Profits Unlimited is a Confirmed Scam – Legit Review Explains How

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Profits Unlimited is a Confirmed Scam – Legit Review Explains How

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is warning its members and subscribers about the Profits Unlimited Software (AKA Profits Unlimited APP) and categorically labeling it and Larry Landers as an Internet Investment Scam. Our team of resourceful researchers has conducted an in-depth investigation into this so called “Auto-trader”, and came up with some very troubling conclusions.

Official Scam Site:

Profits Unlimited 2

Quick Update: Binary Scam Alerts was contacted by Mr. Paul Mampilly’s Lawyers and asked to add this clause: We would like to make the clarification that any reference to Profits Unlimited refers only to Larry Lander’s  Profits Unlimited software.   This alert does not discuss, make any reference or allusion to Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter. We have also received complaints in regards to Mr. Mampilly’s service, but for the time being our investigation is taking more time than originally planned. Additional updates to arrive.

Proof of Scam:
As you can see below there is a gallery of all the classic mistakes you can make rolled up into one stupid app. Lets start with the fake testimonials, well here you can clearly see that Oscar Mason is an image bank actor from a site called where he prominently displayed as a “cheerful young man”. The famous Pauline Hart is also a fake, and most likely her picture was ripped off a corporate photography website without her even knowing or giving consent.

Profits Unlimited

Fake Logos, Credentials, and News Reports
You can clearly see above the images from trustguard that all the scammers love to copy. Unfortunately they are a cheap forgery and copied of other websites which may or may not be legit. The same thing goes for the news icons, and if you try searching the internet for related articles you will come up empty-handed.

Profits Unlimited Software Review
Profits Unlimited claims to be able to make $4,653 a day using their automated trading software. In reality, the software is rigged and you can’t win. At best it is set to random trades, and most likely it is configured to take inferior positions with the understanding that if you lose they share the profit with a greedy offshore and unregulated broker. So, in reality all the trading tools in the world will not help you achieve a high ITM ratio, and it wont matter if you choose 60 seconds, 30 minutes, or hourly contracts. Once you make the mistake of investing your only concern should be how to get yourself out of this bind, and it won’t involve fancy charts or market analysis in the form of candlesticks or moving averages.

How Does it Work?
Once you register with the software it is integrated with a broker and in reality the sign-up process is for the broker as well as the software. This is one of the biggest problems I have with scams of this type, the broker selection process is not transparent and your ability to conduct proper research about where you choose to invest is non-existent. When you continue and fund your trading account it is displayed in the auto-trader and you can see what your balance is. Once you start taking trades you can see the charts move accordingly and the signals indicate the call or put option according to the strike price and the contract and asset type.


How Much Does it Cost?
Technically it’s free, but in reality it will cost you $250 to activate the software, and a lot more if you continue to re-invest. I’m seriously hoping you don’t do that since its a one-way street leading you to oblivion.

Similar Scams:
These include but are not restricted to the nasty Copy Buffet App, Trade Fusion, Push Money App, Tauribot, QBITS Megaprofit, Altronix, Millionaires Blueprint, Zulander Hack, Centument, Citidel, Insured Profits, and the Free Money System by Walter Green

Signals, Auto-traders, and Trade Copiers
Trading tools offering you massive wealth at the push of a button exist in the hundreds, and the vast majority of them are fraudulent apps designed to lure you into an investment scam. This website endorses the Binary Profit Method as the preferred signals tool, and in reality the most effective trading tool. If you are in the market for an Autotrader please make sure to read our Virtnext Review.

Verdict and Sad Conclusions
The Profits Unlimited App and Software as well as Mr Larry Landers (if you believe that) represent the most vile, disgusting, and deceptive elements of binary options trading. It is a despicable SCAM and a shameless attempt to deceive, manipulate, and victimize innocent day traders that simply want to profit online from binary options trading. If you have been cheated by these ripoff artists please contact us and we shall try to assist you in recovering your funds. Finally, don’t forget to join our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

  • Nicky Smith

    I wonder why or how they came up with a figure of $4,653 a day. there is no way you can make that much money on a $250 deposit.

    • Hi Nicky, that is the nature of the scam, basically making a ton of money with little investment or risk.

      • Nicky Smith

        I can’t see how any of these softwares can have a special formula that would predict winners. It’s just a program that spits out so many random call or put statisics, right? It has no idea how stocks are doing…it just can’t.

  • Sam Myers

    This site just looks so cheap and fake to me. Any site that makes me put my name and email in and click a button to “get my free copy” I tend to stay away from.

    • Nice catch Sam, most people don’t catch on to these things.

  • Zoey

    I never heard of that’s just crazy that these services even exist. I’m sure they started out as a site to help business but the scammers just seem to take over everything, don’t they?!

