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Passive Income Bot Review, SCAM Free Software FINALLY!!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Update: This offer has been shut down and no longer in service. Please refer to our recommended section for a better alternative.

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The Passive Income Bot software created by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster has finally launched. This much anticipated app and auto-trader could be the “next best thing” as our staff of researchers has actually tested this app and it passed with flying colors. It seemed odd at first, but as we progressed the win ratio climbed and we reached an ITM rate of around 83%, which is very respectable according to any criteria. But, as we all know there are new scam apps hitting the market practically every day so we had to make sure we are dealing with a legit system. So we let other people try it out and the conclusions were very clear, we had stumbled onto a solid trading app which actually performs consistently as advertised. In this context, we consider it to be an absolute sensation where trading enthusiasts are concerned. Keep reading to see what this new and interesting app is about.

Passive Income Bot

Passive Income Bot SCAM Latest Review
The story starts when Carl Razinski introduces himself as the owner and creator of the Passive Income Bot. He goes on to explain how he developed the software with Mark Foster who left MIT and began programming code. The main idea behind the software and what differentiates the algorithms from other binary options robots is the fact that non linear algebra is used and that is where the Razinski-Foster trading algorithm comes into play. This algorithm acts as a buffer which minimizes the risk levels which occur due to various inconsistencies and unpredictable events that influence the state of the economy, and also factors in cyclical events like the seasons changing, the Superbowl, or boxing day. All of these influence our behavior and in-turn the economy and Wall Street.

Things Worth Noting – Update
The website is in HTTPS, that is something most systems don’t offer these days. This not just a feature, and means the trading environment is completely safe and the information is encrypted and stored on external servers. The technology is new and innovative, and the narrative is authentic in ways not previously seen.

The testimonials are legit and these people can be reached through their Facebook accounts as real references to validate their statements. We have already done this and can confirm we are dealing with real people who have experienced the software first hand and are completely satisfied with it.

The live results section is also very nicely presented, however we did notice a bit of lag in the information since we checked the strike rates. It was explained to us that there are delays in expiration times having to do with server communication. This only means the information may be presented with a delay, but in reality there is none.


The graphical elements explaining the Razinski-Foster trading algorithm are also very impressive, but even more so is the simplicity of operating the software. In terms of transparency, there is a clear message indicating that the software will start to work immediately after funding it so that is honest. When we asked about the brokers it was explained to us that the selection process was very strict, and only the most reliable brokers were chosen. We inquired about regulation and were told that some brokers are regulated but those will not accept most traders due to their place of residence. So based on your location as well as other factors, a broker is assigned to you.

Fake logos, bogus testimonials, falsified certifications, inflated bank accounts, and ripped off image bank photos could not be found. This places the system in a different category when it comes to legitimate trading tools.

Trading Environment – Just Recently Upgraded!
The trading area is very easy to understand. As Mark said, “all you have to do is hit the start button. We have done all the work so you don’t have to”.


Why Are We Endorsing This System?
To put it plainly, it performs and that’s the bottom line. We started out with $500 and its been 3 days. Our balance is currently $950 and we stopped it for 24 hours to see if the trades would expire in the money. There are no magic or super sophisticated techniques or strategies, you can turn it on or off and the system does the rest for you. In this sense Carl was correct, and there is no learning curve.

How Much Does it Cost?
The software is provided at no cost, you will however need to fund a trading account in order to use it. This will cost you at least $250 to get started.

We Asked the Hard Questions
We asked the support staff why is the broker selection process decided for us since we believe this to be extremely important. The response we got was both timely and logical. We were told that brokers are selected according to their level of performance and if we have a special preference they will surely try to assist and connect to the preferred broker, but there is a selection of brokers which are available so brokers are not “forced on you” as in other systems. Another issue we noticed is the fact that some of the brokers were not regulated, so naturally we inquired about this and were told that there is a mixture of brokers and the first priority is to allocate a regulated broker. Again, if you reside in a certain country these brokers will not accept you since their license forbids them to do it, so they selected other brokers which we looked into ourselves. This is a very sensitive issue for us, so we have a special mandate here to intervene and in unique cases represent the traders as well as speak directly with brokers to make sure there is no foul play, withdrawal issues, or misrepresentation of the facts. Finally people wanted to know about a demo account, so the response we got was that it was abused by traders who received free access and started paper trading on other broker accounts. Naturally the software didn’t work because it wasn’t properly integrated but the people still complained so they decided to just take it down for that reason, but now since we asked them to bring it back they did it for a trial period. If it goes well they will let it stay.

