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Optical Signal Trader Review, Optical SCAM Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Optical Signal Trader Software by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson is a BLACKLISTED SCAM, and our fair and impartial review will provide all the required proof and evidence needed in order to validate this fact. We were totally dumbfounded after the initial flurry of complaints arrived, as it seems a network of rogue affiliate marketers were able to get their hands on a stolen Email database. The level of belly aching and sheer amount of grievances far surpassed anything we have seen to date. These relentless spammers keep hammering the same emails and unsubscribing doesn’t work. So, if you believe you have come across a legit app and auto-trader because the new graphic user interface looks different you are gravely mistaken. We hate to be the wet blanket and burst your bubble, but this is a fraudulent, misleading, and deceitful app which is designed with malice and the pure intent of stealing your money. Optical Signal Trader is not legit or genuine in any way, and you can kiss your money good bye if you have bought into this sham. If you have any doubts and would like to see the actual proof our staff of researchers produced, keep reading you would surely be surprised like we were when we exposed this latest financial scam.

Official Scam Website and Login Page: http://opticalsignaltrader.com/

Proof of Scam:
The image below encapsulates “the spirit of the scam” and reminiscent of what we call as the “signature” of these type of vile schemes. In this case Shepherd is literally promising you “zero risk” and “no losing trades”. This is a crude attempt to deceive and manipulate you with false promises of wealth, but every child knows that not all that glitters is gold and every investor should know that trading involves risk.

If you needed more proof here it is. The customer support representative responding is not a native English speaker. This is a strong initial indication we are dealing with a rogue and unlicensed broker and all they are looking to do is get you to deposit more instead of actually explaining what you are getting into. So while the graphic user interface and trading environment is refreshingly new, we are obviously dealing with a souped up version of an older software, and this is just the start. We will definitely see this interface coupled with newer and more dangerous scams that will hit the market soon.


Optical Signal Trader Software
The story starts as Dominic Shepherd promises you “$3,000 in your checking account by tomorrow morning guaranteed” (sound familiar?). He continues to say that you will be making $3,000 a day, every day just by activating this “auto-pilot” app. He claims this app “taps into” the financial markets on Wall Street and executes trades on auto-pilot with “zero risk and no losing trades and a 100% strike rate“. It does this by uses ground breaking communications, networks, and patent-pending counter-trade technology.

Shepherd Claims he found a way to make normal people rich beyond their wildest dreams. He says its a win-win scenario with only the fat banks losing money. The software links you to a database of super fast global data transfer clusters which trades 50,000 times faster than traditional broadband. This software “skims” the trades and always makes big money, then splits and shares the profits with the members.


It was developed by George who was a physics teacher who wrote an article on the importance of optical data signal submission. George had access to a global network of optical signal hubs due to his research, and they used these “super computers” to make lightning fast trades. Then they created the rapid counter trade (RCT), and now all of their mainframes talk to each other via OST1 and OST2, which are two forms of optical signal transfers which travel “almost at the speed of light” at 186,000 milers per second and that is the reason their software is successful.

In reality, the software is a hoax and the app is bogus. They are giving you a pair of loaded dice to play with and you are set to lose no matter what you do. The whole sales pitch is riddled with holes and full of lies, inconsistencies and half-truths. What we are witnessing here is a classic SCAM which employs the use of fake testimonials, hyped up claims, inflated bank accounts, and stolen image bank photos.

The so-called news clippings from the New York Times, BBC, and Bloomberg are bogus and Joshua Brolin is mentioned  only in his capacity as an actor and not as a staff correspondent. Just Google it and you will see for yourself.

Is this App Free of Charge?
No, absolutely not! It’s gonna cost you at least $250 and that money will be charged to your credit card by the broker these cheaters select for you.

How Come I Saw Some Good Reviews?
Some industry-leading blogs choose to violate their social contract and commitment to their members and subscribers. They put money above loyalty and fake reviews are becoming a very dangerous problem.

Trending Viral Scams
The ones to avoid  are: Gemini 2, Blazing Trader, Instant Cash Club, and Lucrosa.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
If you are deliberating and not sure about which is right for you, join the club. Signals are provided in a suggestive format and more relevant if you are looking for control over trade execution. Auto-traders are hands-off trading machines that do all the work for you. We also have a social trading section in our recommended systems.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusion and Recommendations
The Optical Signal Trader Software by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson is a SCAM and nothing more than an optical illusion designed to fool and deceive innocent day traders looking to make a buck trading binary options online. The money trail leads to dirty offshore brokers and corrupted processing companies which charge the brokers exorbitant fees for making high risk financial transactions. These brokers have to pay the affiliates, the staff, the processors, and have a lot of operational costs as well. The money has to come from somewhere, and that’s where you come into the picture. They steal the money from you and then use it to bank roll their dirty operation. These jackals are not familiar with the meaning of integrity or ethical business practices and will fleece your wallet if you just let them since they view you as a potential cash cow and not an investor. In light of all the evidence our staff has produced, we have no choice but to BLACKLIST this malicious app and auto-trader and advise our members and subscribers to seek more legit and genuine systems. Join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel to learn more and educate yourself.


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