My First Online Payday is a Malicious Scam, Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading App

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My First Online Payday is a Malicious Scam, Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The management and research team of Binary Scam Alerts is issuing a severe SCAM notice and warning in regards to My First Online Payday Software (AKA My 1st Online Payday Autotrader and App) as well as Jeremy Mathews the fake Fiverr actor with a phony British accent. After getting flooded with a deluge of complaints about this so called Auto-trader, we immediately realized this system was not only inaccurate, but also extremely misleading, deceptive, and even dangerous. After conducting an extensive review and investigation, we reached some startling conclusions.

Official Scam Site:
Chief Instigator: Jeremy Mathews

Proof of Scam
My First Online Payday has been caught red-handed by virtue of their own stupidity. The creators of this fake app are obviously on some kind of ego trip, and have lost any perception of reality. When you substitute trading with playing you are taking a serious investment channel and turning it into some type of game. This validates the fact that the app has nothing to do with trading options online.


These guys are so full of themselves that they look down at the average working man struggling to make end’s meat, and try to cheat him (or her) out of a few measly dollars. Now, I’m sure that $250 is not a lot of money for these blood thirsty hyenas, but for regular people like your’s truly it can really sting and cause a lot of frustration and anger.

My First Online Payday Review
In the actual demo below you can see how they are using the software to dupe day-traders with their bogus code. In reality they built a game, but if I really wanted to play I would go the the casino in Vegas or Atlantic City, not push a stupid button on some strange game. And all those news snippets about making money from home, what’s that got to do with anything? It’s about people who have made a serious career change and are now actually either self-employed or working for a company from their own home.


So in reality, this APP has absolutely nothing to do with trading and everything to do with gambling your money away. When reality hits, you will not think of what contract to buy or what kind of charting tools you will need in order to reach ~85% ITM Ratio, and it’s not gonna be a discussion about candlesticks, technical or market analysis. Your primary concern will alternate from making money trading binary options online, to how to escape from this scheme with minimal damage to your bank account.

How Does this Software Work?
Well, it promises to make you money but in reality it’s just like tossing a coin. You have a 50% chance of getting a winning each trade, and they even admit the fact that it’s gambling themselves. So, it doesn’t necessarily take inferior positions, but it’s still rigged and your chances of winning are slim to none.

Something Positive?
I do have to say that while looking at their code I noticed they were using Angular on a Bootstrap solution. I know this doesn’t mean anything to 99% of the readers, but this is an advanced coding language and it’s a real big shame they are exploiting it to deceive people instead of giving them something profitable.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to limitless profits, trade tracker pro, the Amissio Formula, Tauribot, Citidel Ltd, Centument, Binary app 810, binary matrix pro, Insured profits with Dave and Ginny, Millionaires Blueprint, The Free Money System with Walter Green, Copy Buffett, Trade Tracker Pro, and Tradefusion.

Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
You can find a new system sprouting in every corner, in reality very few actually work. We endorse the Binary Profit Method as our preferred signal solution. If you are searching for a trading bot please read our Virtnext review.

Is it Free?
Yes, but you must fund a broker account with a minimum amount of $250.

Verdict, Findings, and Conclusions
It is our humble opinion that there is nothing genuine, honest, or sincere about the My First Online Payday software and trading app. To be completely honest, we were not able to identify it as a bot, signals, or copying solution. It is such a far fetched product that it doesn’t even fall under any known category. We are officially declaring this system to be a binary options investment scam, and Jeremy Mathews the ring leader of this crime. If you have fallen prey to this vile scheme, please make sure not to re-invest. If you have not invested yet, consider yourself lucky and run back home quickly. If you liked this review don’t forget to like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

  • Kevin K

    I’m Glad I didn’t come across this site before you becuase I probably would have tried it. They even give you $50.00 just for signing up. Happy insaw this post today! 🙂

    • It’s really a big scam, people should be more careful about what they are buying into these days.

      • Ralph Johnston

        Yeah you really need to research everything now a days, especially if you found it online. The world is full of scammers!

  • Ed Klosic

    The comments on this page make it sound really interesting. $75 in 16 minutes and $200 made in one day! Are all these comments fake? I mean they make me want to sign up. The site doesn’t look like all the others.

    • Yes – the comments are fake like the whole system.