It’s worth mentioning the quality of staff and level of customer service was extremely high. We felt we were dealing with intelligent, truthful, and patient people who really tried to help without being too pushy or overly aggressive. This is an unexpected and refreshing break from common industry standards which simply prompt you to fund an account and don’t answer difficult questions.


Scams to Avoid
The ones we recommend you avoid are Orion Code, Gemini 2, Millionaire Blueprint, Centument Project 2.o, and Prove My Profits.

Auto-traders Versus Signals
If you are searching for a solid trading tool you will have a choice. An auto-trader will provide you with a hands-off solution adapted to a busy lifestyle. A signals tool will give you more control over your trades and provide you with additional flexibility. We showcase all the best systems in our recommended section.

Is There Any Risk Involved?
Of course, you may risk losing your initial investment and that is something everyone should be aware of when it comes to any form of online trading.

Initial Response
The feedback we just received today further validates our initial premise, the system while a bit crude and lacking flexibility was able to achieve solid results consistently and this is no small feat.

Review Summary and Conclusions
While it may seem a bit out of the ordinary, the Passive Income Bot software created by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster has proven to be a genuine and legit trading app with superb accuracy levels and consistent results. We have tested a variety of apps and auto-traders, but this software really takes it to the next level in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness. Customer service was also sharp and responsive so when we started asking difficult questions about brokers and cashing out all the answers made sense even if at times we didn’t like it (but that’s life nothing is perfect). Overall we had a very good experience and we are recommending it to our members and viewers without any form of hesitation or doubt and do not believe it to be a scam.

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  • George

    Wow, glad to see that the reviews are actually real ones and that you were able contact them. You okayed a couple sites Recently, which is your favorite so far?

    • Hi George, the people are real and if you want to speak with them on Facebook its possible.

  • Gerhard Kooistra

    So does the passive income bot, make you consitently money, already ?

    • It is making money for sure.

      • Gerhard Kooistra

        Moment, okay, wich set up are you using, margingale, with 60 sec, or do you use an other setup, with passive income bot ?

      • Gerhard Kooistra

        may, i ask you wich broker you are using with the passive income bot ?

        • Stern and markets trading. Both.

          • Gerhard Kooistra

            okay, did you already withdrawal from Stern broker, and was it easy to witdrawal from that broker, my exoerience with most brokers around, is not that easy, when i want to make a withdrawal ?

          • Yes. No problem and 0 withdrawal issues.

          • If you are hesitating and scared of scams you can speak to actual traders privately. Message me at [email protected]

      • Gerhard Kooistra

        may, i ask you how much money this bot can make per week ?

        • Depends on the initial investment. Technically you can be making a few thousand weekly.

      • Gerhard Kooistra

        Do you, have this bot trade for you day and night, or only specifi times, i mean do you set this bot in the OFF position, when much market new is comming ?

  • John Boyles

    I just went through testing the passive income bot…..did good in test mode…..gave me Empire Options for Broker…..; what’s your thoughts on them…??? I am finding good things on them….people are saying you can’t trade the currency’s if your in US…. Don’t think that helps much here in Missouri….

    • Hi John.
      The broker is fine. As for currencies try after the weekend and let me know. Ty Pat

  • John Boyles

    are you in US….Patrick…?

  • Lucie Horackova

    i just loged in and put 1000 euro in and it tells me that the trading not available even tough i tried first the demo and it was working. can you help me?

    • Hi Lucie,

      Yes, the reason for that has to do with the fact that the broker needs to verify your identity. You should be receiving a phone call or mail, you need to answer that and then your account will be opened up. Make sure NOT to change your passwords since that will create a synchronization problem. Reach out for the broker for assistance – they usually help out. Thanks, Pat