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Quantum Code SCAM, Legit Review Exposes New Facts!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

As mentioned in our previous Quantum Code SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification, we have ascertained that Michael Crawford and his sleazy software is designed to steal your money by using dubious SCAM tactics. However, our research staff has recently uncovered some additional information which not only sheds light on this system, but also exposes additional software malice and validates our previous findings concerning the Push Money App and Dennis Moreland as well the Mirror Trader Scam.

Quantum Code Official Scam Site: http://thequantumcode.net/
Push Money App Scam Site: http://pushmoneyapp.com/privateinvite.php
Mirror Trader Site and Login Page: http://mirror-trader.co/

More Proof of SCAM!
The image below represents a section of the sales video as is presented in the Quantum Code and Michael Crawford. You can see the film footage is also used in the push money app with Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan.

Why is this happening? Simple, the same people are behind both scams. If you take the time to compare the videos like we did, you would have picked up on it immediately. This is particularly disturbing and since we have had some extremely concerning complaints about the push money app, we have added the push money app Facebook post to this unique article so that you may see exactly how it has ruined the lives of innocent people and why it is crucial for you to keep your distance from the Quantum Code app.


I find it very strange that the criminals behind this software actually invested so much time and money in renting jets and hiring actors, but used the same footage and the same music in both videos. This is a colossal oversight on their side and very unprofessional, these guys burned at least $50,000  on a very high end production but rehashed older footage because they thought “it looked good”. Well, we know better and now its time they pay for their misdoings!

For those of you who are not familiar with the push money app, you must understand that the people behind it are extremely crafty, and the individuals they hired are not some cheap fiverr.com actors. Dennis Moreland as well as Michael Crawford are both characters that project sincerity and honesty. They don’t look or act like pushy people and have a mild and easy-going mannerism. This is specifically designed to get your guard down and break down your psychological defenses, and it is a very effective tactic.
Push Money 3

Oddly enough there is a new system being promoted these days by less-than-scrupulous marketers. The so called “Mirror Trader” and John Harrison is the same actor used in the Push Money App.


The diagram below illustrates the scam conspiracy and how it operates. The same marketing and technological infrastructure was used to manufacture and promote all of these fake systems. We don’t expect the usual day-trader to pick up on these things, it takes a trained professional and a keen eye.

Our staff has done an outstanding job connecting the dots here and if you had any previous doubts about the Quantum Code software and Michael Crawford, you are welcome to look at the evidence as it has been presented to you in 2 very in-depth and revealing reviews.


Summary and Conclusions
The Quantum Code software, app, and Auto-trader as well as Michael Crawford is a confirmed binary options investment scam. Our extensive reviews have provided ample proof of this most recent sham, and due to the particularly dangerous nature of this app we are warning all our members and asking them to refrain from using it for trading purposes since it will surely steal your money. We were not able to find anything legit or genuine here, in fact quite the opposite is true. We found misleading facts based on erroneous information. These hooligans are deliberately leading-on innocent day traders by using false advertising tactics, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and reduced levels of transparency. This software is practically screaming SCAM and our in-depth review has exposed it for what it really is. As always feel free to contact us through our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed.

  • Anna

    Wow..you have a great eye for this!! I can’t believe they reuse all their video footage over and over. what scum!

    • Hi Anna,
      That’s what happens when you watch scam videos all day long.

  • Tracy Wilkerson

    Hi Pat, I was just about to charge my credit cared for about $250 when I bumped into this review. Thanks and God bless you!

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for the share do let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Joanna,

    Yea its a filler, they just took it from another scam and did a copy/paste job. Pat

  • Eric Vekaryasz

    So…no where in this whole page did you mention how the scam works, and the only proof you are stating is a copied video…

  • Hi Zoey,

    This is correct – Email SPAM is getting really bad

    • Zoey

      I thought they were cracking down on email spam. Is it because we opted into something without realizing it?

  • Hi Sherry,
    You’re most welcome.

  • Mark

    I’m confused. How do the people with the software get our money when we are giving it to a broker?

    • Its like a travel agent gets commissions for referring paying clients to an airline. Only this time the customer pays for nothing hence the huge profits.

