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Mockingbird Method Scam Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Alright so when I started doing this review I immediately spotted its just another lame scam offer from some smart guys who actually know what they are doing. Only this time got a bit too creative and forgot there are some relatively intelligent people out there who actually ask the tough questions and want a proper reply.

Mockingbird Scam

Here are some easy ways to identify the scam:

1. When you ask to speak to the person that’s responsible for building the system and all they want to do is get you to sign up and deposit, you know you are on your way to get ripped off.
2. If they are telling you “there are only 41 spots left” or something of similar nature, you pretty much bet your bottom dollar this thing is not legit. Now, why is that? Well, can you imaging Goldman Sachs saying something similar to that. Its just a sales tactic designed to get you to register and open an account with a broker.
3. The name of the system screams SCAM, it’s designed to get really innocent and untrained people who have no money to buy food open an account and fund it – they even say it themselves. “But to Make Money You Need to Make a Small Deposit”.

Moving further along, as opposed to systems like the Binary Profit Method, the Mockingbird Method scores Zero across all key parameters.

1. How Easy is it To Use?
Well, I don’t even know what it is honestly. It’s just a bunch of hype with a lot of dressing and no software or even simple charts describing what’s being done.
2. What is the Level of Accuracy?
There’s nothing which is displayed so how accurate can that be.
3. Is it Reliable?
Well, I haven’t see too many positive reviews or ratings about this so-called “Method”. Furthermore, it pretty much answers to all the criteria of potential SCAM.
4. How Transparent is it?
How’s zero transparency sound to you?
5. Is the Customer Service Responsive?
Sure, they will only respond if they think they have a chance to get you to fund your broker account – and again it’s Bigoption which is not a regulated broker.

By the way, this by no means indicates it is not a good broker and in fact there are some very honest unregulated brokers out there. Still, its always better going with regulated one like Optionweb, unless you are a US based trader. Then you are pretty much left with very certain options like Tradorax, which also offers a superior trading environment as well as timely payouts.

Alternative Systems:
Well, as I previously mentioned there are very few reliable systems available there today. You will probably want to check out another system called binary secret code. There is one scam review out there, but after having a chance to speak with Alex Kaminsky, it appears that person did not follow the instructions given to him (here’s a lesson to be learned). So if you are looking for binary options signals, that would also be a great solution for you.

So summing up this review, the Mockingbird Method is an outright SCAM! It’s probably as low as it gets in terms of how it is presented to the public, as well as the actual product and software (or lack of it) which is offered. In short, don’t even think about investing your hard-earned dollars in that nasty scheme.

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  • Ann Abbitz

    I had a friend mention this one to me….as we already have a broker we’ve been with for years, I told her to hold off and let me check it out. Suffice it to say, she was saved from being able to give her kids “an unbelievable Christmas” (she’s a single parent)….turns out the creator of the software isn’t even a trader. And if you look at their “success” numbers, and release dates…it just doesn’t make any sense. Please, please be careful of sites like these. As much as we’d all love to become millionaires, unless you’re born into it, the rest of us will have to work for it. Don’t lose your money over some fancy promises.

  • Kelly Knight

    Oh my gosh, I hate sites that say “only 41 more spot left” Really? You could look at the site a week later and it will still say the same thing. It doesn’t automatically update when someone signs up. It’s a scam tactic to get you to do an impulse buy before it’s too late for your chance to become a millionaire. Crazy what we will believe sometimes. If you want to learn how to trade correctly, contact a professional and do your homework.

    • Hi Kelly, you are obviously correct, I can see you have been around. If you are interested please take a minute to review this initial video about how to avoid getting scammed in binary options. I would appreciate your feedback on this, thanks Pat