Profits Infinity is a SCAM! Legit Review Exposes Fake App

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Profits Infinity is a SCAM! Legit Review Exposes Fake App

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an immediate SCAM notification in regards to the Profits Infinity Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Mark Bromovich the fake actor and cheater. Last night we received about 20 complaints from enraged day traders getting SPAMMED by extremely deceptive and misleading emails from various sources offering them fast cash and auto-pilot earnings at a click of a button. Our staff of researchers immediately started investigating and reviewing this obvious sham and as expected the results were conclusive and indisputable.

Official Scam Site:

Proof of Scam
As can be seen in the image below this software claims ZERO losses since 2014. That’s enough right there, if you see anything even remotely resembling a similar statement simply stop and seek alternative means of investing. Still, we continued and found additional evidence to back up our claims of fraud. As you can see the same tactic of using fake logos and credentials is utilized again, I honestly don’t understand how these people allow themselves to use these old tricks in an industry that has already matured and is extremely saturated and competitive. Honestly, if you don’t understand the basics of product presentation and concepts having to do with transparency and honesty, then you should not be in this business in the first place.

Profits Infinity 2

Additional proof can be found when looking up “Ruth Myers” on Google Images. You will immediately see that her picture was stolen without permission from a website called where she apparently won some kind of beauty contest, only her real name is Florence Colgate.

Profits Infinity 1

Profits Infinity Review
Mark Bromovich or whoever that is claims he has access to a system that has made him massive amounts of profits. He is using a particularly sleazy sales tactic and manipulating the truth by saying people are happy to see you when you are down and are jealous when you are successful in life. As we all know, there is nothing more powerful than the truth to hide a lie, and in reality this person is most likely a charlatan and paid actor.

This bogus app is just another in a long line of schemes designed to lure innocent day-traders into a web of lies and deceptions through the use of false advertising tactics such as inflated and photo-shopped bank accounts, fake testimonials, ludicrous statements about “no loss” or fool-proof systems that will make you millions on auto-pilots, and phony image bank actors making false statements about so-called “wins”.

So if you believe this software will provide you with instant wealth you are sadly mistaken, and all the sophisticated trading tools in the world such as bolinger bands, candle chart analysis, and market data will not help you achieve the desired ITM ratio of ~ 85% on 60 second options or any kind of short or long contract type. The best you can hope for is to lose as little as possible because these cheaters created a system that’s rigged and will take inferior positions intentionally.

Is it Free?
As you may have guessed it will not cost you to use the fake software, but you will need to fund a trading account with one of their recommended brokers with at least $250.

Similar Scams
Report a Scam ButtonThese include but are not restricted to:Insured Profits with Dave and Ginny, the Binary InterceptorQuantum Income Machine, The Free Money System with Walter Green, Millionaire Blueprint, Amissio Formula, Cloud Trader, Trianasoft, Trade Tracker Pro, Lie Detector Millionaire, and the Push Money App with Dennis Moreland.

Signals, Auto-traders, Bots and Copiers
There are always new systems coming like the recent NEO2, however our staff makes sure to test and properly review each one before we decide to showcase them in our recommended software section.

Verdict and Sad Conclusions
The Profits Infinity Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Mark Bromovich is a confirmed binary options investment scam. We do not take these criminal matters lightly, and warn all our members and viewers to avoid this dangerous app since it will deliberately steal your money and share the profits with shady and unregulated offshore brokers. As always, feel free to contact us through our Facebook group or YouTube Channel to get informed.

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