Online Wealth Markets Review! SCAM Linked to Fake Millionaire Blueprint Software

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Online Wealth Markets Review! SCAM Linked to Fake Millionaire Blueprint Software

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Online Wealth Markets is a SCAM software and this impartial review will show you just how dangerous and deceptive this fake app and auto-trader is, as well as the people pulling the strings behind it. We have recently received a flurry of complaints regarding FAKE REVIEW SITES promoting this nasty system. After a quick review and investigation of the facts we saw a pattern of deception which links this fake app to the Millionaire Blueprint (AKA Free Money System) and Walter Green the cheap actor and cheater. Keep reading to understand how this nasty online investment scam works, and how it has tricked hundreds of day-traders into funding trading accounts with rogue offshore brokers under false pretenses.

Official Website and Login Page: It Varies, but eventually you will end up here:

How Does the Scam Work?
It appears this SCAM is so effective at convincing innocent day-traders to open and deposit money with a binary options broker that the review sites could not withstand the temptation. But, they can’t openly promote such a SCAM system since it will damage their credibility, so they have repackaged it and gave it a different name to make it seem more harmless and appealing. In fact, this is very nasty scheme devised by very crafty affiliate marketers that are not ashamed to use every trick in the book in order to deceive and lure you into their vile scheme, but it appears we have identified they mode of operation and it’s time we expose these cheating crooks and shed some much needed light on this fake app.

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find a screenshot of fake review websites designed to look and be perceived as totally legit. In reality these sites are dangerous and have zero value for their readers or members. Their sole purpose has nothing to do with consumer advocacy or sincere investigative reporting. They are out to get you to buy bogus software so that they can make a commission as marketers.
Online Wealth Markets main

Online Wealth Markets Software Review
There’s really not much to say, this scheme is a rehash of existing narratives with the same promises of making massive amounts of money from the comfort of your own home and becoming the proverbial “armchair millionaire”. If you’ve been around and understand how misleading these things can be then it would be easy for you to pick up on, but these guys have taken it a step further and are now telling viewers this is a legit system and it’s OK for you to leave your day job right now. This kind of fraudulent behavior should be reported to the authorities because people act on these recommendations, and end up getting divorced and losing their homes, savings, but more importantly their self-dignity.

I really can’t over-emphasize how deceptive and dangerous these types of systems are. As a veteran marketer I can tell you that there’s a huge difference between creating hype and making something look positive, and actually endorsing a product in a way which tells people they can stop working and make millions at a click of a button. If you have an authority site people will listen to you and act based on your recommendations, and this means bloggers, writers, and media outlet managers have a responsibility towards their members to act in a transparent and truthful manner. This social contract has been ruthlessly violated in this case.

Is it Free?
Absolutely NOT! It’s not free and will cost you at least $250 which is paid through a broker’s account you will have to open and fund.

Similar Scams
The really viral scams you must watch out for are Quantum Code, Mobile Binary Code, Cash Formula, Quick Cash System, Push Money App, Google Trader, Amissio Formula, Lie Detector Millionaire, Cash Code, and Brooks Blueprint.

Signals, Bots, Copiers, and Autotraders
As the binary options trading niche grows so does the number of systems being offered these days. We are adamant about keeping out the sub-standard software and only showcasing the best and most accurate systems that consistently perform.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Online Wealth Markets is a malicious SCAM designed to drain your bank account. Due to constant demand, we are always searching the internet for a genuine and legit trading app, however when investigating this system we found the exact opposite to be true. In fact, the way it is presented is so sneaky and deceptive, that we we have come to a realization that it is one of the more dangerous online investment scams being aggressively promoted these days by crafty online marketers. If you have fallen victim to this latest fraud, please note that it’s becoming increasingly difficult these days to retrieve stolen funds. If you are still curious about this app and despite your doubts or reservations about the authenticity of this software would like to try it out, don’t say we didn’t warn you because we are absolutely sure your money will be stolen and shared with a shady offshore and unregulated broker. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel and be a part of our community!


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