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Quantum Code SCAM, Legit Review Exposes New Facts!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

As mentioned in our previous Quantum Code SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification, we have ascertained that Michael Crawford and his sleazy software is designed to steal your money by using dubious SCAM tactics. However, our research staff has recently uncovered some additional information which not only sheds light on this system, but also exposes additional software malice and validates our previous findings concerning the Push Money App and Dennis Moreland as well the Mirror Trader Scam.

Quantum Code Official Scam Site: http://thequantumcode.net/
Push Money App Scam Site: http://pushmoneyapp.com/privateinvite.php
Mirror Trader Site and Login Page: http://mirror-trader.co/

More Proof of SCAM!
The image below represents a section of the sales video as is presented in the Quantum Code and Michael Crawford. You can see the film footage is also used in the push money app with Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan.

Why is this happening? Simple, the same people are behind both scams. If you take the time to compare the videos like we did, you would have picked up on it immediately. This is particularly disturbing and since we have had some extremely concerning complaints about the push money app, we have added the push money app Facebook post to this unique article so that you may see exactly how it has ruined the lives of innocent people and why it is crucial for you to keep your distance from the Quantum Code app.


I find it very strange that the criminals behind this software actually invested so much time and money in renting jets and hiring actors, but used the same footage and the same music in both videos. This is a colossal oversight on their side and very unprofessional, these guys burned at least $50,000  on a very high end production but rehashed older footage because they thought “it looked good”. Well, we know better and now its time they pay for their misdoings!

For those of you who are not familiar with the push money app, you must understand that the people behind it are extremely crafty, and the individuals they hired are not some cheap fiverr.com actors. Dennis Moreland as well as Michael Crawford are both characters that project sincerity and honesty. They don’t look or act like pushy people and have a mild and easy-going mannerism. This is specifically designed to get your guard down and break down your psychological defenses, and it is a very effective tactic.
Push Money 3

Oddly enough there is a new system being promoted these days by less-than-scrupulous marketers. The so called “Mirror Trader” and John Harrison is the same actor used in the Push Money App.


The diagram below illustrates the scam conspiracy and how it operates. The same marketing and technological infrastructure was used to manufacture and promote all of these fake systems. We don’t expect the usual day-trader to pick up on these things, it takes a trained professional and a keen eye.

Our staff has done an outstanding job connecting the dots here and if you had any previous doubts about the Quantum Code software and Michael Crawford, you are welcome to look at the evidence as it has been presented to you in 2 very in-depth and revealing reviews.


Summary and Conclusions
The Quantum Code software, app, and Auto-trader as well as Michael Crawford is a confirmed binary options investment scam. Our extensive reviews have provided ample proof of this most recent sham, and due to the particularly dangerous nature of this app we are warning all our members and asking them to refrain from using it for trading purposes since it will surely steal your money. We were not able to find anything legit or genuine here, in fact quite the opposite is true. We found misleading facts based on erroneous information. These hooligans are deliberately leading-on innocent day traders by using false advertising tactics, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and reduced levels of transparency. This software is practically screaming SCAM and our in-depth review has exposed it for what it really is. As always feel free to contact us through our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed.

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