Millionaire Blueprint Scam is Dangerous and Misleading, Honest Review

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Millionaire Blueprint Scam is Dangerous and Misleading, Honest Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is putting a severe scam notice on the Millionaire Blueprint Software (AKA Millionaires Blueprint App). After conducting an in-depth investigation, our research staff has come to the conclusion and realization that this is probably one of the all time biggest, most deceptive, and misleading binary options scams ever perpetrated in the binary options business by crafty affiliate marketers.

Official Scam Site:

Old News? Not Really
These guys have been at it for a long time and they are rehashing this old scam using various advertising outlets that appeal to new and unsuspecting customers. Existing customers that have already been exposed to various get-rich-quick schemes are far less likely to reinvest since they have already been cheated by unregulated offshore brokers and had their money stolen. Below you will see an image of how they reach out and entice new customers with fake offers and scam tactics.


Proof of Losing Trades and Sub-Standard Performance
Below you will see a direct screenshot of losing trades the Millionaire Blueprint Signals tool recommended. As illustrated below, the ratio of ITM trades as opposed to OMT (Out of Money Trades) indicates a 70% loss. This means this is a fraudulent tool and just as many others, it takes losing trades intentionally or randomly and the broker splits the profit with the affiliate.

Blueprint 3
Proof of Scam
I’m completely at awe with what these online marketers do in order to get you signed up with a broker and fund an account. These tactics are totally unprofessional and diverting customers from one thing to another leaves a bad taste so this signals software really starting to look sketchy. I seriously hope brokers stop cooperating with these make-money schemes and opt for a more professional and investing type of environment where traders can actually get trained and start understanding basic concepts like 60 second options, ladder, one touch, strike price or rate, expiry times, as well as entry and exit points that go with good charting tools and technical market analysis in the form of moving averages, candlesticks, and Bollinger bands.
blueprint 4

Millionaires Blueprint Review
If you have searched the internet in hopes of finding a review that will dispel any doubts or hesitations you had about this signals software, you are deeply mistaken. The creators of this magnificent piece of trash code have stumbled upon an amazingly effective way to defraud innocent day-traders and steal their money in what is an obvious online investment scam. It’s very clear this app takes completely random positions and does not factor in any form of technical analysis, scalping, or news updates. In fact, you can think of of it as tossing a coin where the outcome and payouts will always be 50% on average any way you look at it.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to the recent Copy Buffett App, Zulander Hack, Insured Profits, Free Money System by Walter Green, Push Money App, Tauribot, Binary Matrix Pro, Binary App 810, Channel Ranger, Profit in 60 Seconds, and Stark Trading System.

Signals, Automated Trading Tools, Bots
There are countless tools with fancy and colorful names available out there. They will all promise you fields of gold and riches at the push of a button. Needless to say the overwhelming majority of these systems are a scams and at best you will lose your money. In more severe cases we have been notified about credit card theft in the form of overcharging, accounts being frozen without any explanation, and malware or spyware is becoming more prevalent these days as well. Binary Scam alerts endorses the Binary Profit Method as a signals solution, and if you are looking for an Auto-Trader please make sure to read our Virtnext review.

Verdict and Expected Conclusion
After a careful review and analysis of the facts, our investigative staff has come to the predictable conclusion that this signals software is a SCAM. There is nothing genuine, honest, legit, or even close to real about this cheap code besides the attempt of the people behind it to rob you blind. We are putting out a warning and SEVERE SCAM ALERT on this app and hope you find this review in time before buying into it.

  • Beth Anne

    Your article just made it click with me that these companies don’t want you to win. They want you to lose so there is more money to split with the broker.

  • Ed Klosic

    So these scum just keep recycling old scams for new victims? I wonder how many old victims get caught a second time around?

    • Hi Ed,
      It happens all the time I really hate seeing this stuff.

  • Sanders Sperlin

    What is the average age of people being scammed with this? I can see older people hoping for retirement money and maybe the super young 18 year olds not wanting to get a 9-5 job?

    • Hi Sanders, it’s really across all age and geographical spheres. We have gotten complaints from day traders in Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Norway, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Needless to say USA is also ranking there.

      • S

        What should I do to stop them calling me? I almost get carried away. Now they are calling non stop with unknown number

        • Best thing to do is tell them that you have no more money. Better yet, if they can give you a small loan to invest and you would pay it back because you would win for sure. That would really get them pissed off and leave you alone.

      • Sanders Sperlin

        I don’t think I would call everyone that’s purcashing these so called “programs” day traders. I think many of them are hoping to become day traders the easy way by not knowing to much about and using this so called magically program to do it for them.

  • Andrew Spera

    If people are having credit card fraud along with this, I would have thought these people would have been caught and shut down by now. Don’t credit card companies do intensive research when it comes to fraud?