    • Shane Maurel

      Ed, before I was taken, with my broker at the other end of the phone he asked me to trade, this I did under his direction and we made over £20 000 in under 6 minutes from £10 000. He then lost it all in 6 minutes of trading in the next half hour! Watch your broker!

      • Ed Klosic

        So sorry! So this was his plan all along, so he would profit from it? How do you know if your broker is good or not?

        • Shane Maurel

          That is a good question Ed, but there are some tips that may be of help. Stand your ground and only trade with half of your investment and not the whole lot as he did to me. Secondly my advice is make sure that he is giving you a wide investment range, say trade with short term, long term, currencies, commodities,stocks and indices and read and check out the free educational packages that they show on youtube before you even think about trading. Have an idea before you start and if you are going to do it by yourself, concentrate on one to three trades only on different things daily and watch for patterns. They will appear if you are looking. Trade with small amounts until you start getting strike rates of over 60% then up your trades. I hope that this helps and good luck.

      • Jay Seifert

        by now you know that you never actually made…well, ANYTHING because those “fake profits” were simply lies to make you believe that you had actually won.

  • Sam Myers

    I think we need to remind ourselves that it’s hard work that brings in the money that a computer program that doesn’t know anything about the stock market. It only knows what the programmer tells it to do, which is to give random signals.

    • Correct Sam! Very nicely put, only it’s not signals – I still haven’t figured out what this thing is but it’s selling like hotcakes.

      • Sam Myers

        I’m sure it is selling like crazy becuase the site looks good. Horrible name though. The name in itself makes me question the site before even seeing it.

  • Craig Lewis

    I signed up to this program. I made $360 with the demo and was told that if I sign up and fund the trading account with $250 that I get the $360 bonus. Well No bonus and with in an hour 49 trades, with 22 wins and 26 losses, Account now $18, and I have to add more to unlock the 50 trades needed to withdraw any funds. I have sent several emails and no reply. I called the Security Exchange Commission and they are doing nothing about it but educating people to contact the SEC before signing up to these program. They are not prosecuting theses SCAMMERS. Or are they part of the SCAM, like Government is?

    • Taylor H

      Wow!! 50 trades to unlock your funds plus lying about your demo earnings?! What scum! I really don’t understand why no one does anything about these people! People get punished over the small things while these people are allowed to steal people’s money.

      • Craig Lewis

        Yes I have sent them several emails and still nothing. Seems that none of the agencies in Canada want to help. “There is nothing that we can do about it” is their answer. Basically, I have to track down the address of the company and find out what country they operate from and contact and submit a complaint to the fraud squad. Then maybe something can be done. Yet why would another country, be worried about helping me, a person from a different country. Most countries can’t help there own people, yet alone me, or others from different place. We live in a corporate, greedy world, that was created to run on money. Yet we had 1000’s of years without money and lived to survive. We are outpacing the rate at which we can use technology, yet we have the technology, to be able to give, to others so they don’t have to be scamming. Basically it’s protect your self. Don’t depend on others. I think that trading stocks, with the right program is possible, so I guess I have to keep searching.

        • ERNIE COLE

          These vultures need to be hunted down, and terminated.. I may sound harsh, but, the courts won’t do anything to them.. What they are doing amounts to Robbery. When you find them, give them a serving of American justice.. Be discreet with your actions, then annomusly report them to BBB. They are preying on middle class people in America.
          Honest, working class people, looking to get ahead. I personally GOOGLE
          every one of these offers before I commit to anything. AND, I would reccomend this to all people that might be interested in any of these SCAMS.

          • Rosemarie

            Your so right, but many people get caught up in the fantasy of having a better life and being able to quit their jobs and they get blinded by the signs of these fake sites. I guess it’s kind of like a impulse buy.

        • Taylor H

          I got scammed by a website last year. They owed me $1000 and rhey deleted my account and refused to pay me. They wouldn’t even answer my emails. I was able to track them down and they ended up having an office in the same state as me. I took them to court even though there website said their headquarters was across the US and I could only sue them there. I had to go back to court 3 times to prove things that the judge wanted to see, but in the end, the judge told the guy that this site is unethical and I won my money. There lawyer paid me but also sent me a letter stating that they are watching me on social media because they don’t want me to slander there name. I guess they were trying to find a reason to sue me. Well long story short…the website closed down. 🙂 that made my day seeing they went out of business!

