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Neuro Trader By Intellix Systems Review, SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Neuro Trader software (AKA Neurotrader) by Intellix Systems and Jeff Blumenthal is a misleading BLACKLISTED SCAM, and our fair and impartial review and investigation will produce all the proof and evidence required to validate this fact. Make no mistake, this is a low-budget yet very effective scheme designed to tempt you into registering with and funding a trading account with rogue, unlicensed brokers. It’s worth pointing out that complaints started as a very aggressive SPAM campaign got under way, so please refrain from clicking any links and unsubscribe immediately from receiving further communication. The people behind this sham are unscrupulous affiliate marketers who will do anything to get their dirty little fingers on your hard-earned money. In fact, we have it from trusted sources that this software was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent of stealing money. To make matters worst, we heard the brokers are conspiring against their own members and splitting the loot with the promoters. It goes without saying that cashing out money or receiving a refund is out of the question, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you believe this new app and trading robot to be legit or genuine, you had best get ready to have your wallet fleeced. At minimum use a prepaid card or E-wallet as a security measure, and never divulge your credit card information since we have received a few reports of overcharging. Keep reading our factual review to see how we exposed these crooks and why Neuro Trader software by Intellix Systems is an extremely deceptive and confirmed financial scam.

Official Scam Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Here’s a screenshot taken directly from the Intellix Systems AKA Neurotrader software sales page. As you can see it is boasting to be “the world’s first 100% accurate trading software”. They are also making false claims about “guaranteed wins” and easy profits at the touch of your finger tips.

We do not appreciate this form of hype as we have been burned before by all these fake apps boasting unrealistic success rates which can’t even be substantiated or backed up by facts and figures.

But here’s the only proof you will ever need (see image above). Jeff Blumenthal is a fictitious character and at best an image bank actor. Chances are his picture was just stolen from the internet and used as a baiting tactic in the form of fake testimonials.

Intellix Systems Neuro Trader Software Review
“I’m sure you have heard the expression, throwing good money after bad, right?” This is how the presentation starts, and then there’s an exception “you are one of the lucky few that have been selected to make guaranteed sustainable wealth”. No skills or experience is necessary, to make a guaranteed income of at least $10,000 a day. According to Blumenthal (Alias), Intellix has made their clients over $2.4 Billion during a period of 18 months, and now its your turn to get in on the action and become financially independent. He claims the loss rate is 0%, and the success rate is 100% over the past 18 months.

How Does the Trading Robot Work?
Blumenthal, the so-called CEO and founder of Intellix Systems claims the results generated are a direct result of a new technology recently developed named “Neuro Trader”. A new form of artificially intelligent technology and “groundbreaking” software which analyzes millions of variables each second and create a customizes predictive model for any stock. The system dissects massive amounts of data and improves itself in the process. In this way, the software sees things before it develops, thereby “effectively predicting the future”. He claims any Wall Street trader or Quant will tell you, this is a license to print money. He says the software is totally genuine, and legit and runs on auto pilot.

At this point we had enough and recognized we were dealing with a bona fide investment scam. In reality all the dots connected for us and we have all the classic tell signs indicating the red flag. We can clearly see inflated bank accounts, hyped-up and exaggerated claims, fake testimonials, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is riddles with holes and inconsistencies, it’s just not making sense.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! It will cost you at least $250 to get started, and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of their brokers which may or may not be regulated or licensed.

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Fake Reviews
It’s true that many so-called “honest review sites” receive bribes in the form of commissions to write favorable reviews. Sometimes they just get cash up front, in some cases (although very few) they are threatened if they don’t take money, so it’s becoming a serious problem.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are not quite sure about which is best for you its quite normal. We have done all the research so now you don’t have to. Our recommended software showcases the best and most consistent money-making machines which have passed our rigorous credibility test.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
Intellix Systems and the Neuro Trader software by and Jeff Blumenthal is a dangerous scam and we blacklisted it in our factual and impartial review. If you honestly believe this fake app is the cure to all your financial ills then you are gravely mistaken, and we urge you to use restraint and refrain from joining this program. This software is 100% fraudulent and was contrived by crafty affiliate marketers operating in cahoots with rogue and unregulated offshore brokers. The people behind it are shady to say the least, and when we tried to contact them asking for a response we were treated in a very hostile manner. This only confirmed our initial suspicions and in a way provided us with the proverbial “last nail in the coffin” needed to validate our initial claims. If you have deposited and funded a trading account using this software you can kiss your money goodbye because we will not be able to assist you in getting a refund. In light of the indisputable findings and evidence our staff has produced, we have no choice but to blacklist this fake auto-trader and refer our members to alternative investing options. As always, we invite you to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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