Modern Profit Professor Review, Malicious SCAM Steals Profits

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Modern Profit Professor Review, Malicious SCAM Steals Profits

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Modern Profit Professor software (AKA MPP) by Marco Adessi is a SCAM. We BLACKLISTED this software after it miserably failed our credibility test. We know this software was recently launched and it is being very heavily promoted by aggressive affiliate marketers using a variety of irritating sales tactics such as SPAM emails, popup messages, and worst of all FAKE reviews. We became aware of this fraudulent app when irate day traders started messaging us about emails entering their inbox soliciting them to register with and fund binary options trading accounts with rogue and unregulated offshore brokers. The intensity and and frequency of grievances was unusually disturbing and prompted us to conduct a full review and investigation into the workings of this cheating auto-trader, as well as to the people controlling the bogus software and victimizing innocent customers without a trace of guilt or remorse.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
First and foremost I strongly believe the people behind the Modern Profit Professor are foreigners and definitely NOT native English speakers. I believe this to be the case since they have misspelled the MPP Logo and wrote Professor with 2 F’s and 1 S. This is a strong indication that we are dealing with an offshore fraud ring  possibly engaged in other forms of criminal activity. Secondly, this bespectacled actor is claiming that “Marco” (Alias) has built a “bullet-proof trading system that literally predicts what the market is going to do”. Again, this is not just hype. This kind of sales pitch is very misleading and fallacious with the clear intent of defrauding potential customers. Nowhere does it mention the level of risk which must be taken, or the fact that losses may very well be incurred to your capital. This is a fact every novice trader is aware of, but it has been intentionally left out and that leaves a very bad stench in the air.

Below you will see a collection of “tells” which our researchers spotted and serve as evidence and proof of foul play. As you can see “John Knight” never earned “16,288 GBP”. His image was stolen from the internet without prior consent and used to peddle a fake trading app. Fake testimonials from actors are also used to lend this bogus app a sense of legitimacy. In fact, these crooks achieved the exact opposite result of what they wanted and now they have been rightfully exposed for their misdoings. The use of fake logos and certificates is also clearly evident. Again, the text on one of the logos is misspelled which is already turning into a trend. To top it all off they have embedded some type of widget which serves as a reporting module. They named it “Detailed Reporting” but it is anything but that. The X and Y axis are not displayed properly and we don’t know if the money made is in the tens or thousands of dollars.

The Modern Profit Professor Software Review – A Tall Tale With a Nasty Twist
As the story goes Marco Adessi was spotted by a Wall Street trader named Harrison Glass who offered him a job and eventually ended up being his apprentice. As a result of this he has been making millions of dollars trading and created his own software. He is now looking for new Modern Profit Professors to recruit.

The Maserati and fancy offices with a secretary ads a nice touch and it is obvious we are dealing with a high-end production here that cost a lot of money. Nevertheless and despite everything, it is just a scam designed to bait you and steal your money. The rags to riches narrative is very powerful and causes people to relate to it in the most basic and profound way. The story about how his Sicilian father had a day job and struggled to pay the bills and forgot about his dreams is very touching but not true.


The baloney about creating a software built on a hybrid of binary options and the moving average paradigm is a nice sound bite, but in reality it just a lot of hot air and manipulations. The notion that the software analyzes assets with interest with little or no investment is an ancient concept in supply and demand economics which any 12 year old can tell you about. The rest of the sales pitch expands about identifying the indicators and maximizing potential. They claim they gathered all this information from online trading gurus and created and educational program with training and courses. This is just more lies since they understand people have a built-in sense of apprehension also referred to as COMMON SENSE, and they will use every trick in the book to break down your psychological defense mechanisms and attempt to diffuse your resistance.

Is the Software FREE?
No way! It’s gonna cost you at least $250 to get started and that will be collected by the slimy broker they select for you.

Other Viral Scams to Report
The most active ones are the Quantum Code, Millionaire Blueprint, Free Money System, Zero Loss Formula, Quick Cash System, and Centument LTD.

Signals or Automated Trading?
This is a very common question and we always answer that if you want more control take the signals (our favorite). But if you need a hands-off solution then an auto-trader is for you. Mind you, most of them are useless phony scams but we filter them out and leave only the best and most accurate trading tools available today.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Modern Profit Professor software (AKA MPP) managed by Marco Adessi is a SCAM. There is nothing genuine or legit about it, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you have bought into this fake app you will lose your money and that is a guarantee. We let one of our staff test the auto-trader. The money was lost in a matter of minutes and the only thing the broker wanted to chat about was how much money to re-invest. So, the facts and findings speak for themselves. Let there be no room for doubt, this is a confirmed binary options investment scam and it is blacklisted with good reason. So be alert and on your guard because these cheaters are not your friends and will try to fleece your wallet and split the profits with the broker. To get more information about the Modern Profit Professor Software as well as other scams, join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.


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