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Orion Code Review, Malicious Orion SCAM Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Orion Code Software (AKA OC Software) by Edward Robinson is a plagiarized and BLACKLISTED SCAM! After reading our honest and impartial review your jaw will literally drop and hit the ground, because these crooks spent a fortune on a costly production but the casting, selection of actors, and scripts are all plagiarized and copied from older scams, specifically the Quantum Code and Amissio Formula apps and auto-traders. But now we have a special treat for our viewers and subscribers. We have uncovered the “smoking gun” and real identity of Robinson and we will expose him in our review in the most transparent and revealing way. We believe this dangerous band of outlaws have completely forgotten the concepts of integrity and ethical business practices, and instead have chosen to deliberately deceive and mislead innocent day traders who are simply trying to make an honest buck online. Keep reading to see how our investigation revealed the facts about this malicious financial scam and why the complaints keep mounting.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page: http://theorioncode.com/access.php
Critical Update: Orion Code has relaunched and is currently being marketed as OC Software

Proof of SCAM
Edward Robinson is really Jeff Gorham! We found his bio in the Profile Theatre where his picture is prominently displayed. We have also found out that he is a member of the executive board at various cultural institutions such as theaters and community centers which puts him on a whole different level. This is not some cheap Fiverr.com actor, he has played leading roles in movies like Sandy Boulevard, and Pogtown so this means we are dealing with a very high-end and expensive production (which makes it that much more believable and dangerous).


Again, our grievances are not with him, rather the affiliate marketers and brokers pulling the strings behind the scene and causing much grief and misery for countless day traders that have been tricked and deceived by this dubious app. Our staff of researchers have a background in investigative journalism, so we were able to compile some background information about this actor as well as some other things like his personal Facebook Account and phone number as well as home address which we will obviously not expose as this is a violation of privacy and we can be sued for that.


As if you needed additional proof, here he is running through a well rehearsed sales script for an older scam named the Amissio Formula. At the time Amissio was responsible for cleaning out thousands of bank accounts and devastating hundreds of families and households that were already financially vulnerable and as a result of that scheme their situation deteriorated even further causing families to break up and banks to foreclose.
orion1And here’s the final nail in the coffin, as the image below represents what we call “the lowest of the low”. These scammers just didn’t have the time or inclination to write a proper script, so they just plagiarized or copied the Quantum Code. Now this is what our staff could not figure out, why spend so much money on a high-end production but copy the script from an existing system (regardless if its legit or bogus). We are still trying to solve this riddle, and when we get insights into this we will surely update this unique article.
orion2 Orion Code Software Review
When the Orion Code sales video starts, we are introduced to a man called Edward Robinson who claims to have been featured in “Forbes as well as other financial magazines”. He also claims he is referred to as “the Wall Street Wizard, Millionaire Trader, and the nicest rich guy in the world”. If all of this is starting to sound too familiar, its with good reason. He says he loves money and very good at making it, he claims the airplane in the video is his own private jet. He claims he is not the average jerk Millionaire, but contrarily a well-known philanthropist. Then he dives directly into the sales pitch and says “you can make as much as $10,000 a day for free”.


As the jet takes off to the Orion Code headquarters Robinson says he will show us how others have made millions using his super-fast software. He says its the only 100% guaranteed way to make profits forever. There are no losses and the money keeps coming in forever. He says they never lose because their system is faster than anyone else’s so they are always one step ahead of any other person or machine placing a trade on the markets. He says he wasn’t always rich, and he had to struggle to make it through the years. He says that he “took care” of the portfolios of some of the richest people in the world and made them money through HFT (High Frequency Trading).

He states that he developed the NQS technology, which means “Near Orion Speed”. Their “developer” says that software works by analyzing other people’s or institution’s trades and then executes those trades faster. This is referred to as leverage or “loophole” which allows them to do the calculations faster. Now he is looking for new beta testers to start using his system, but time is limited and if you don’t act fast those spots will be taken by someone else.

In reality, the software is rigged and set to take losing trades. The people who are really making the money are the promoters and less-than-scrupulous affiliate marketers referring traders, as well as the brokers who always try to grab a bigger piece of the pie by enticing traders to re-invest. This cheap script is copied and full of inconsistencies, half-truths, and outright lies. The sales video is packed full of hyped up claims, it freely exhibits inflated bank accounts, uses stolen image bank photos, and of course fake testimonials are used to lend this scheme a false sense of legitimacy.

Is Orion Code Free of Charge?
Not really no, it’s gonna cost you at least $250 to fund a trading account and that money will be charged to your credit card by the broker THEY have chosen for you.

I Read Some Good Things About Orion, What’s That About?
There are many website owners and industry leading portals which have chosen to endorse this fake app. This is because they are getting paid to write a positive review and have no dilemmas or qualms about doing so. Eventually they will pay the price as viewers will simply stop being loyal and move on.

Similar Viral Scams to Avoid
Unlike SnapCash Binary, the ones that are topping the complaint boards now are Gemini 2, Dubai Lifestyle App, and Brooks Blueprint.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
Some of you have asked us if we recommend manual signals or automated solutions. The truth is that it does not really matter anymore. If you simply check out our recommended section you will find all app types and our recommendations.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Orion Code Software by Edward Robinson is a SCAM and we had to BLACKLIST it in our in-depth and unbiased review. The software is promoted by crafty affiliate marketers and will steal your money since it’s rigged and set to execute losing trades. The money is then split between the affiliates and the rogue brokers who accept the credit card transactions. If you believed the Orion code app was a legit and genuine app before reading our review, we are sure you will now understand how dangerous it can be. In light of all the evidence our staff has collected, we are advising all our subscribers and readers to seek alternative investing channels as fast as possible. Please join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed!

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