MS Management Software Review, SCAM Or Legit MS Management App?

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MS Management Software Review, SCAM Or Legit MS Management App?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Welcome to our MS Management Software official review and SCAM investigation. In our fair and impartial review we will examine this trading robot and Christopher Fernard, the presenter of this app. Is Fernard a con-artist, and should MS Management be blacklisted? We will provide you with our conclusions and let you decide this time, but there’s one thing we can say for sure. There is a lot of hype going on around this new software which currently is being launched, so in a case like this (and every case) before you decide to proceed and fund a real money trading account we always advise you proceed with caution and use a hefty dose of common sense. The first thing we did is check out the complaints, and immediately we received about 5 queries some of which were unjustified, and the rest were baseless claims. In one case we even received a message saying the app was legit and genuine since the person actually ended up with multiple ITM trades and was able to cash out his winnings no problem. Still, we do know there are a lot of affiliate marketers latching on to this offer so since we got burned in the past we are skeptics by nature and in most cases our suspicious end up being correct and validated with facts. Keep reading to see how we peel the layers off the hype and reach the truth about the accuracy levels and win ratio the MS Management Software offers.

Official Website, Login Page and Members Area

Update: Management Software Is Tested for 2018: Results are consistently ITM around 87%

MS Management Software Review
The sales video starts off by saying that MS Management Software was created during 2017 to extend its business into the Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) business. Fernard claims he is a fund managed tasked with achieving a “market-beating” return on investment. He says his team has a track record of producing consistent results in “Margin FX Trading”. He states their strategy is to pursue profit maximization and high risk-to-rewards ratios with strict risk exposure management.

How Does Management Software Work?
It provides fully managed Discretionary accounts to retail or wholesale investors through the use of MAM or Multi Account Manager Software. This means all the “sub-accounts” are merged into one master trading account and managed by the portfolio manager.

Capital Preservation: “The avoidance of a huge loss”. That is one of the key principles of Management Software, and hence it allows the trading teams to produce regular profits in the short and medium term.

The trades are derived from complex trading algorithms which incorporate trading psychology, market analysis, and money management principles. The trades are invested primarily in highly liquid currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF. There is also a short term trading strategy which focuses on Indices and commodities such as the S&P500 and GOLD. This strategy analyzes resistance levels and key market trends based on the Boundary  Track Trading methodology.

Who is Christopher Fernard?
He is a fund manager with Management Software, however his background information is lacking so we can’t really be sure as to what credentials he has or what his professional experience consists of.

What is a Managed Discretionary Account?
This is a service where your portfolio is managed for you and you provide “discretion” to an investment manager to make decisions about that portfolio on your behalf. In this way, you delegate the day to day decision-making process to a trained professional.

Is MS Management Software Scam Or Legit?
The bottom line is that all forms of online trading carry risk and in this case MS Management Software is no different. Truthfully, we have seen many deceptive and misleading apps in the past, this does not fit the mold. We did see some manufactured testimonials, however when taking a closer look the accuracy levels were as advertised so we are willing to accept it for now. We didn’t see any inflated bank accounts, and the presentation itself is not hyped up and full of exaggerated claims of easy money. There is however a lot of chatter and buzz around this offer, so this leads us to the understanding that it is gaining popularity with day traders.

Is it Free?
They claim there is an 8% fee on executed trades, however we have not seen how the money is collected or if invoices are produced according to law. We believe there is an accounting problem with wiring over the funds, however we have not executed enough trades to see how and if Fernard’s team wires over the money and what kinds of fees this kind of transfer incurs.

Update: We received wires from an offshore bank account for the sum of £3,524.23 which is around $4,550 and change.

Viral Scams Trending
If you have been searching the internet looking for a legit opportunity to make money online and encountered the Quantum Code by Michael Crawford or The Tesler App, we strongly urge you to avoid signing up for these offers since they are designed with pure malice and will steal your money; that is a guaranteed fact.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are not quite sure about joining MS Management Software that is perfectly normal. Our staff of researchers has compiled a short yet trustworthy list of consistent money-making machines. These are all proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The MS Management Software by Christopher Fernard has been tested by our staff. Initial results were initially mixed and previously indicated a pattern which may or may not be a SCAM which is worthy of being BLACKLISTED. However, after about a month of trading we have seen reasonable return on investment so we are recommending it to our members and subscribers. It is true that we have had reports about high accuracy levels and profitable trades, from our members and the multiple complaints we received have been reviewed, properly examined, and we believe them to be inaccurate and baseless. As always, our endorsement is temporary and we definitely reserve the right to change or amend it if anything changes. In the meantime, if you are still hesitant despite our warm recommendation since you were previously scammed, or if you are simply looking for another solid trading app then you may want to consider alternative investment opportunities. As always, should you need any more information or assistance regarding automated trading systems or signal providers please make sure to  join our Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive periodical updates.

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