Profit Wizard Pro Review, How Does The SCAM Work? Complaints!

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Profit Wizard Pro Review, How Does The SCAM Work? Complaints!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

In our previous Profit Wizard Pro review and investigation our staff has produced indisputable proof of SCAM and foul play. However, this is what we refer to as a developing story as the nature and severity of complaints have indicate a pattern of deception so vile that it even puts Mr. Charles Ponzi himself to shame.

Profit Wizard Pro

Our evidence and findings have already indicated that we are dealing with ex binary options affiliates moving into the fake Forex signals niche. But this time we followed the money trail and obtained incriminating documents which led us to various shell companies and offshore bank accounts in Seychelles and Marshal Islands which are used as tax shelters and also for money laundering purposes.

We have also found out that a these crooks are related to a Ukrainian group of criminals which offer a turnkey solution for money laundering, tax evasion and hiding undeclared assets such as apartments or offshore businesses. These offshore companies operate as proxies and are paid (usually in cash) in order to act as the legal front for the real criminals. We have also heard the FBI and Europol is constantly tracking the illegal activities of such shady companies, as they are largely believed to be responsible for defrauding thousands of unsuspecting victims who are suckered into investing via get-rich-quick scams such as the Profit Wizard Pro.

Brokers – Regulated Or Not?
It doesn’t matter in this case as the groundwork has already been set. Even if you signup for a regulated broker, they have their own rules and remain insulated as 3rd party providers refer the clients to them and these affiliate marketers are free to use very aggressive sales tactics.


In reality, the money is obtained or collected by the broker and then sent back to the affiliate in what is referred to as a revenue share scheme. The brokers receive fictitious invoices and wire the money to anonymous entities with offshore bank accounts. Then the layering takes place as the money passes hands until it reaches it final destination which may be anywhere but usually it ends up in Eastern Europe or the Middle East as that is where the owners of the fraud rings reside and live their lives.

Profit Wizard Pro Review – Who Is Mark Hughes?
To recap, the software uses a form of machine learning which is based on mathematical algorithms. These are supposed to generate at minimum of $1,000 a day effortlessly and without absorbing any losses. In reality Mark Hughes does not hold a PhD. and is an image bank actor. You will not be generating any money for yourself, in reality that money you invest will be stolen and funneled back to the financiers of this investment scam which has its roots embedded deeply into the criminal elements of society.

I Deposited, Can I Get My Money Back?
Yes there is a way to do it but it may not always work. Message us and we will guide you on how to proceed.

Similar Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Code and Crypto Robot 365.

Why Am I Being Targeted By The Profit Wizard Pro SCAM?
This is happening because you previously signed up for a service or offer and now you are getting profusely spammed by aggressive Email marketers who are looking to get the affiliate commissions.

Forex EA’s, Signals, and Crypto Robots
We usually blacklist systems here at Binary Scam Alerts. However, once in a while a legit system surfaces and we decide to test it. If it produces money consistently then we add it to our recommended section for you to try out.

Profit Wizard Pro Review Summary and Conclusions
The Profit Wizard Pro is just the tip of the iceberg and a part of a larger criminal organization which is also involved in various HYIP’s and fake ICO launches. We have received complaints of excessive billing and charges which exceed the agreed investment amount. We also know that the crooks behind the Profit Wizard Pro SCAM also specialize in credit card fraud, identity theft, and SPAMMING tactics which are designed to bypass the Google anti-spam algorithms. In light of all the damning information our staff was able to produce, we are officially blacklisting the Profit Wizard Pro SCAM software and advising our members to seek alternative investment channels. As always we would like to personally invite you to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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