    • Hi Andrew, the credit card companies are all too happy to get their volume of transactions up. I can’t see them shutting down these things unless something drastic happens. I’m also not sure they know exactly how these things work.

  • Sam Myers

    Are all binary trading softwares rigged to lose? It seems like they would be set to lose more often than win so they make a profit.

    • HI Sam, Not all but the blueprint is definitely a big con job. Be careful.

  • ogwang mike

    oh thanks for all your comments ,i was about to join the thing but thank GOD FOR OPENING MY EYES ,,,THERE IS NO FREE MONEY ,MONEY NEEDS HARD WORK and above all , we can not all be rich in terms of money …..never undermine the little u have if it is what u sweated for !

  • Janah Miranda

    I found this millionaire blueprint very suspicious so I tried to do some research about it. Thanks for this. Really appreciated your comment.

  • Range

    This guys are very funny, when I tried to register the web, they told me to deposit some $250. I cancelled the deal some few minutes they called me on my mobile, I ask them where are you calling from they said London but when I viewed the number they used to call me I found its my home country mobile number! They are smart con artists stay away from them.

    • George

      A few minutes later?! Wow they really watch the transactions like Hawks. there’s nothing worse than a pushy saleman but I guess they are trying to go after that impulse buyer and get them quick.

  • Hi Bman,

    Forbes has accepted a deal with an advertising company that is apparently willing to pay a lot of money for those spaces. So yes, you are correct Forbes is just as guilty because it is lending its reputation to a cheap scam. They don’t look at the content they approve just the bottom line.

    • Bman

      Thanks for the info.
      Without credibility, Forbes is nothing. A shame they don’t realize that. They definitely rate closer to a gossip mag in my eyes now.

      • Well, It’s not only them. You would be surprised to know that Forbes is not the only one on that list. It’s a huge business and everyone is in it for the money. The advertisers are the big winners here and we are all paying their fat salaries.

  • lauratisdale00

    I almost fell for this one until I read this line “we’d bet a whole dollar that the average person who participates in “any” “how-to” online trading courses and automated software never get any results.” Really a whole dollar?! That to me doesn’t say much!

  • Donald Smith

    Wait what?! It’s really on Forbes page? I think I just lost some respect for Forbes! Do people just care about money any nothing else today?!

  • Lookdeep

    I was about to put in my $250.00, and I looked at what is being said on internet. Thanks to open my eyes, and keep me away from this scammers!!!

  • Hi Andrew, protect yourself first! Get a good antivirus software installed and make sure you have all your emails documented in case you want to pursue legal action.

    • Andrew Spera

      Antivirus software? Are people getting viruses from these people too?

  • jonrick mesina

    That was close good thing i searched online about this was about to deposit £250

  • Taylor H

    Where are these fake offer being placed? They look like ads and they have nothing to do with the supposive software.

  • Mai

    Thanks for the information. How come government agencies are not stopping these SCAMMERS from posting videos on the Internet. They are supposed to be sued for misleading readers/ users of Internet. Thank goodness there are some who tell you the truth that these scammers are too good to be true.

  • Raymond

    I don’t know if I’ll believe in this article. I have been closely watching my friend who’s using millionaires blueprint and he’s account has been doing very good for 1 year now. I told him I would open an account after 2 more months of observing his account. I don’t believe right away if I don’t see any evidence but the fact that my friend’s account has been doing very good. I believe millionaires blueprint is not a scam, rather a reliable source of income.

  • Of Choche

    Hi I’m Frederick Choche in kuruman South Africa. Thank you very much guys this morning they also requested me to deposit $250 which is equivalent to in Rands Zar R3500.00 and they wanted my debit card number so as to process the registration and trade so I gave the wrong one. They also told me they were in london, I will never ever attempt such things again but thanks with the info God bless all of us.

  • Presh

    Thank your so much for this review, they ask u for your contact details and call you right away from London numbers. They insist you pay $250. Which is R3500. I have blocked the numbers but strangely I am getting texts from a local mobile number with regards to Millionaire Bluprint. And they call from the same number and don’t talk. How do I tell them that I dont want this anymore? They call 6 – 8 times a day.

    • Hi Presh, you are correct. They are relentless and will do anything to get your credit card information.

  • jayemdee_412

    As the saying, “if it seems good to be true, it probably is.” Many people have been hoodwinked with this easy money scheme and lost their hard-earned money in the process to scammers.

  • Hi Maureen, this is what is referred to as web spam or black hat internet marketing. Unfortunately these guys are very aggressive so please clear your cache and delete cookies. Never give your credit card information and don’t sign anything. Thanks, Pat

  • As you should be