          • Robert Keiper

            They did not go out of business, they did what most of the others do, they simply changed the name of their Company. They remind me of the old Telemarketing Companies which were extremely prevalent/popular in the eighties through the early nineties (before computers really became popular). Like these modern day computer scams of which we are currently speaking about, those telmarketers simply made millions and millions of dollars ripping off people. Not much has changed since those scams with one exception; today via the computer the new scammers are now ripping people off to the tune of many $$BILLIONS of dollars.

        • Shane Maurel

          Yes I agree Craig, I believe there is the right company out there, it is just trying to find them.

    • Shane Maurel

      Some Binary companies are only 30 trades to unlock, but still the funds will not be unlocked until you are above the $369 bonus that they put in. I asked my broker what happens to the money on the lost trades – he could not answer me. This means that your broker is getting paid on both the trades he wins and the trades he loses! A good broker will get you to put in as much as he can, I was taken for a large sum, but others that I have read about have been taken for over £22000! They get you to keep adding to your deposit and then as Craig above says they match it with a bonus! The gains are 100% theirs whilst the losses are 100% your own – be careful and even check out several reviews on one company. I went for this one that did me in because they had very good reviews, only after I lost did I find the other review sites! By the way the company I was an account holder of is regulated by the FCA, however by the way if there is a problem they will not intervene as they conclude that is a betting company and not a bank??? So why the endorsement then I ask???

      • George

        So these brokers get you to invest more to get your trial earnings, but they don’t tell you about the number of trades you are locked into? Or did you think you would be okay and be able to hit that number?

        • Shane Maurel

          No George, the pitch is to get you onboard and locked in. By the way that bonus I mentioned above is $250/ $500/ $1000 etc. They will match it. And yes to unlock it you need depending on the company between 30+ trades. For me I was swept away rather quickly and did not disagree or agree to the bonus. My broker just said to me that if I manage to put in £5000 then he will equal it with a ‘bonus’ so I put in £500 and he put in £5000. You can’t withdraw money until those trades are done, or unless you have made heaps from trades. It is my first time trading George, so I did not think that I could do it without the help of my broker, but remember my broker is at the other end of the telephone and he is the one advising you on the trades you take, for instance if he says go on GBP/JPY set your time for 15 minutes and put in an amount of say £1000 and call it? You do it because this guy is supposed to be the bollocks!

    • Robert Keiper

      Craig, The SEC has no authority over these trading software designers ( or whatever you would like to call them). The SEC ONLY has authorization over Brokerage Firms! Who you need to contact via the internet is The FTC (Federal Trade Commission). In their website’s upper right corner, there is a section called- I would like to (click this and there will be a drop down menu). At the top of the menu click and it will refer you to a complaint form. Fill out all the required information. Remember, The FTC is the Governmental Agency you must notify, for they are the agency with the authorization to resolve this specific issue. They can also have your financial situation remedied; in other words your money (the total amount) refunded.
      Robert Keiper

  • Craig Lewis

    If you do decide to try any Binary/Trading software program, DON’T take the bonus! If you do you have to lock yourself into 50 trades before the account can be open to allow for withdraws. It’s a scam to get you to lock yourself in, until all the funds are used.

    I know that there are ways to monitor the markets and to give one the best change to success. Yet I did not know that is was from the scamming side of things. WHY the GOVERNMENT don’t crack down on all the scammer, is that they are making money from the taxes they get. I say that it is a SCAMMER WORLD. Go for it.

    • Wow Craig! It’s almost as if I had written this myself. Im going to pin this comment to the top and make sure everyone sees it – TY!

    • Shane Maurel

      Yes I fell for that one too, and once you are under the bonus limit , that is your funds locked in for good!. They do not explain the bonus part and offer it to you in its ‘simplicity’. Don’t go for it and be cautious even if your broker says we are on a run, stop while you are on top, remove your profit and only trade with some of your money in your account. Your broker could help you lose the LOT!

    • Jay Seifert

      Government’s are NOT your babysitter. As with ANY purchase decision, you are on your own to check it out BEFORE you spend/invest $s. Let’s be honest, the REASON you and others were scammed is because you think that you can get something for nothing because… we,, because your type are greedy. I trade only with well-known brokers and am smart enough to avoid the “get rich quick” promises SO MANY of these scams promote.

  • Hi Shane, that’s a lot to take in.. Bottom like is to stay away.