Optical Signal Trader Software is SCAM! Review Exposes Fake App!

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Optical Signal Trader Software is SCAM! Review Exposes Fake App!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Optical Signal Trader SCAM Review we exposed this BLACKLISTED fake app and signals provider by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson. However, since the complaints about this fraudulent software continue to swarm in despite our warnings, we have decided to post a follow-up review focusing on how these rogue affiliate marketers trick and deceive innocent day traders. A word of caution, these cheaters have been on our watch list for the past week and their dirty tactics have recently caused them to be careless. These rip off artists will now pay dearly for their oversight as we have a zero tolerance policy for anything related to false advertising and various forms of hyped up claims and fake testimonials. Keep reading to see how these cheaters got caught stealing!

Official Scam Website and Login Page: http://opticalsignaltrader.com/

Additional Proof of SCAM
Here’s a screenshot of the Optical Signal Trader sales page where they proudly display their software. In reality this is a screenshot of the Zoho CRM user interface which is a marketing software and has absolutely nothing to do with binary options or online trading.opticalsignaltrader5

We were shocked when we got a complaint from one of our day traders inquiring about how the actual software has nothing to do with how it is presented in their sales page. Truth be said, we don’t really understand why the user interface was not properly displayed since it actually looks quite professional. Still, sometimes these crooks are so used to lying that they disregard the obvious and simple elements and focus on the bigger aspects of the deception.

Optical Signal Trader Review – A Quick Recap
This tall tale starts off when Dominic Shepherd promises you “zero risk and no losing trades with a 100% strike rate”. The plot thickens as this charlatan goes on to guarantee a sum of “$3,000 in your checking account by tomorrow morning”. Then he goes on to introduce his actor and partner in crime George Larson who continues to lay it on thick as he rambles about OST1 and OST2, which are two forms of optical signal transfers which according to him travel almost at the speed of light. This whole sales pitch is around the concept of speed as the reason why their app performs better than all the competition.

We are all familiar with these sorts of lies and have been around the block too many times not to notice a con job. This production is very well made and extremely convincing, and that’s the reason why it is that much more dangerous. Still, by the same token we have found it to be full of inconsistencies and half-truths, which is even more sneaky since these swindlers understand that there is no better way to conceal a lie then with the truth.


Well, What Do You Recommend?
Our recommended software section includes the best and most consistent money-making robots. We were recently contacted by the owners of Profit 4 Patriots and Blazing Trader who requested us to remove our reviews and endorse them. Needless to say we did not even respond as we already understand this is the best method to get these persistent cheaters off your back.

recommended systems2

But I Saw a Good Review, What Gives?
It should come as no surprise that many website owners and industry-leading review blogs endorse products as a “carte blanche” policy. This means they will promote every nasty piece of software which is launched in an attempt to earn commissions or simply get paid for writing a positive review without any consideration for the welfare or well being of their subscribers and viewers. A healthy dose of common sense and skepticism will go a long way and help you avoid the obvious pitfalls of fraudulent software providers while detecting these fake reviews.

The Jig is Up – SCAM Exposed in Our Impartial Review!
We have exposed the Optical Signal Trader by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson based on a broad factual base of evidence, and our conclusions are damning as well as indisputable. We have found this cheating duo to be particularly deceptive since they project a sense of legitimacy and authenticity in their mannerisms, while in fact they are paid actors getting fat paychecks and mimicking the same trashy sound bites designed to bait and deceive innocent day-traders. It is for that reason we are warning our members and subscribers to avoid this despicable piece of trash code that will steal your money.

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