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Millionaire Trader is a Scam

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Millionaire Trader is another program straight from scam central with all the trimmings of a ready-made ripoff designed especially for unsuspecting customers who want to profit in order to actually pay their bills and feed their kids. This is one of the really low ones because you can see these people, whoever they are did the minimum amount of work in order to get the maximum possible amount of cash from innocent hard-working people and pensioners who managed to scrape some cash to fund their broker account.

Alright so as I progressed with evaluating this scam I noticed something particularly unique. These people were so lazy that they just took a ready-made movie from another scam called Instant Income App and embedded it into their video section. This was a fairly simple thing to check, I just clicked the youtube link and watched it online.

Arrow Actor

This is so sleazy that when I showed this to a colleague of mine who has been trading for about 20 years now, he almost vomited from the level of deceitfulness and outright contempt, disrespect, arrogance, and nerve these people have. Even compared to other really trashy systems like Master Snipers or Elite Gold, this one beats the competition hands down!

Same Actors
I really don’t know why but for some reason the really hardcore advertisers have a tendency to stick to specific actors, as you can see in the binary arrow review.  This guy calls himself generate cash biz, and apparently he is so good at what he does that people are constantly asking him to do binary videos. Well, I’m truly happy for this actor. He is definitely one of the few people that are consistently making real money in the binary options niche these days.

Old Scam, Same Tricks
If you actually watch the movie and proceed to the 15th minute, you will see Redwood Options as the preferred broker. No one really trades with this brokerage anymore and it has lost around 90% of its previous clientele because it didn’t keep up with industry norms and trends.

millionaire trader scam2

Brokers like Porter Finance and Optionweb are considered to be more updated and popular these days, so it would be a smart move to first read the broker review and then decide if you want to register at all. However, such as the case with this awful scam, you would not even be aware you are signing up for a broker. The registration form will downplay the fact that you that you are signing up for a broker (small text), and highlight the fact (bold text) that registering for the software – as you can clearly see in the image above.

Reputable Systems
Believe it or not there are a few, if you read the insiders circle review you will notice it adheres to my very simple yet uncompromising checklist of “must haves” in order to qualify as a trusted signals or automated trading system. Additional systems are not as high profile as some of the more scammy systems, but contrarily are much more profitable, and offer great trading tutorials as well so you actually know exactly what you are getting into and how to utilize the systems more effectively.

Summing Up
The Millionaire Trader is an obvious fraud and scam. If you happened to register for this software don’t you dare fund your account and don’t bother using it to trade, and don’t forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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