Opus Formula Review, SCAM Software Exposed With Proof

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Opus Formula Review, SCAM Software Exposed With Proof

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Opus Formula Software and Lex Simmons Junior is a BLACKLISTED SCAM. This impartial review and investigation will examine the facts and provide a detailed explanation as to why we have reached this sad conclusion. It seems this app and auto-trader has tricked some of our Australian traders into registering with and funding accounts with shady offshore and unregulated brokers. The amount and severity of complaints regarding misleading and deceptive SPAM emails is more than disturbing and set off some serious red flags with our research team. As you continue reading our comprehensive review it will become very clear to you that we have uncovered and shed much needed light on a new binary options investment scam.

Official Scam Site and Login Page: http://www.opusformula.co/

Proof of Scam:
Below you see an image of Mr. Lex Simmons Junior (Alias) who claims he has made just under 30 Million Dollars in 1 year. If you are starting to get suspicious due to the large amount boasted that’s a good thing, because a healthy dose of skepticism and awareness never hurt anyone in this business.

Just for comparison, below you will find an article published by Kenneth Rapoza, a well known Forbes contributor and writer. In his article dated March 13, 2013 entitled “How much Do Wall Streeters Really Earn” he validates public records indicating Wall Street Kingpin Jaime Dimon’s yearly income, and this is also based on the Wall Street Oasis Annual Compensation Reports. It seems Lex the cheater is claiming he makes more money than the Chairman, President & CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

Forbes Money Makers

As if you needed more proof of SCAM, below you will see a screenshot of Gferdi, who claims he is a “South African Entrepreneur and Mentor”. In reality this person has a GIG on fiverr.com where he promotes a “bearded testimonial”. In general, this whole thing wreaks SCAM and it even connotes to the Opus Capital sting in France which is a Carbon Neutral Investments clone that implicated a mastermind criminal in depleting France’s treasury coffers with over 200 Million Euros. 


Opus Formula Software Review
So here we have Mr. Lex Simmons Junior selling us the same song and dance about how his system transformed him into a millionaire overnight and why now he is looking for action takers since there is only room for 20 or so people in his beta stage 7 testers software. We are witnessing the same narratives of easy money and life on the fast track. Fancy restaurants, luxury cars, as well as the use of fake testimonials, and inflated bank accounts are all indications of the scammer’s attempt to cloud your judgement and trick you into registering with and funding a trading account with one of their slimy recommended brokers.

In reality the app is bogus and it failed our credibility test immediately. We don’t understand why this auto-trader was launched in the first place and we believe it is a “here today gone tomorrow” type of malicious software intended to defraud and mislead innocent day traders. One of our staff tried it out and crashed and burned after the first 5 trades were executed. The balance was wiped clean and $500 were blown in a matter of minutes as the software took inferior trades by design and lost all of the initial investment.

Is this Free?
Not at All! Get ready to part with $250 on the low end, and if you are careless enough to enter this scheme and “test the waters” with a larger amount you will lose that as well – that’s a guarantee!

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recommended systems2We check accuracy and performance levels, transparency, customer support, and ease of use (functionality). These are basic tests which any decent app can pass if they invest the right amount of time and resources.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Opus Formula Software and Lex Simmons Junior is a malicious investment scam and our review has proved this. If you still believe this is a genuine app and the intent of the people behind it is sincere or honest, then you need to re-evaluate your position and maybe consider another money-making niche since online trading is most likely not be suitable for you. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page and YouTube channel. to get informed.

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