Push Money App is a Cheating Scam, Legit Review Explains Why

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Push Money App is a Cheating Scam, Legit Review Explains Why

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Is the Push Money App legit or scam? If you have searched the internet looking for an honest review concerning this software and Dennis Moreland, you will be totally shaken after being exposed to the shocking conclusions our investigative staff have reached.

**Update: We have exposed the real identity of this fake actor and published a separate Push Money App Review

Official Scam Site: http://pushmoneyapp.com/

Push Money 3

Difficult to Prove its a Scam, Which Makes it Even More Dangerous
If you look at the picture below you will see that the name of the broker is never displayed, and instead you see a push money button. The reason for this being is because the operators of the app keep switching them around according to whoever gives them fatter commissions or alternatively performs better according to their criteria.


Usually you will find the actual name of a broker which is displayed inside the software trading panel, much like previous software providers let you see, but in this case they fail to show it which means they are not transparent. Additionally, you can’t really see the actual software performing. All you can see is a button, who cares about that?

Additional Proof of Scam
In the terms and conditions you can clearly see that the agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Estonia, however the owner lives in Miami Beach Florida. If he is so sure of his product why have it sent to some God-forsaken legal jurisdiction where obviously there is not much anyone can do if they want to complain?

Support is Not Responsive
We emailed the customer service desk and asked to speak with Amy, Dennis’ wife who is supposed to be the head of customer service. All we received is a laconic email pushing us to fund a trading account without too much explanation or real insights as to the App’s performance levels.

Charting, Statistics, and Market Analysis
There’s no need for sophisticated charting and technical analysis in the form of Bollinger Bands or Moving Averages. The app is designed to take the position with the least likely-hood of winning and intentionally lose money. If you had any thoughts or ideas about profiting from this trading software, you will be sadly disappointed because it will take your money and give it to some shady offshore broker without any option of getting a refund or recovering your losses.

Software Review – Windfalls?
There isn’t really anything to review with the push money app, because there is nothing to see. It’s just a bunch of smoke and mirrors designed to dazzle you and create a fake atmosphere of trading. There’s nothing genuine, legit, or honest about this app and you will surely lose all of your initial investment if you proceed to try it out and deposit. The only thing I can say is to make sure it’s web-based and not download since recently we have been getting reports of Viruses infecting computers.

Fake and Inflated Bank Accounts:
These bank accounts are not real and the checks are also forged. These are standard operating procedures for binary options scams that want to fleece your wallet and steal your money.

Similar Scams
Similar scams include Copy Buffett, Zulander Hack, Insured Profits, Free Money System, Phoenix Trading, Binary Matrix Pro, FastCash.biz, Einstein Profits, Citidel Scam, Centument App, Tauribot, and Trade Fusion.

What Does Work?
Binary Scam Alerts endorses the Binary Profit Method only. It is a signals tool and not an Auto-trader. If you are looking for an automated trading tool make sure to read our Virtnext review.

Summing Up
The Push Money app and Dennis Moreland is a really sophisticated scam designed to trick you into registering with a binary options broker and funding an account. If you believe this system will make money for you, you are sadly mistaken and you will end up paying a price for your actions. If for some reason you have invested with this app and would like a refund or a way recover your losses, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our utmost to assist you in recovering your funds. Please make sure to join our Facebook Group and Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel.


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