Perpetual Formula is a Confirmed Scam! Legit Review Finds Proof

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Perpetual Formula is a Confirmed Scam! Legit Review Finds Proof

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a SEVERE SCAM and Blacklist notification in regards to the Perpetual Formula Software, App, and Auto-trader, as well as David Parker the fake actor and charlatan. It’s after noon here, and just today we have received over 70 complaints from extremely irate day traders looking for a way to overcome this deluge of misleading and extremely deceitful SPAM emails promising free access to a zero loss software with no risk involved. So we decided to fight back, expose these nasty fraudsters, and conduct an in-depth review and investigation of the facts. The results are conclusive, clear and indisputable.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Scam
First of all this software guarantees “zero loss and 100%” accuracy. Stop everything right here, this does not exist and if it did then it would shock the whole finance industry and I haven’t read anything remotely resembling something like this in the Wall Street Journal or Kiplinger. Additionally, they claim this app works 24/7, however this is a complete fallacy and fabrication since there is no trading on the weekend, specifically on Saturday. One might argue that during Sundays you can trade the Tadawul or similar exchanges, but this is not the case on Saturday where ALL markets are closed.

As if you needed further proof, you can see in the image below that Mr Joann Aguilar is a fake testimonial and his picture is ripped off the internet without written consent. It even says he is from Derby UK  but displays the Australian Flag.

You can see him appearing in the libraryvoice and the video above as Chad Boeninger the Business Librarian for Ohio University Libraries. I am sure he will be enraged when he sees his picture being used to promote binary options scams.

Perpetual Formula Review
So as the story goes, the creepy David Parker has “re-invented” the concept of trading by developing a system that is able to decipher machine-readable-news. Apparently this “genius” was able to bypass the traditional ways of analyzing finance through the use of candlesticks, bollinger bands, momentum trading, and scalping on 60 second options by developing a formula that factors all of this in and generates profit on auto-pilot while you live your life. News flash, this is a classic scam tactic, this person has no social profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, the software is shady and non-transparent, and you are completely excluded from the broker selection process which is one of the most decisive factors in your ability to become a successful binary options trader. We have also tried contacting the Perpetual Formula support desk and the responses we received were cryptic at best, and at times in conflict with their advertised statements.

Is it Free?
Don’t put away your credit card just yet, you will need to fork up at least $250 and fund a trading account with one of their shady brokers in order to qualify for their fraudulent software.

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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Copiers
We have tons of new systems coming out every day, however the majority of them fail our credibility test. We only recommend a few systems  like the Binary Profit Method after checking them out ourselves and validating the facts and performance.

Verdict, Recommendations and Conclusions
The Perpetual Formula Software, App, and Auto-trader, as well as David Parker the paid second-rate actor is a malicious binary options investment scam. Our unbiased review has unequivocally determined that the people behind this sham are thieves that are out to get your money. The software will intentionally take inferior positions and suck up all your money in a New York minute. My staff actually tried to convince me to try the system out and deposit money, but the initial findings were so compelling that we just decided to move on, save our money and use it to fund alternative reputable, sincere, and genuine trading systems.  For more information please contact us through our Facebook group or YouTube Channel.

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