Push Money App scam or Legit? See What Real Day Traders Say in This Review

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Push Money App scam or Legit? See What Real Day Traders Say in This Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Since our latest scam review about the Push Money App and Software we have been getting an unusually high amount of complaints from day traders claiming they were scammed by this malicious APP devised by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan. So we just decided to let their voices be heard so our members can have a better understanding of what they are getting into before investing.

Official Fraud App Site: http://pushmoneyapp.com/

Real Testimonials from Real Traders!

Push Money 2Proof of Scam? We Just Decided to Let Others Do the Talking For Us!
The following is just a random sample of about 50 kinds of complaints we received via Email, our Facebook Page, blog comments, and our YouTube Channel.  I decided to take a snapshot of the grievances that in my opinion managed to encapsulate or convey the core elements of the scam as well as shed light some on how the actual victims felt. I also wanted to show how these people are learning to deal with the new reality and recuperate from this horrendous, vile and despicable binary options investment scam.

Push Money 3

One of the most abhorring crimes is overcharging by brokers. In this case we see how Steve Mattews, a blue collar construction worker from Idaho was falsely lured into opening an account with a broker called Big Option. According to him he was overcharged, however he is in direct negotiation with the broker so I decided to let this thing play out and not get involved since there is good communication there.

Ralph Johnson actually just messaged me again asking about the Electronic Form he signed. I advised him it’s bad, but in reality if your broker is regulated you stand a better chance of getting your money back if you present your argument clearly

Kevin is another lost soul that tried to make a quick buck online but got scammed. I’m actually helping him get his money back.
Push Money 1

Above you will see what trader Nicholas Robert thinks about the Push Money App. After communicating with this trader, I started getting a deeper understanding of how the brokers cooperate with the advertisers in a profit sharing scheme.

Push Money App Review
Push money app is a signals software and not an Auto-trader. It is based on a suggestive model and promises off-the-wall ITM ratios and Auto-pilot profits (Windfalls). The software does not include charting or technical analysis tools in the form of Candlesticks or Bollinger Bands. It is a push-button type of software that is designed to randomly recommend positions without any regard to the possible payout or win rate. In short, it’s like a crap shoot or a spin at the roulette table, and if you do happen to win it’s just a lucky streak and has nothing to do with the software.

How Does it Work
The app is designed to take random trades or possibly losing trades that get you to reinvest money. There is no trading algorithm or sophisticated equations behind the code. It’s merely a closed system designed to mislead and deceive traders into losing money.

Getting Started?
Not really, I would not recommend you get started with this piece of garbage code. In fact quite the opposite is true, and if you can avoid it that would be the smart decision.

Special or Unique Features
The application is unique in the sense that it does’t really show you anything. There is a zero level of transparency and you are completely manipulated into funding a broker account without really having the chance to research it or understand who you are dealing with.

Is It Free?
Of course, but you need to open a trading account with one of the preferred brokers and deposit a minimum amount of $250.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to Insured Profits, The Free Money System (Walter Green), Millionaire Blue Print, Copy Buffett, Tauribot, Centument, Citidel LTD, Zulander Hack, Magnetic Profits, Channel Ranger, Binary App 810, Profit in 60 Seconds, and Trade Fusion.

Signals, Auto-traders, and Bots
If you are asking yourself what does work?, you should know that 95% of the software available out there today is fraudulent and will make false claims in order to entice you and promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams. In reality when you boil it all down you end up with a few solid tools. We fully endorse the Binary Profit Method as a signals tool, and if you are interested in an Auto-Trader you will want to read our Virtnext Review.

Final Words and a Royal Burial
It’s time to bury the Push Money bogus app deep in the ground and move on to find something with real value. There is nothing genuine, real, or legit about this software and you are sure to lose your money if you buy into it. If you have been misled, deceived, or lost funds because of this fake product, we invite you to contact us and we will try to negotiate your money back.

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