Millionaire Blueprint Scam is Dangerous and Misleading, Honest Review

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Millionaire Blueprint Scam is Dangerous and Misleading, Honest Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is updating its members and placing a severe scam notification in regards to the Millionaire Blueprint Software (AKA Millionaires Blueprint App). After conducting an in-depth investigation, our research staff has come to the conclusion and realization that this is probably one of the all time biggest, most deceptive, and misleading binary options scams ever perpetrated in the binary options business by crafty affiliate marketers.

Official Scam Site:

Additional Updates:  Millionaire Blueprint is now being integrated with fraudulent Forex and CFD brokers but it’s just as bad.

Old News? Not Really
These guys have been at it for a long time and they are rehashing this old scam using various advertising outlets that appeal to new and unsuspecting customers. Existing customers that have already been exposed to various get-rich-quick schemes are far less likely to reinvest since they have already been cheated by unregulated offshore brokers and had their money stolen. Below you will see an image of how they reach out and entice new customers with fake offers and scam tactics.


Proof of Losing Trades and Sub-Standard Performance
Below you will see a direct screenshot of losing trades the Millionaire Blueprint Signals tool recommended. As illustrated below, the ratio of ITM trades as opposed to OMT (Out of Money Trades) indicates a 70% loss. This means this is a fraudulent tool and just as many others, it takes losing trades intentionally or randomly and the broker splits the profit with the affiliate.

Blueprint 3
Proof of Scam
I’m completely at awe with what these online marketers do in order to get you signed up with a broker and fund an account. These tactics are totally unprofessional and diverting customers from one thing to another leaves a bad taste so this signals software really starting to look sketchy. I seriously hope brokers stop cooperating with these make-money schemes and opt for a more professional and investing type of environment where traders can actually get trained and start understanding basic concepts like 60 second options, ladder, one touch, strike price or rate, expiry times, as well as entry and exit points that go with good charting tools and technical market analysis in the form of moving averages, candlesticks, and Bollinger bands.
blueprint 4

Millionaires Blueprint Review
If you have searched the internet in hopes of finding a review that will dispel any doubts or hesitations you had about this signals software, you are deeply mistaken. The creators of this magnificent piece of trash code have stumbled upon an amazingly effective way to defraud innocent day-traders and steal their money in what is an obvious online investment scam. It’s very clear this app takes completely random positions and does not factor in any form of technical analysis, scalping, or news updates. In fact, you can think of of it as tossing a coin where the outcome and payouts will always be 50% on average any way you look at it.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to the recent Copy Buffett App, Zulander Hack, Insured Profits, Free Money System by Walter Green, Push Money App, Tauribot, Binary Matrix Pro, Binary App 810, Channel Ranger, Profit in 60 Seconds, and Stark Trading System.

Signals, Automated Trading Tools, Bots
There are countless tools with fancy and colorful names available out there. They will all promise you fields of gold and riches at the push of a button. Needless to say the overwhelming majority of these systems are a scams and at best you will lose your money. In more severe cases we have been notified about credit card theft in the form of overcharging, accounts being frozen without any explanation, and malware or spyware is becoming more prevalent these days as well. Binary Scam alerts endorses the Binary Profit Method as a signals solution, and if you are looking for an Auto-Trader please make sure to read our Virtnext review.

Verdict and Expected Conclusion
After a careful review and analysis of the facts, our investigative staff has come to the predictable conclusion that this signals software is a SCAM. There is nothing genuine, honest, legit, or even close to real about this cheap code besides the attempt of the people behind it to rob you blind. We are putting out a warning and SEVERE SCAM ALERT on this app and hope you find this review in time before buying into it.

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