Option Sniper Scam or Legit Software? Honest Review

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Option Sniper Scam or Legit Software? Honest Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is issuing a severe SCAM warning on the Option Sniper Software (AKA Options Sniper APP). After conducting an in-depth review and investigation of this fraudulent software, our team of researchers has reached some extremely troubling and disturbing conclusions you should be made aware of before investing.

Official Scam Site: http://www.optionsniper.co/

Proof of Scam
Below you will see Option Sniper’s balance sheet indicating high payouts based on presumably high ITM ratios and success rate in trades.

Sniper 3In the second image below you will see the same sheet from a website called coopersdivertimento.com, which is in my opinion a satellite site directing unsuspecting day traders to similar binary options scams. If you take a closer look at the names you will see its the same ones and the chart has been slightly altered to hide the lie. This site is actually so nasty that it’s also selling fake diabetes pills offering to lower high blood sugar levels, and selling fake medicine which is probably the most vile and disgusting online crimes I can think for obvious reasons.

Sniper 1

Additional Proof of Scam
The famous Mellissa Margina is really McKenna Sharp, and she is probably not even aware here picture is being used and abused in a nasty binary options investment scam. These crooks simply ripped off her picture because they thought she fits the profile and changed her name for marketing reasons.

Sniper 4

Day Traders Want to Know!
The reason I decided to do this review and not some of the more heavily advertised scams like binary secret or your legacy is because we had an inquiry from one of our members, and as a service we decided to actually go ahead and conduct a complete scam review.

Sniper 5

Option Sniper Review
This software is definitely not what it claims to be, and you can forget about Autopilot earnings of $800 a day. It is a fraudulent app and there is nothing honest, genuine, or legit about it. If you believe robust trading tools such as signals, candlestick market analysis, various and various trading strategies will help you achieve a high ITM ratio, you are deeply mistaken. The creators of this fake app will intentionally take losing positions and deplete your balance in a very quick and effective manner.

Similar Scams
If you have a trained eye or alternatively have been previously scammed by fake systems, you will immediately see that they all have similar characteristics. Some of the more well-known and notorious ones are Insured Profits, The Free Money System by Walter Green, Copy Buffett the disgraceful app, Zulander Hack, Citidell LTD, Centument, Tauribot, Binary Matrix Pro, Binary App 810, and Push Money App.

Signals and Automated Trading Tools
If you are starting to doubt yourself and actually ask yourself the difficult questions like: “Is it really possible to profit from binary options”? Then you are making good progress since eventually you will end up using a reputable signals tool like the binary profit method or Virtnext.

Verdict and Obvious Conclusions
Option Sniper is another in a long line of fake trading systems trying to sell you the world on a platter. If you have been presented with inflated bank accounts and actors trying to push a dream of endless wealth and prosperity, it means you are being set up to take a fall because if its too good to be true it’s usually a scam. If you believe you have come across something genuine or legit, you are severely mistaken and you will end up losing your money. If you have already bought into this scam and lost your funds, please contact us at [email protected] and we shall try to recover your stolen funds for you.


  • Nicky Smith

    Wow the company sells fake trading software and fakes medicines?! Just the weird combination of products is a red flag.

    • Hi Nicky, yes their are Cyber Criminals and should probably be locked up.

  • Terrance May

    Just changing the names slightly isn’t really hiding the fact that they hey are using the same proof. Do they think people won’t see this?

    • Hi Terrance, yes they believe it and in many times their policy panned out for them. Most people don’t notice these things.

  • Ralph Johnston

    All these trading softwares seem the same to me. Fake testimonials and fake profit pics. Do the real sites have any of these on there sites?

    • Hi Ralph, Try speaking with your broker and see if you can get some form of refund. If its not possible let me know and I’ll try to recover your money, can’t promise anything though especially if you signed documents.

      • Ralph Johnston

        I don’t remember if I signed anything. I’ll look into it. What if it was all done online with an electronic signature? Is that bad too?

  • Grace J.

    It’s such a shame to see someone lose their money. I almost funded one of these accounts but my instinct told me not too. I didn’t have the money to lose at the time. But for some reason I still keep looking at them hoping they are legit.

    • Hi Grace, they are mostly scam with the exception of a few – nice catch.

  • Sam Myers

    I think a lot of sites use “fake” profits shots and they all look pretty similar. I can see people not noticing it, I didn’t at first. But now the first thing I check for is the date of their proof. Someone posted are from years ago.

  • Shane Maurel

    Hi, unfortunately I was one of those people caught out, I had just lost a lot of money in just 6 minutes under the instruction of my broker no less and I thought that there has to be a broker out there that is more honest. Well in my panic, I came across Option Sniper and ole Mathew was only too keen to get me on board and let me start earning loads of money automatically. I read some dodgy reviews( I say dodgy because I have now learn’t the hard way )and signed up and deposited £250 into a Binary Brokerz account. I put my trades on auto and before I knew I was down to $8 and asked to replenish my account??? I wrote to both my broker at Binary Brokerz and told him how could the company he work for endorse such a scam and as for Mathew, well I told him bluntly it is a scam, which he keeps insisting that it is not. Never mind I hope that it goes bust along with all the other unethical practitioners out there. And to others that are seeking this way of money, first look hard and fast and do your research before jumping onto the train. 🙂 Good luck.

  • Shane Maurel

    I have tried to email you on a few occasions but my email are always returned to me?

  • tonysvid

    Hi, I’ve read a few good reports about Copy Buffett, but noticed in your Option Sniper review you had a link to “Copy Buffett the disgraceful app”. When I clicked on the link came to Binary Profit Method review and although that’s interesting, I’d like to read your review of Copy Buffett. Do you have a working link to it please?

    • Hi Tony, I had to take it down for a variety of reasons. However, this gets the message across just the same: https://www.binaryscamalerts.com/copy-buffett-software-dangerously-misleading-scam-app-review/

      • tonysvid

        Thank you, I really appreciate your review on Copy Buffett as it saved me from yet another scam. Do you have any information on John Kane’s Binary Today Trader please? I bought into this and afterwards read some very negative comments on Binaryoptionswatchdog about John Kane a.k.a Patrick Ryan who Watchdog says is also into some other shady dealings on the internet. A request to MyCommerce for a refund has not even been replied to. By the way, CopyBuffett is one of Binaryoptionswatchdog’s top recommended signals, so how does one know where to draw the line on what you can believe? Sad.

  • His name isnt John Kane and the software diesnot look too promising but havent reviewed it.