Obcasio Review, Deceptive SCAM Exposed With Proof!

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Obcasio Review, Deceptive SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Obcasio software and trading robot by Michael Watson is a BLACKLISTED SCAM, and we will provide all the proof and evidence required to debunk this dangerous and fake new app in our fair and impartial review and investigation. If you have received an email invitation to join a private group of beta testers in this new get-rich-quick scheme, make sure to unsubscribe immediately and don’t click on any links since we just received a fresh flurry of extremely alarming reports and complaints regarding spyware being downloaded on computers or mobile devices without consent. The online promoters pulling the strings behind the scenes are two crafty affiliate marketers with a knack for trickery and an insatiable appetite for stealing money. We have recognized this pattern of deception in the past, and the dots started to connect for us immediately. If you believe Obcasio to be a legit or genuine trading app, we can guarantee that you will lose your money because this software was designed with pure malice and the deliberate intent of defrauding and victimizing innocent day traders looking to make a buck trading binary options online. Still, despite everything we discovered Watson’s real identity and we will reveal it in the most transparent and factual manner. Keep reading to see how we uncovered this vile plot and shed much needed light on this new financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: http://www.obcasio.co/

Proof of SCAM:
Michael Watson is really Miah Wishburn! Below you will see a screenshot of Mr. Michael Watson, the so called “Founder and CEO of Obcasio. Right next to it you will see Washburn’s Facebook page, as well as another picture which validates our initial premise and leaves no room for further doubts or hesitation.


As if you needed additional proof, here we see an actor named Gary Powell who is gladly providing a fake testimonial based on a script that was written for him by the dubious production company responsible for packaging and delivering misleading and fallacious messages about getting rich with a few clicks of a mouse.


On a more personal note, I must say Washburn is a scary guy and has a military background. When we researched him he kind of reminded us of Johnny from “The Shining” and that scared us, so we decided to approach the other actor instead and he told us he was promised they would place a “paid  add” clause beneath his testimonial, however no such disclosure was made so he also feels cheated. Additionally, he was not willing to divulge the contact details of the production team, he just referred us to his agency. We don’t really believe him but after all he is not at the center of our investigation.

Obcasio Software Review
The sales video starts off when he is driving his Ferrari and the voice over actor introduces him as a senior trader who quit his job at one of the top investment banks in the world and created 100 new millionaires using his Obcasio software during 2014, he is opening the doors and inviting 100 more people for the last time to use his new and improved system.

Immediately Watson says he is guaranteeing you a minimum payout of $2,000 every day. He says Obcasio (opportunity in Latin), has raked in over $78,000,000 during the last 2 years and the profits are increasing by the month. He then proceeds to show a screen with winnings of over $2,000 a day, and “does the math” for us as he adds the numbers and reaches $780,000 a year per trader. Then he says if you live in Mexico, Venezuela, Myanmar  the software will not work, and he doesn’t even know why.

After that we start with the parade of fake testimonials. First comes Sarah Priestly, and after she activates the auto-trade button her numbers magically increase to $540 after a few hours. Then Watson starts laying it on thick about a life where “you can do all the things you love” and live a carefree lifestyle without having to worry about your financial affairs or paying the bills. Then the fake testimonials continue, and they show us inflated bank accounts, make hyped up claims, and use every trick in the book to trick and bate potential would-be traders.

In reality we are dealing with a very well-orchestrated scheme which is designed for the sole purpose of ripping you off and then sharing the loot with rogue or unregulated brokers. 

Is it Free?
No, it is not. Customers wanting to “take a test drive” will have to deposit at least $250 of their hard-earned money. These funds will be charged to your credit card by one of their crummy brokers.

Fake Reviews
If you have read a favorable review it’s very possible it was written by an industry-leading blog or portal who is taking bribes from online promoters. It’s a shameful act and definitely unacceptable, but eventually these website owners will end up paying a price and lose their subscribers.

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Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are deliberating between signals or auto-traders you are with good company. There are hundreds of systems out there and most of them are worthless rigged apps designed to wipe out your bank account. Fortunately, we conduct credibility testing and this filters out all the fraudulent systems. We only showcase the best and most consistent money-making machines in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and  Recommendations
The Obcasio software by Michael Watson is a dangerous SCAM and we had to BLACKLIST it in our honest and factual review. If after reading this article you still believe Obcasio to be a legit or genuine trading app, you will be deeply disappointed because we can guarantee you money will be stolen without anyway to get a refund or any form of remedy. It has also come to our attention that these scheming affiliate marketers will be trying to peddle other fake apps once they get hold of your email, so don’t be surprised if you start getting spammed with various offers. In light of all of this evidence our findings have led us to the only logical and foreseeable conclusions, so at this point we are asking all our viewers and subscribers to seek alternative means of investing. Should you require additional information we can always be reached via our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel.

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