Nova App Review, SCAM Nova Trader Software Exposed With Proof!

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Nova App Review, SCAM Nova Trader Software Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Nova App software and trading robot by Michael Newberry, the actor and fake CEO of Nova Holdings is a SCAM, and in our detailed and factual review and investigation we will produce all the proof and evidence required to validate our initial premise. We noticed a flurry of complaints which recently arrived, all of which mention SPAM emails or annoying popups illegally soliciting innocent day traders to fund a real money trading account with an offshore broker. It seems a rogue network of affiliate marketers have decided to promote this fake app and auto-trader, and these crooks excel at baiting tactics, identity theft, malvertising, and internet fraud. We now know Nova App is a fraudulent software designed to steal your money, and it is an indisputable fact that they use very deceptive and misleading advertising practices in order to lure unsuspecting victims into their web of lies. If you are somehow under the impression that this software is legit or genuine, you are about to make a serious mistake and will surely end up having your wallet fleeced by sleazy, unlicensed brokers. Keep reading to see how we exposed the Nova App and why we believe it to be a confirmed financial scam.

Quick Update: This software is currently being relaunched as Nova Star, however it is the same software just relabeled with a slightly different name.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:,

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see “Ryan Norton” and “Ethan Nolan” saying Nova App is “the real deal” and how they made massive amounts of money using this software.

And here are the real profiles of these two characters. It seems their pictures were stolen and used to peddle fraudulent option trading software. Ryan is really employed by a company named RM Propulsion, and Ethan has a blog named “Running With Snakes“.

To top it all off these liars used a actor named docreilly for the purpose of fake testimonials. You can clearly see he is saying he knows nothing about trading, yet he sees the “money roll in” every day.

We have additional proof which can be provided per request, but we believe this is enough to provide a factual representation as it connects the dots and paints a very bleak picture.

Nova App Software Review – $5,250 In Profits Every Day?
No matter who you are or how you found this page, Michael Newberry is about to give you free access to the most powerful “run from home” auto-profit software in the world. He says its easier to install and run then it is to open a Facebook account and a proven (guaranteed) method that makes over 5K every day. As he completes the demo he shows how his initial $250 deposit doubled and his account balance stands at $508.88.

The “Nova Trader”
Newberry claims you don’t need experience to use this app, and “as you are about to see” it is designed for every-day folk like you who wish to make life-changing profits on a daily basis.

Who Is Michael Newberry?
He claims he started Nova Trader back in 2014 with the mission to crack the code of making money through trading. He claims he tried every single auto-trader and signals solution. He also tried a lot of strategies but he never succeeded raking in the big money. So he gathered “the best Wall Street” analysts and programmers in order to create the most powerful trading app in the world.

He claims that this app has “never lost a single trade” since 2014.

Why Does it Work When Others Fail?
The secret is in the name! This one-click-to-run auto-trader has cracked the code and has a 100% strike rate because of the investment and planning that went into it. It is integrated with large financial databases across the world. It’s also linked to every single trading market in the planet. It’s different because it has the ability to recognize trading patterns 7 millionth of a second faster than its nearest rival. It is this speed which allows the software to make split second computations and beat market rates.

Reality Check
The “Nova Trader” AKA Nova App is textbook example of a get-rich-quick scheme. It has all the classic tell signs starting with fake testimonials, hyped up or exaggerated claims of easy money, inflated bank accounts, and outright lies and fabrications. The narrative is an inferior replica of previous schemes all of which are designed to cheat you out of your money by using extremely aggressive and manipulative sales tactics.

Is it Free?
Actually they do say it will cost you $250 to get started. They lie when Newberry claims he will be “happy to make the deposit for you”, that is simply a misrepresentation of facts and not true.

Other Viral Scams Trending
Hot scams trending on the internet are Tesler App and Epix Trader.

Fake Reviews
You will find some of those for sure. We know a few fake review sites that are known to accept bribes in the form of commissions from dirty brokers. If you are hesitant and wish to consult simply contact us and we shall be more than willing to assist.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are deliberating and not quite sure about which system is suitable for your needs you are not alone. Fortunately our staff has done all the research for you and compiled a short list of consistent money-making apps that are both user-friendly as well as profitable.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Nova App software and trading robot by Michael Newberry (AKA Nova Trader) is a blacklisted SCAM. It is instigated and executed by affiliate marketers and offshore brokers who are conspiring against their own customers (that’s you) in what is commonly referred to as a Revenue Share scheme. The affiliate marketers generate the customers, the brokers steal the money, and the loot is shared according to an agreed contract rate. There’s nothing legit or genuine about Nova App besides the intent of the thieves behind it to defraud you and steal your money. In light of all the conclusive and indisputable evidence our staff of researchers has produced, we implore you to refrain from using this software and seek alternative trading software instead. As always, we invite you to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get better updated about other financial scams.

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