Polygraph Millionaire Review, Malicious SCAM Exposed Again

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Polygraph Millionaire Review, Malicious SCAM Exposed Again

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The recycled Polygraph Millionaire software AKA Lie Detector Millionaire SCAM by Daniel Wilkins is back in action and out to steal your money. We will brutally expose this fake system and trading app in our fair and impartial review, and remove any form of doubt or hesitation in regards to the legitimacy of this new and deceitful new software. A word of caution, this app and auto-trader is directly responsible for defrauding hundreds of would-be traders looking to make some money trading binary options online. The complaints have only increased and now they have renamed and repackaged the Lie Detector Millionaire but its the same system. One can only assume they did this to sidetrack and confuse opportunity seekers who have previously bought into this well-orchestrated and all-too familiar financial scam, and are now being re-targeted. Keep reading to see how we exposed these ripoff artists and why we have categorically blacklisted this dangerous new scheme.

Official Polygraph Millionaire Scam Website and Login Page: http://www.polygraphmillionaire.com/secret.html?

Proof of SCAM:
We have seen this fake actor before in our Blazing Trader review where he goes by the name of Johan Strand. In fact, the previous SCAM associates him with the main actor in the Disrupt Trading scheme with Greg Hardman. Honestly, this performer has played so many roles its amazing he has not suffered from some kind of split personality disorder.

blazing trader

Here in the image below (and above) you can see the person who is administering the lie detector test is also the actor from disrupt trading. This person was hired by affiliate marketers and savvy online promoters to sell a flawed trading software which is set to random at best, and will most likely execute losing trades by design.
disrupt trading scamIt seems this person is named neither Greg Harman nor Jonas Kane, his real name is Ted Rooney and he does weekend acting workshops to supplement his income. He’s  B Movie actor but still gets paid significantly more than someone from Fiverr.com.


Polygraph Millionaire Review Recap
The Polygraph Millionaire is a tale about Daniel Wilkins who “was be a scammer” and has now stumbled on a legit app. Together with his friend “Trader X” he is allegedly making millions trading binaries. This crook goes on to mention how 99% of traders lose money trading because most auto-traders can’t take into account events like natural disasters. But HIS system uses an advanced algorithm that has managed to bypass this flaw and he is now offering it to Beta Testers at no cost.

In reality, this performer is an impersonator and wannabe millionaire. He is also totally clueless about options trading or how to make money in the real world. This script feels like it was invented by a marketer who had the means and opportunity to produce a video and peddle this filthy code online. We even found a YouTube video with “Jonas” inside, feel free to watch it.

If you thought access to this software would be free of any charges think again. It will cost you at least $250 to get started and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of their slimy brokers.

Similar Viral Scams
The ones to stay away from are Gemini 2, Orion Code, and the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
If you are deliberating and considering your options please choose carefully and do your due diligence. There is an endless swarm of fake apps out there, some of them will be launched before this review is published. Just remember that we have done all the hard work for you and list all the best and most accurate systems in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Polygraph Millionaire software by Daniel Wilkins is a BLACKLISTED SCAM, and we have exposed it in our extensive review. If after reading this article and examining the evidence we have presented you still believe this app to be legit, you need to stop trading and consider your options. There is nothing genuine about this system and it was designed with the deliberate and malicious intent to steal your money and split the profits with the slimy brokers, which are also active participants in a severe financial crime. In light of all the proof and facts that have been presented, we feel compelled to warn all our members and subscribers and advise them to seek alternative investment avenues. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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