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Quick Cash System Scam Promoted by Work from Home Affiliates

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts EXCLUSIVE review exposes how work from home programs are moonlighting as a binary options affiliates and promoting SCAM offers like the Quick Cash System (AKA the QCS APP, Software, and Autotrader) and Sarah Markel the fake mother. Our undercover reporter Julie S. has spent 2 grueling weeks infiltrating the corrupt Paid Surveys at Home organization, and opened a can of worms that has shaken up what is supposed to be a relatively ethical business niche. It’s worth while mentioning that we were initially informed of this horrific crime through our unique “report a scam” section, and we urge all our members and viewers to make use of it.

julie 2Our investigation into the inner workings of this shameless service has uncovered a series of extremely disturbing facts which will be revealed in this one-of-a-kind article, and we will present evidence of internet investment and binary options fraud, conspiracy to commit a crime, and collusion. Particularly disturbing is how false advertising, deceptive and misleading content, and the intentional and deliberate misrepresentation of the facts is used to lure low-income individuals who try to supplement their income through work at home jobs, into a slimy fraudulent scheme. The hideous nature of this crime is not only outrageous, but also particularly vile since the people who are getting these offers are supposedly receiving an offer from a “legit” source, when in reality this is a classic “wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing” scenario, and I for one am taking it very personally.

Proof of Scam and Conspiracy to Commit a Crime
Below you will find a screenshot of an email one of our members received. Apparently he has been receiving emails of binary options SCAMS for over a year and tried to unsubscribe, but these bloodsucking vampires didn’t get the point, so we will make them understand that there is a price to be paid for their SPAM Cyber Crimes, as Justice Louis D. Brandeis so eloquently stated “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”.

Paid Surveys

The image above represents the email our member received, and relayed to Julie our special investigative reporter who is now receiving threats and phone calls in the middle of the night from unknown numbers (we had to conceal her identity to protect her). In the actual email, when you click the link you are immediately directed to the Quick Cash System scam in this case. In other documented cases we have seen it lead to the Push Money App and another older nasty scheme named FastCash.Biz. We know exactly who is behind these fake trading systems, and will not expose those people because this is not some personal vendetta, we are just looking out for our members and subscribers who are looking for legitimate means to supplement their income or alternatively make a career change and become full-time day traders.

Quick Cash System Review Recap
This system is different since it is a high end production, and employs unusually deceptive sales tactics designed to illegally solicit money from unsuspecting day-traders. The marketers are acting in cahoots with shady offshore and unregulated brokers that employ a variety of tactics designed to steal your money without a trace of guilt or remorse, as has been documented here at BSA in various occasions.

quick cash system 3

In this case we have Sarah Markel the “mom” who has access to some incredible software that will make you insurmountable amounts of money on complete autopilot, just like it did for Simon Smithson the paid actor. As mentioned previously, none of the actors have a public social profile, and the so called “software” which is displayed is just some film footage taken from an image bank. There is not one single thing about this app which is honest, genuine, legit, or sincere, besides the intent of the people behind it to fleece your wallet and share their profits with less-than-scrupulous binary options brokers. So forget about momentum trading, candlesticks analysis, or market trends. Choosing ladder, high/low, one touch, pairs, or  any contract type in currencies, commodities, indices or stocks is futile, and if you invested you need only concern yourself with how to get out of this predicament quickly with whatever money you have left in your balance.

Is it Free or Not?
Yes, it’s free but you need to register and fund a trading account with at least $250 through their recommended broker to qualify for this crummy software.

What is Paid Surveys and is it Possible to Really Make Money From Home?
Paid Surveys at Home is a service that allows you to do the following and get paid:

  • Take online surveys
  • Participate in Focus Groups
  • Take Phone Surveys and Earn
  • Try New Products
  • Preview New Movie Trailers

Technically speaking, this is a good idea and I know quite a few people who actually do these things to boost their earnings. Obviously we are not talking about auto-pilot earnings and massive amounts of money, but realistically speaking you are actually benefiting without risking anything so its supposed to be low risk low reward.

Paid Surveys 2Here we reach the sleaziest part of the scam and really the most unethical business practice I can imagine. The whole work from home industry is designed for low income families and individuals who have a difficult time paying the bills and putting food on the table. So, on one hand they are offering an invaluable service for every day people while at the same time luring them into an obvious deception. So, here is the dilemma, I actually don’t want these people to go out of business, and wish them only the best of luck since they are really helping a lot of people. We just want them to stop spamming people with bogus offers and let them have a chance in life, because everyone deserves to have their dreams and it’s not right for anyone to steal it from them and put them in a place that only deepens their frustration, desperation and anger.

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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
We are constantly being asked to promote this app and that software, but we almost always refuse since we know they are just scams looking to legitimize themselves on our site. We only showcase the best software after testing it and seeing it works consistently.

Verdict and Final Words
The Quick Cash System (AKA the QCS APP, Software, and Autotrader) and Sarah Markel the pretender mother is a malicious binary options investment scam . Paid Surveys at Home broke a social contract and their commitment to deliver on a very important service in an ethical  manner. However, since they do offer very helpful tools to a lot of people will not label them as scammers, but we do demand they refrain from spamming and moonlighting as binary options affiliates that promote despicable offers (there are some good ones out there believe it or not). We shall be more than happy to mitigate this review after we are approached in a calm and amiable manner and proof of this change has been presented to us. As always, don’t forget to join our Facebook page and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


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