Netflix Revolution Review, Fake Netflix Revolution SCAM CFD System

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Netflix Revolution Review, Fake Netflix Revolution SCAM CFD System

Posted on by Patrick Jones

What is the Netflix Revolution and is it a SCAM system? The short answer is yes, but as always the devil is in the details. Our Netflix Revolution Review examines this seemingly profitable new CFD stock scheme, and provides compelling proof and hard evidence of scam and malicious foul play. Why do we believe Netflix Revolution is a blacklisted get-rich-quick scheme which must be blacklisted? Well, it all started with the complaints we received and then when we started to dig in deeper we were appalled by the can of worms our research staff uncovered. But wait, there’s more! We also spotted multiple fake Netflix Revolution reviews, as well as fake Dragons’ Den news articles related to the fraudulent Netflix Revolution SCAM CFD system. That by itself should give you a pretty good understanding of what we think about the Netflix Revolution and why we believe it to be a confirmed investment SCAM. But there is more (much more), and we honestly think it’s too important to neglect the facts or leave out any type of details regardless of how insignificant they may seem to be. OK, so obviously the first things we check are complaints (nature and amount), affiliate networks which are endorsing the Netflix Revolution software, various forms of hyped up or unsubstantiated claims, and inflated bank accounts. The Netflix Revolution scam strikes out on all of the above, and we never make these types of statements without having facts which back up our findings. To top it all off, they are using XTraderFX as a broker. Trust us when we tell you, the people behind XTraderFX are crooks and known to have a checkered reputation. Still, if you feel this fake CFD system is a trustworthy software, then we encourage you to read our informative Netflix Revolution review before you pull out your credit card and decide to invest.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you can see the main registration area for the fraudulent Netflix Revolution system. We have circled in red the section of the sales presentation where they say the person’s name is Michael-John Wolfe.

We found this character on Fiverr where his gig is featured for a measly $5. This actor is associated with some of the worst binary options and Forex scams we have exposed here at Binary Scam Alerts (see image below for reference). 

But wait, there is more. The whole testimonial section is either ripped off or taken completely out of context. The people you see are either paid actors or just individuals who have had the misfortune of having their videos ripped off the internet and used to promote fraudulent software. The person on the left side talking about how much money he has made, is a small time business opportunity affiliate marketer who will try to sell you a quick way to make a fortune through an online business. The other testimonials are either paid or copied out of context.

But here is the most important piece of evidence. When we signed up we immediately saw the post registration page, and guess what? Its used by the same filthy affiliate network which promotes the Bitcoin Trade and Bitcoin Revolution scams.

Netflix Revolution Dragons’ Den
Last but not least, we were able to get our hands on some fake news articles where the cast of the Dragons’ Den was used in order to promote the filthy Netflix Revolution scam. We also found similar fake news articled related to the Shark Tank, Richard Branson, and Elon Must (big surprise).

What Is Netflix Revolution and How Does It Work?
Similar to others scams we have exposed, the Netflix Revolution is attempting to ride the the Netflix stock wave of success and divert uneducated customers from genuine trading software to a fraudulent get-rich-quick scheme. They are saying trading CFD on Netflix is a great way to get in on the action, but when you signup you are referred to a fake broker such as XTraderFX.

Netflix Revolution Review, SCAM Netflix Revolution SYSTEM or Legit CFD?
They are stating that “CFD trading gives you the power to trade against share price movements without actually buying or selling the physical shares.” In this context they also mention you can “cut out the middle man” and generate more profit even when “markets are falling”. In reality Netflix Revolution has nothing to do with the Fang Group, and this is just a diversion tactic commonly used by scammers to get you to drop your guard. But we are on to these con artists, and have exposed their methods of operation.

Fees and Pricing (It’s Not Free)
Joining this software will cost you at least $/£/€250, and yes you guessed it. That money will be charged to your credit card by offshore brokers.

Fake Netflix Revolution Reviews
Oh yea, we have seen at least 3 of those and this trend will not abate anytime soon. So if you are unsure or hesitant, please leave a detailed message below and we shall do our utmost to respond quickly.

Still Trust Netflix Revolution?
Not convinced? Still think the Netflix Revolution SCAM is a legitimate CFD trading system? Well we believe you have failed to understand just how dangerous this software really is, so don’t come back complaining after you lose all your money as we will not be able to assist you.

Tested Alternatives
Our staff of researchers constantly checks the internet for new and profitable trading systems. To be included in our short list you must undergo a stringent screening process which filters out all the scams. What we are left with is the creme of the crop in online trading systems. So take a minute and check out our recommended section.

Netflix Revolution Review, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Netflix Revolution scam software, app, and fraudulent signals system is a confirmed get-rich-quick scheme and fake CFD Stock. If you are illegally solicited by various spammers, individuals with fake Facebook profiles, or fake news advertisements, then we advise you avoid this illegal scheme and seek alternative ways to generate money online. We can also be messaged via our our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel .


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