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One Touch Review, Scam Or Legit One Touch Trade App?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The One Touch Trade software by Jeffrey Peterson is a SCAM and worthy of being blacklisted in our honest and factual review and investigation. Word to the wise, if you have received a SPAM email inviting you to participate as a beta tester for the new One Touch trading app do NOT click any affiliate links and unsubscribe immediately. We have been informed by one of our trusted sources working for a very well-known binary options broker that this is a viral SCAM and it has already tricked and baited hundreds of would-be day traders looking to make money trading binary options online. If you believe this new trading robot to be legit or genuine then get ready to have your wallet fleeced since One Touch was created with pure malice and the deliberate intention of stealing money from unsuspecting customers. It is extremely misleading and deceptive, but we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the one piece of evidence which is referred to as “the smoking gun”. The real identity of Jefferey Peterson will be revealed to BSA subscribers in the most transparent and uncompromising way. Keep reading our latest review to see how we exposed this latest financial scam and who Peterson really is.

Official  SCAM Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Jeffrey Peterson is really Jeffrey Janoff! This is a B Movie actor who was hired to perform at the behest of the affiliate marketers calling the shots behind this most recent SHAM. In this video you can also see him acting, just to dispel any doubts you may have.


Additionally, we caught this rogue affiliate network red-handed actively engaged in lottery scams! Here you can clearly see they are using the same house and car to peddle their dirty offers and defraud people.


The final nail in the coffin can be seen as they have been careless in producing fake testimonials with actors that have already been used in other scams. In this case we can see the alias of Richard Webb who is really Glenn Baggerly. This actor has previously performed to the satisfaction of the online promoters behind the Profits Infinity scam, only there he was named Mark Bromovitch.


One Touch Trade Software Review
Here we have the “numbers guy”. Jeffrey Peterson age 35 who claims he has made over $754, 321.17 during the past year. He claims he didn’t always drive G-wagon, but One Touch changed his life and can transform yours as well. He claims One Touch is the name of a most innovative trading technology, designed by engineers at the Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited. He says he was given the opportunity to try this “game-changing tool” for free, and he hasn’t regretted it since. He claims his father told him to think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done, so that’s what he did.

Then he continues to talk about a careless lifestyle, his amazing house, fancy cars, access to the best restaurants, and complete financial freedom. He claims the app is: Fully automated and gives you direct access to signals and financial news, tracks the trading history and keeps improving all the time. He says the ITM ratio is 85% but does not provide proof of this. He goes on to mention that there’s no middleman profiting, no sales calls and no commissions, and you can trade anytime, anywhere. Then he does a demo where he deposits $2,500 and comes back after a dip in the pool with 2 bimbos and shows us how it climbed to over $7,000.

In reality, it’s all an act designed to get you signed up and convinced that you are really dealing with a money-making app. The whole script is written by crafty online product promoters, and while it seems believable there is nothing legit or genuine about one touch or Jeffrey Peterson the actor. We also see all the classic scam signs of inflated bank accounts, hyped-up claims, fake testimonials, and outright lies and fabrications.

Is it Free?
No, it is not! You will have to fork up at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by the slimy binary options brokers they recommend.

Fake Reviews
We have received complaints about favorable reviews endorsing this fake app and auto-trader. It should come as no surprise to you that certain site owners accept bribes in the form of commissions or just flat fees to write fake reviews, so be careful.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
The ones topping the charts are Gemini 2, and Drexel Code.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are having a tough time making a decision which one is right for you its with good reason. Fortunately we have compiled the best and most consistent money making apps and they are proudly showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and Summary
The One Touch Trade software by Jeffrey Peterson is a malicious scam and rightfully blacklisted in our impartial review. Peterson is really and actor named Jeffrey Janoff, and he is paid to spew lies to the satisfaction of the affiliate marketers pulling the strings behind this manipulative production. Don’t be fooled by the demeanor and perceived innocence of this baby-faced performer. He was carefully chosen by crafty online promoters in order to make this SHAM seem more believable, which makes it that much more dangerous and effective at stealing money. A word of caution, if you decide to deposit we will not be able to assist you in retrieving stolen funds so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Additionally, due to the seemingly legit and genuine nature of this sales video, many of our members were duped and gave out their credit card information only to be overcharged at a later date by slimy brokers. In light of all this evidence and findings we have no choice but to refer our viewers and subscribers to seek alternative investment avenues. Join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel to get informed.

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