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FCA Blacklist: Prime Coins Trading SCAM Review

Posted on by Dan Wright

Is Prime Coins Trading SCAM or Legit? Our review will attempt to answer this question.
Prime Coins Trading which is managed by Uman Uygoff  the CEO, has been blacklisted by the FCA for “providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorization”. Prime Coins Trading an address in the UK. Their Telephone numbers is: +44 01242650085, Fax: +44 02033896339 Email: [email protected]

Official Prime Coins Trading Website: primecoinstrading.com

Below you will find a screenshot of their service, and you should know that the management of Prime Coins Trading is offering packages in the millions brackets.

Below you can see the investment plans starting at $500 and all the way up to “unlimited with a 10% WEEKLY return and a promise of 30 days cash out period. As opposed to the traditional crypto get rich quick scams we cover here, this one appears to fall into the HYIP, or Ponzi Scheme category. To be quite honest, we have not signed up for this service because we don’t want to be contacted by the people behind it.

A closer look will reveal that the biggest problem here is the information that is MISSING and lack of transparency. 6-10% weekly return is not something which is real, and if it was then you would be hearing about if from someone like Warren Buffett and not Uman Uygoff (whoever that is).

We believe Uygoff to be a fake alias because we could not find anything about this person. There is nothing in the Prime Coins Trading scheme which is verified and backed up by numbers and real people who can stand up and vouch for it.

Official FCA Warning: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/prime-coins-trading

So, in light of the FCA Blacklist and our initial findings, in our review we would recommend you avoid Prime Coins Trading as it is most likely a financial scam and advise you seek alternative and more legitimate investment channels.

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