Optionmint is a Scam Broker

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Optionmint is a Scam Broker

Posted on by Patrick Jones

After receiving a few complaints from traders wanting to cash out their winnings at Optionmint.com, I decided to check this broker and conduct a full and comprehensive investigation to determine if its a scam or legit company. To my astonishment I found out some facts that would even put Black Beard himself to shame. At first, it’s worth mentioning that the staff is not responsive at all. I sent 3 emails about three different issues, no one responded to my requests and I did check my junk box just to make sure. Furthermore, I noticed that immediately after I registered, I started getting spammed with a variety of make money offers and get-rich-quick schemes. Well, that should be enough to reach the right conclusions, but I wanted to give them a chance so I continued to dig in and look for additional information.

First of all, immediately you see they employ false advertising. In the right panel on the registration page they have a 1,2,3 steps text box which says you start to get 85% return on your investment from the start (check red box below). That’s an outright lie and false advertising.

Optionmint Scam

Furthermore, it’s customary to let the person registering for your service choose if they wish to get emails and not select for him. These hooligans trick you into believing you are subscribing to get emails about your trading account, while in reality they spam the hell out of you with senseless offers about bonuses and promotions. On top of everything a few days after I registered I started getting spam Emails about replica Rolex Watches and fake pharmaceuticals so these guys are really shady characters. I was shocked to see them bypass the Gmail spam filters and go directly into my inbox with a barrage of spam emails that would shame Google.

Last but not least, I always like to check the terms and conditions section when checking out a broker. This is where I was positively surprised, and I must admit I didn’t expect it. Their minimum withdrawal policy is $100, which is very nice considering the low amount, and a lot of brokers put a $200 minimum since it is a way for them to lock in traders who have started losing funds and wish to cash out and cut their losses. Still, everything considered they might as well put $5 there since I believe when it comes to actually withdrawing money they will gouge your eyes out before permitting the transaction.

Broken Links
Additional proof of fraud can be seen when clicking on links that don’t lead anywhere with this message: “HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.” Such was the case when I tried clicking on their link to the affiliate program.

Supporting Evidence
Ripoff Report has these guys scamming traders by getting them to re-invest, then actually do the trades for them and lose the money. This is the mother of all sins, and in no shape of form is allowed unless you signs a very long form letting the broker or system trade on your behalf (and I don’t recommend that at all). In the case below it’s even more disgusting since they are preying on the weak, and people who don’t have money. You can see this person refinanced his mortgage in order to get money and invest based on some illusion a salesperson concocted.

Ripoff Report OptionMint

Conclusions and Recommendations
I believe without any doubt or reservation that similar to Zenith Options, TraderXP, and Interactive Option, Optinmint is a total scam and impostor (it’s also not regulated). There is nothing genuine or honest about optionmint.com, besides their intent to deceive, mislead, and con unsuspecting victims into losing their investment. I find this particularly disturbing due to the fact that a variety of advertisers openly promote this scam without bothering to check or conduct a simple and routine investigation. I urge anyone which has had a negative trading experience to step up and report these online pirates by sharing their thoughts and leaving a comment below explaining what happened and how they feel about it. If you are looking for signals or assistance depositing or withdrawing money from a broker, feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected]

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