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Orion Code Review, How The Scam Works

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Orion Code trading robot review, our staff of researchers already ascertained that we are dealing with a malicious binary options investment SCAM instigated by Edward Robinson (Alias). Still, the amount and severity of complaints our operation center is receiving is unprecedented and frankly we are simply at awe with how the lies and deception are constantly on the rise and feed this vile cycle of thievery and  fraud. We warned you to unsubscribe from SPAM email communications and close annoying popups, but it seems these cheaters have outdone themselves this time. They understand something very basic which lays at the heart of every scam. Desperate people are willing to risk their money even if their common sense tells them they are treading dangerous ground and will most likely falter. This is a recurring theme and plays an important part in their attempts to mislead and trick innocent day traders seeking a profitable app or automated trading software.

In this unique followup review we will reveal how the Orion Code SCAM operates and shed light on what our staff of experts refers to as “the unholy alliance” between unscrupulous affiliate marketers and shady offshore brokers looking to acquire new customers.

Official SCAM Website and Login Page: http://theorioncode.com/access.php

How The SCAM Works
Orion Code is is a textbook example of a high-production scam, and this is how it starts. The promoters locate a production company and provide them with a budget. The script is either provided by the affiliates who specialize in online marketing, or alternatively it can be a part of the bundle package provided for them as a service. Once the actors and locations are selected, the sound technicians and camera men enter the picture and then the magic begins. It can be in a staged environment and then altered using Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere, these are the two leading programs for video editing. After this is done the graphical envelope is designed and sent to a programmer who translates it to HTML and Java Script code. When this is finished the sales pages are integrated into a software provider which actually provides the user interface (UX) and the trading arena.


What we refer to as the “unholy alliance” is the relationship between promoters, software providers, and brokers. The image above describes how the money is stolen and then divided in a revenue share scheme. The diagram describes this in the most simple and schematic terms which makes it easy to understand.

A Broker’s Confession
We have a recorded conversation with one of the brokers participating in this scheme, and they are literally saying this thing is a SCAM, but they don’t really get to choose who they work with since these customers will be referred to their competitors and they are not in the business of losing clients, rather acquiring new ones. We are not able to release this conversation since it was obtained with the understanding it is for our personal use and not to be published in any way since it will surely tarnish the reputation of that broker and get our source on the inside fired (and we need our sources).

Orion Code Software Review – Short Recap
Edward Robinson claims he has developed a special technology named NQS which stands for “Near Orion Speed”.  Their “programmer” claims that the app works by analyzing other trades in the markets and then executes those trades in a more speedy fashion. They call this leverage or a type of “loophole” that allows them to beat the system. And apparently Robinson is searching for new beta testers to make use of this new and ultra-fast software, but it seems this window of opportunity is about to close and you must take action or your spots will be given to the next person who is willing to take a risk.


In reality, Robinson is really a B movie actor who was hired by the affiliate marketer’s production agency to portray a role in a cheap video designed to trap and bait would-be traders looking for a genuine trading robot. His name is Jeff Gorham and he played in a movie called Pogtown. We have already provided all the proof and evidence required to validate this fact in our previous review.

Access to this crummy software will cost you at least $250, and that is the only honest thing that came out of their dirty, cheating mouths.

Withdrawals Declined – COMPLAINTS!
Well, what a surprise right? We received about 10 consecutive complaints just last night of day traders wanting to cash out but having their withdrawals declined by the brokers. That is because the loot has already been divided and spent. So you can kiss that money goodbye, there is no way to get it back. If you are dealing with a fully regulated broker like 24option you have a better chance, but if you signed anything then forget about it. Just accept the fact that you have been scammed and move on.

Is it Really Possible to Make Money Trading Binary Options?
Yes it’s possible but if you are a novice or clueless about online trading you must have access to the right tools, educate yourself properly, and do your due diligence. Otherwise you will be doing yourself a disservice and end up as one of the many victims who fall prey to very deceptive investment scams like Orion Code.

Is There a Legit Trading Robot Out There?
There are always new signals and automated systems being launched and similar to Gemini 2, Polygraph Millionaire, and the Push Money App, they are worthless apps designed to take random trades at best. However, sometimes a profitable app hits the market which is able to generate revenue for day traders. We have a very advanced screening process and only recommend the best and most consistent performers.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Orion Code software by Edward Robinson the fake actor and cheater is a blacklisted SCAM designed to steal your money. It is being massively promoted via popups, display ads, and bulk email campaigns AKA SPAM. This is NOT a genuine trading app, and there is not a single thing about it which is genuine or sincere, in fact the exact opposite is true. It is designed with pure malice and the deliberate attempt to defraud and victimize would-be traders looking to trade binary options online. We implore our readers and subscribers to keep their distance from this bogus auto-trader and seek alternate investment channels. As always, we would like to personally invite you to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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