Passive Income Bot Review Update, Scam Testimonials?

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Passive Income Bot Review Update, Scam Testimonials?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

UPDATE: This offer is no longer in service and has been shut down. Please refer to our recommended section for a better alternative.

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We have recently reviewed the Passive Income Bot by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster. Our findings and evidence have lead us to understanding that we are dealing with a SCAM-FREE trading robot. However, we have received me queries to validate these claims so we contacted real people through their Facebook accounts and asked them for an opinion about this app. It seems our initial conclusions were right on, and indeed we are looking at one of those rare occasions where a legit and genuine trading app has actually changed peoples lives. Truth be said, they were not transformed into millionaires and stopped having to monitor their bank accounts. However, each of the people we spoke to had nothing negative to say and in fact was able to make passive income just as advertised by Razinski and Foster.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Passive Income Bot

Fake Testimonials!?
We have contacted Carl and their support staff and insisted on talking to real people who could tell us about their experience. Initially we were told that people are hesitant about being contacted and when they start making money they wish to remain anonymous. We understand that whenever people who endure hardships and suddenly find success start getting paranoid and even superstitious, we took the liberty of publishing their comments right here on our website in the most legible and easy to understand fashion.

Passive Income Bot Review – Recap
The Passive Income Bot by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster is an automated options trading robot. What makes it unique is the fact that nonlinear algebra is used as a kind of statistical buffer to minimize risks on executed trades.

The Razinski-Foster Non-linear trading algorithm is the driving technology behind this automated trading app, and as explained in the Passive Income Bot website that is the reason why it is so successful. It’s worth noting that the company has 2 offices, the first in Los Angeles California on Tower Drive which is responsible for research and development, and the second is in Cyprus which is situated in a main complex in Nicosia under a different company name for tax and business considerations. We were able to reach various people during working hours and we also received prompt email responses which were both professional as well as constructive and helpful. This is definitely NOT what we usually experience with fake apps and in most cases we are just left with no answers or someone just pushing us to fund a trading account and then poof, pull a disappearing act which even puts Harry Houdini to shame.

Hesitations, Concerns, and a Healthy Dose of Skepticism!
Yes, we are all familiar with the usual con jobs and we know that a lot of people got scammed so if you are extremely cautious that is a good thing. Keep your guard up and don’t be the next victim, but always keep a small window open for a legit trading app because every now and then something genuine tends to appear even if it’s for a short period of time as is the case with Passive Income Bot.

Fake Reviews
There are SCAM reviews and favorable reviews published by affiliate marketers posing as legit site owners every day.However, at the end of the day we make it extremely difficult for the con artists to get away with their criminal behavior and have devised a very unique testing platform which is designed to weed out and filter any type of fraudulent software. In fact, our process has become so efficient that sometimes our staff only needs 1 minute to detect a scam and then our investigative reporters get started writing a scam review.

Why The Passive Income Bot?
So, here are the main points. First it is HTTPS secured FOR REAL and not just for promotional purposes. You can very easily see the domain is protected by a padlock and that means there is an added layer of security the vast majority of fake systems like the recent Tesler App do not offer because all the want is you credit card information so they can steal your money. Secondly, you actually have a demo mode, so if anyone says it doesn’t offer demo trading they are misleading you. Thirdly, you can choose your broker although you would have to choose from a ready-made selection. This adds to the transparency and control you have over who you choose to do business with and where you invest your money. Other factors include stellar customer service, realistic claims, excellent accuracy levels, and intuitive trading environment which anyone can use.


Passive Income Bot – Scam Review Summary and Conclusions
It’s not every day we endorse an app and actually deal with real people who offer real solutions that help people generate passive income while they live their lives. In fact, quite the opposite is true, and there has not been a week where we haven’t genuinely looked for a solid money-making app and ended up blacklisting it. However, this was not the case with Passive Income Bot by Carl Razinski and Mark Foster. We have checked and double checked and continue to do so almost religiously and with exception to a couple of non-valid complaints there is not one shred of evidence we were able to produce that lead us to the conclusion the this is a SCAM software. We have put this system to the test time and time again, and aside from slight fluctuations is has consistently provided an ITM ratio of 83-85% which is indeed very rare. So, if you have any concerns or doubts about the legitimacy of this app we can pretty much say it has passed our tests with flying colors and we warmly recommend it to our members and subscribers. To learn more please join our  Facebook Group and YouTube Channel.

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