Plenitude Formula Review, SCAM Exposed With Proof!

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Plenitude Formula Review, SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Plenitude Formula Software by George Ackerman is a BLACKLISTED SCAM, and we will expose this fake app and trading robot in our fair and impartial review and investigation. Today you are in for a special treat because we have just now obtained valid information confirming the real identity of George Ackerman (alias). This is what’s referred to as “a smoking gun”, and once you view this piece of evidence you will immediately realize you are not dealing with a legit or genuine trading app. In fact this is a clear cut case where we know internet-savvy affiliate marketers are pulling the strings behind the scenes and promoting this dangerous scheme in a very deceptive and misleading way. Keep reading to see how we shed light on this dirty little operation and why our findings led us to the inevitable conclusion that we have stumbled on another financial SCAM.

Official SCAM Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
George Ackerman is really Eric Newsome, and he is an actor who mainly does commercials. Below you can see him starring in a Brooks running shoes teaser where he is portraying some kind of nutty Doctor in a laboratory. We believe you will notice a striking resemblance, and that is because “Ackerman” and the Doctor are the same person.

Plenitude Formula Software Review:
George Ackerman is inviting you to join a group of 15 Beta testers who are all making between $10,000 to $70,000 a DAY, using the “world’s first ever instant profit auto-trading software.” He is saying you can be a “guaranteed millionaire months from now” and he will unveil this secret now. He claims “this is not one of those scam videos”, and your life will dramatically change after watching it. He says that none of his students have had any form of trading experience, and every single one of them is making life-changing profits on auto-pilot. Additionally, he boldly states that the software will NOT fail and the wins are guaranteed.

He also says that the profitable trades are only available to the insiders, and unless you are a part of the inner circle you will never have access. Today, Mr. Ackerman is giving you the keys to the inner circle, but time is limited because after 250 plays the video will be removed and the offer closed.

In reality, we know Ackerman is an actor and he is performing at the behest of the online promoters operating behind the scenes and peddling this dirty app. This scam employs all the familiar scam tactics such as hyped-up claims, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and stolen images.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! You will end up paying at least $250 and that money will be debited to your credit card by one of their slimy brokers (which may or may not be regulated).

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Fake Reviews
We are seeing a growth in fake reviews flooding the internet, and this is due to the fact that many industry-leading site owners are getting paid to write favorable reviews.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
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Review Conclusions and Summary
The Plenitude Formula Software by George Ackerman is a nasty SCAM and we had to BLACKLIST it in our honest and impartial review. We found this scheme to be particularly deceptive and misleading, and could not find anything remotely explanatory having to do with how the app works, the accuracy levels, and the technology which powers it. While we understand that proprietary technology is always a sensitive issue, when offering it to the public there has to be more transparency and validity tests which provide assurances concerning the legitimacy and quality of the software. In this context, we perceive the Plenitude Formula to be fraudulent software, and from our experience once a deposit is made and an account funded the money is blown in a matter of seconds. We have decided not to try it ourselves this time since we received consecutive complaints describing a similar scenario where an account is funded and then the money disappears almost instantly with no one to talk to or any way to retrieve stolen funds. Due to the indisputable evidence we have compiled and the disgusting nature of this system we have decided to warn all our members and viewers and ask them to seek alternative means of investing.  To learn more join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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