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Prizm Tech Review, SCAM is Exposed

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Prizm Tech software and Richard Squire is a BLACKLISTED SCAM of the most dangerous kind. Our comprehensive review and investigation will demonstrate and provide all the required evidence which has led us to this unfortunate conclusion. The alarm bells started ringing after a steady stream of complaints and grievances started coming in from irate day-traders. These people were practically being mauled by aggressive SPAM Email affiliates looking to boost their commission by tricking and deceiving potential customers with the sole intent of coercing them to register with and deposit money with rogue and unregulated binary options brokers. It has come to our attention that this signals system is not really an auto-trader and despite what the alleged “Richard Squire” has to say, we are dealing with a very high end production that looks extremely appealing to the untrained eye, and therefore this investment scam is that much more dangerous. Keep reading to see how we expose these liars.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
As you can see in the screenshot below, we have Mr. Richard Squire (Alias) claiming that every automated trading system which is available today has stolen the technology from the Prizm Tech source code. Now, for those of you who don’t understand what a source code is I will explain. It is the actual written coding and computer language that was created by the programmers who invented this app. So, IF this person (whoever he is) is telling the truth, the only way for something like this to get out is if it is stolen or hacked. Either way it looks really bad because he is either incompetent or a liar (most likely both).
Prizm Main

Secondly, this narrative is riddled with holes and inconsistencies. The testimonial section refers to David Benson from Innotech Systems. We found a lot of Innotech on the web, but not one which has David Benson listed as the CEO. So we have to assume these ripoff artists use fake testimonials and stolen image bank photos to convey their messages in very deceitful and misleading manner.
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Prizm Tech Software Review
The sales video starts off with actors telling their story about how they were previously duped by fraudulent software and how this app is the real thing and making money consistently for them. Then Richard Squire starts to machine-gun through a well rehearsed sales script designed to get you off guard and hyped up about funding a trading account with rogue and unregulated binary options brokers. The main story about this fake app revolves around 2 main points. The first has to do with the unique API key, which according to Squire is the reason why all the fake gurus that copied him were not able to provide high accuracy levels and performance.

He calls these systems “fake Prizm knockoffs” and claims they operate on random signals based on guessing. The second point has to do with lawsuits he claims were filed against his non-existent company and states that this is the reason why he was not able to go public with his system. But guess what? He settled out of court and now he can peddle his crappy signals tool under 2 conditions: The first is that it has to be “freely distributed” and the second is that he is not allowed to profit from sales (if you believe that).

He is now promising anyone that was “ripped off” to try Prizm Tech and earn back all the money they lost. The most troubling aspect of this sales pitch has to do with the fact that this fraudster is posing to be a kind of do-gooder scam buster. Nothing could be farther from the truth and in fact half-truths based on out of context examples are used here consistently to present falsified information, something which is particularly disturbing.

Is the Prizm Tech Software for Free?
Actually, that is the only thing this guy didn’t lie about. It will cost you at least $250 which will be paid through one of their slimy unregulated brokers.

Will I be Able to Cash Out?
From the brokers I saw there the answer is definitely NO, although they may be switching them around so you may luck out.

Other Viral Scams to Report
The ones causing the most damage and grief are Quantum Code, Lucrosa, Millionaire Blueprint, and Centument LTD.

Signals or Automated Trading – Which One is Best for Me?
If you want more control over your traders we offer the best signals solution available online. Should you be interested in an auto-trader we only showcase the best and most consistent performers who pass our rigorous credibility tests.

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Prizm Tech Review Summary and Conclusions
We have taken measures to protect our members and subscribers from The Prizm Tech software and Richard Squire because we believe it will steal your money. A few key brokers were contacted and warned not to partner with these sleazy affiliate marketers or face getting blacklisted as active and willing participants in what is already considered by industry leaders to be the most dangerous and viral scam being promoted today. We believe these signals to be fraudulent, and the app or auto-trader to be of a particularly deceptive nature since it has already tricked many day-traders. We honestly tried, but could not find this system to be a legit or genuine in any way. In light of the severity of the crime as well as the endless amounts of complaints which are starting to pour in while we are writing this review, we are categorically labeling this system as a SCAM and we will continue to shed light on the misdoings of these cyber-criminals if they choose to continue defrauding and victimizing innocent customers. We hope this article was helpful and provided enough facts for you to make an educated decision about how to move forward with the system. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.


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