      • Mark

        Oh ok, I see how they are really making a killing at this now. Wow….would you say these brokers are not legit or just blinded by the money coming in?

  • Walter

    Using the same video images and music is a huge mistake in their part, especially since the people they are going after probably already saw one of them already. Guess they wasted to much money on the first video and now they have to make up for it.

    • Hi Walter.
      Its strange they spent so much money on the production but made this mistake. As they say the devil is in the details.

      • Walter

        What’s crazy is that these videos usually have such bad acting and we always seem to fall for them. What is wrong with is man?!

  • Hi Eloisa.
    Just tell them you are broke and on disability. That should do it.

  • Beth Anne

    That’s a great approach!! They keep calling me l…so I think I’m going to try this! Isn’t there’s some kind of do not call list that these people should be on?!

  • bibek

    i did clicked on deposit but my bank did not let me do it. they have been blacklisted by my bank, and when i check this website, its fraud..thnx i made 250 by not depositing so going for a beer..

    • Hi Bibek, unfortunately some people are not as lucky. Enjoy that beer!

      • Sam Myers

        Wow, but I’m glad to see that banks are getting in on this to help protect their customers money if the law can’t get them.

        • Same here Sam. This is not always tbe case though. He got lucky.

  • Kwame

    so what do you suggest

  • All over, Europe, Middle East, and Asia

    • Grace J.

      Do they have a target area they go after like the USA or is it just middle class people from all over?

      • Marsal

        They are usualy base in Cyprus(greece side)

  • Hi Ward,

    That is very spammy and its very simple to pick up on it. Are you getting messaged to join other offers?

  • Kumar

    Have any of you really lost any money to Quantum code?

    • David

      Yes the $250 that I deposited. Luckily I didn’t deposit more like I wanted too. This site is keeping me from losing a lot more too.

    • rcr24356

      yeb ….80 dollar in 25 min

      • Zoey

        Oh my gosh, it really does goes quickly with these companies.

    • Nicolejackson00

      Ugh my friend just lost $500 worth this scam. She was told before that if she kept doubling her losing bets she would eventually make up the money when she won…well she never won. She lost it all in one day! It’s very upsetting to see your friend in pain like this….have people gotten any money back from these scammers?

  • Kerri

    So I saw this pop up as an ad on some website. I just don’t understand how they got their ad on this site when the same site wouldn’t taking my blog site ad. Very strange how these people would take their ad and not a legit ad.

  • Romona

    These people spent a lot on the video but I just didn’t believe their acting skills at all…or that Amy is his wife. Little things like this state me away from these type of things….I just hope that it doesn’t cause me to miss out on a great opportunity because I’m being so picky.

  • Dylan

    So are these brokers not really a legit business firm and they only push scams onto people? They sound to mean to be a real company and not get fired.

  • Hi, this is shocking. I’ll make sure to make a note about this broker. At least he’s honest to say the truth!

  • HI Jason, sounds scary – hope you came out OK after that. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Sanders Sperlin

    Did they really tell you to just use a credit card?! That just insane!

  • Kelsey

    Wow, I guess he doesn’t want to keep his job.

  • Roy

    same happened to me, after Application within a second have received a Phone Call from UK to deposit the amount & could use Credit Card, when I have mentioned that I don’t use any Credit Card, their 2nd proposal could use Direct Transfer Sofort Credit (immediate Debit from Bank), I had Informed the Guy that I will think on that & let inform next week, the Guy replied me they will call next week again.

    Thanks God, I didn’t made that & suddenly came to my mind whey not check in Internet & I got this site and gain knowledge all of their Scam

  • lorna

    ok why arnt they stopped or has anyone gone to see them personally and told them what and why are they ripping people off, come on this is my well earned money if i did sign up, i have been in 2 other binary businesses and the person helping me didnt, so i asked for my money back or i was going to the police or someone that deals with these so called rip offs. im trying to find a business working from home and get paid properly, i dont like what i do as i need to look after myself thanks.

  • freddy

    can’t begin to tell you how grtful i am.. had to borrow d money inorder to deposit … jux tot it’d wise to ascertain their credibility and wala! u dashed in to d rescue…
    one more tin,just to be sure, do u like ve a list of like credible binary options trading sites??