    • Hi Zoey,
      They are very creative scammers 🙂

      • Zoey

        Tell me about!! They have such evil minds, but if they put their creative minds to good use they could probably become just as wealthy. But I guess they don’t see it that way.

  • Xpectrum

    Is the same actor as Virtnext!! hahaha I cant understand why the people still has not realized that!!

  • Mary-Anne Breedt

    Hi, I am ashamed to say that I have been scammed big time, being from South Africa we really thought that this Larry Landers and his Profits Unlimited was legit, how can you help us to recover our funds? $500.00 (8146.92 ZAR)- Mary-Anne

  • connie price

    connie price here i put $ into a Legacy club thats bill o’doherty, are they all scams?

  • T Ramseur

    Hi I just watched the video with the indian guy Paul Mampilly is he scamming people too?

  • Hello, this post is most definitely NOT about Paul Pampilly, and you may want to take a closer look before making accusations. Thanks, Pat

  • TFortunate

    Is the Paul Manpilly’s program a scam? Thanks for any information you can share. I’d like to be sure before I buy it.

  • Hi TC,
    We are focused on binary options SCAMS. Paul Pampilly may use a lot of hype but if you are actually meeting him and there is a physical address then it is not the same thing we are talking about.

    • Crystal

      Wait a minute! There is a Paul Mampilly and a Paul Pampilly? What is going on???

      • Hi Crystal, I have not done a full investigation of this guy but from what I can understand there’s a lot of hype there. Make sure to examine the company formation documents and see if they are allowed to act as de-facto brokers or financial consultants. I would also do comparative analysis of their stats and see what the general trends are on that specific day, if there is contradictory information as a trend then it could be a scam. Anyways, try to be realistic and dig into the numbers and financial statements, that is where you will find the answers.

  • Hi Larry, this company has nothing to do with binary options or online trading. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Larry,

    Paul Pampilly uses his real name, there is a physical address, and the company name checks out. The only thing you can accuse him of is hyped-up or exaggerated claims. If the company records are public then you can check it out for yourself.

  • PL RTZ

    I use Paul’s base service, since November 2016. Invested approximately 10K spread across his recommendations. Up 38% as of Today. Been a pretty big win, 1st i was very tentative, but now playing with the houses money as they say. I would not have found the vast majority of the recommendations he made without his help. I haven’t ponied up the big $ for his other services. But at a minimum he is for real, good advise and pragmatic basis for his thesis’s. Everyone one of his picks can’t winners all the time, but over 7 months now and he closed only two positions, one with slight loss -6% the other with slight gain +4%. And as i said i have unrealized gains totally 38% as of today. Worth a look at least. SInce March I now i have more than 50K invested with his positions.

    • Hi PL,

      I will allow this comment to show that Mr. Mampilly is not involved in any way with any sort of binary options trading as long as it is not viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of his services.

  • Hi Paul – Paul Manpilly and his profits unlimited plan are different then Larry Landers and that is what we mentioned as well. As for his take on Ormat and a potential energy crisis, but we always say its the best policy to stick to the figures. So ask for numbers and see the ROI for yourself before making any sudden moves.


    I just listened to the Profits Unlimited video..The one with the dime…He goes on and on and on about how much money he’s made. This goes on for 30 minutes until you finally get to the punch line, which is a newsletter for $79 or $49, money back guarantee. Could have done that in one minute.

    • Yea. They tend to lay it on thick.

    • Franz Kindler

      That long, tedious spiel seems to be the standard pitch on the Web, regardless if the pitch is for investments, solar generators, cable cutters, or whatever. The copy writers, who write this for the pitchman, use the repetitive technique of key words and phrases over and over again to emphasize past performance and success and extrapolate that to present and future successes. It could all be true and reasonable to assume similar performance and success, or it could be bogus with faulty reasoning and logic in assuming similar performance and success. In any event, it’s incumbent upon potential investors to do their homework on the investment, as well as the track record of those who pitch the investment. In this regard, dig deep and don’t just take the word of one source, i.e., verify, verify verify.

  • Hi Markus, How was it?

  • Geof Barrington

    Always glad to hear the truth

  • Anthony Carlino

    1) I think he is just trying to control the market and the money he makes on his investments. Very smart but then he should just give away his information for free since he will reap the returns.
    2) Does anyone know the name of the big secret Company he would not tell us about? I am just taking his advice and taking a look at the markets he disclosed. Can’t go wrong. Good Luck to All

    • FAZ

      Hi Anthony & Pat – Yes, I joined to their subscription and I also purchased the stock in the last week of January 2018. I bought at the highest price and then it went down in the following days for a few dollars and this week market issue made the price a lot lower than my purchase price. Stock symbol is “PH”. PLEASE let me know what you think of this company “PH” and Pauls’ stock recommendations. Thank you

      • This company is handing out dividends which means their earnings are up. Does that mean you got in at the right time? Most likely not as entry points are anticipated prior to profits rising based on technical indicators.