The Profit Hack Scam Will Hack Your Wallet! Legit Review Shows Proof

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The Profit Hack Scam Will Hack Your Wallet! Legit Review Shows Proof

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Profit Hack SCAM software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Jake Sanders the “owner” have been reviewed and BLACKLISTED by our team of expert researchers. Last night we were contacted by one of our bitterly frustrated UK traders who complained about getting profusely SPAMMED by aggressive email marketers trying to get him to register with and fund a trading account with Bigoption, one of the less ethical offshore brokers. We immediately launched an investigation into the workings of this scheme, and our worst fears were confirmed. The Profit Hack software uses a seemingly legit webinar platform in a way which transmits a safe and educational trading environment. However the facts prove otherwise, and our review will shed light on this especially disturbing, dangerous, and misleading binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Site and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Attached is a screenshot taken from the sales video of the Profit Hack system. Please notice the red arrow pointing to the sentence boasting “a 100% win” ratio. This is NOT something which can occur in reality and for that reason it is a SCAM.
profit hack 1

Now, these crooks have actually taken it a step further and instead of letting you sign up for a broker, they are immediately asking you to deposit with your credit card. This is absolutely horrific and when I saw this I knew immediately a new standard for online scammers wanting to fleece wallets has been set.
profit hack 2

Some more evidence can be viewed when looking at the chat box in the software. It is a closed system with no way to really interact. We tried engaging in a chat but it was closed off and what we saw was canned questions and responses based on a rehearsed script. We found this to be especially deceptive and tricky.

Profit Hack Scam Review, A Tall Tale With a Nasty Twist
The Profit Hack story start off when “Jake Sanders”, whoever that is promises his software can make you anywhere between $1,000 – $15,000 DAILY on auto-pilot with no risk to your money. Only now there is room left for only 10 more people until this loophole or window of opportunity shuts down and by then it will be too late so they are looking for “action takers”. Then he continues to show an inflated Santander online bank account with over $6,000,000 in the balance and goes on to say his software “has never lost a single trade before”. The fully automated system is supposedly something anyone can use, and as proof he is providing a view of his Porter Finance account balance, but does not let us look into the trading history.

profit hack 3Additionally, as the image above illustrates, this is the same software used to the NESDEK app, which has already been blacklisted by our staff. This software is extremely fraudulent as you can plainly see the numbers have been fudged and manipulated. There’s no way you can have 1,242 total trades and the same amount of winning trades. Binary options, or for that matter any form of legit trading simply does not offer this kind of win ratio. The story continues to tell a personal rags-to-riches narrative which makes it easy to relate to. Unfortunately, this is a complete fabrication which has nothing to do with reality or how online investing really works.

How Much Does this Cost?
It’s not free, and in most cases will cost you at least $250 in order to get started. If you have traded before you should know that with these amounts you can trade penny stocks at best but you will need larger amounts if you want to make the real money.

Binary Options Basics for Beginners
Binary AKA Exotic Options are recognized for being a high risk/high reward trading instrument. The simplicity of this form of investing is particularly attractive to anyone starting out and looking to make an extra buck online, as well as for more experienced traders. The various auto-traders available online today employ various technologies which are supposed to factor in various elements such as market sentiment, supply and demand, technical analysis, and macro-economic indicators. In reality since we are talking about market volatility fluctuating and real-time rates which influence the outcome of the contract closing rate (win/loss), this type of technology is not something most auto-traders can implement in their code since we are talking about advanced algorithms and algebraic expressions.

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Signals, Bots, Auto-traders and Copiers
It seems that fools gold can be found in every corner these days and it’s getting to be a tedious task declining all the endorsement offers coming in from every direction. We do try to maintain a very high standard for our apps which must pass our strict credibility test before getting showcased. Major areas of focus are accuracy, transparency, responsiveness, and ease-of-use (user-friendliness).

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Profit Hack SCAM software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Jake Sanders is a verified binary options investment scam. Our expert team of researchers has gone to great lengths in order to provide you with a factual base of evidence which will leave no room for doubt or misinterpretation. While conducting our investigation we were approached by sleazy brokers who threatened us and demanded we take down our SCAM Review, but we always put our members and viewers first so we just decided to go ahead and expose the Profit Hack by presenting a valid and factual review. So don’t let yourself be mislead or deceived, because there is not one piece of genuine, trustworthy or legit information about this software, and we have seen it take losing trades intentionally and steal your money.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get involved!

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