly. The free fixer site is explaining how to remove unwanted popup ads, and the more we searched the more we understood just how sinister this scheme really is.


Review – Millionaire in PJs or  EZTradingBot? 
When our team sat down to write this review we were astonished to see that there is almost no content and a very shallow and brief narrative which describes your potential benefits. For example, it doesn’t speak about how the system works or alternatively provide any kind of information. Its just a picture of some guy that says trading is easy, and when you sign up you are locked in to a registration form, only it doesn’t mention you are signing up for a broker (Stockpair in this case) unless you look at the fine print.

Immediately when you insert your email you are redirected to a members area where you have a diagram of 4 steps. Signup, Create Account, access the software, and make profits. This is how the steps are described. In reality you are being herded in like a flock of sheep just about to get butchered. You don’t stand a chance with these cheaters so you might as well cut your losses and get back to reality.

What is the EZTradingBot?
It is an automated trading system which is most likely an in-house product belonging to stockpair. The software is rigged and you are set to lose, so it doesn’t really matter what you do, your best bet is to pack up and leave as fast as possible.

Is this System Free?
Not at all! Fork up at least $250 as that is their minimal deposit requirement.

Other Viral Scams
The ones to watch out for are Lucrosa, Drexel Code,  and Centument Project 2.0

Signals or Auto-traders?
If you are a control freak take the signals. If you want to execute trades on auto-pilot then you are searching for a genuine automated trading app. These are all showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Millionaire in PJs Software (AKA EZTradingBOT) including David Williams and his friend Zeb is a malicious investment SCAM. Our review has provided all the facts and evidence in order to dispel any false claims of making millions daily on auto-pilot. This thing is a hoax, the software is bogus and set up to take losing positions. If you try cashing out wait and see what happens. In light of all of the overwhelming evidence we compiled, it is incumbent upon us to declare the Millionaire in PJs Software as well as EZTradingBOT as a hostile, malware-infected investment SCAM. If you believe this review to be erroneous please contact us through our  Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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