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Raptor Robot Review, Malicious SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Raptor Robot software is a SCAM, and we will BLACKLIST this fake app and trading robot in our most recent revealing review and investigation. A word of warning, this is an excellent example of a very sleek and harmless-looking scam, but the complaints we received tell a different story. The polished and seemingly professional look of this new fraudulent software is directly responsible for effectively tricking, deceiving, and misleading some of our more experienced traders. So anyone new to binary options trading and just starting out is sure to have their money stolen. Still, due to a few oversights we were able to expose this new scheme and shed much needed light on this filthy little operation. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a very carefully orchestrated affiliate marketing scam which is executed with the full support and cooperation of rogue and unlicensed offshore brokers. This band of crooks specializes in SPAM email marketing, aggressive online baiting tactics, credit card fraud and identity theft, so make sure to hold on to your credit card details and never divulge any information. If you believe this new app to be legit or genuine you are deeply mistaken and will pay the ultimate price of having your wallet fleeced. Keep reading to see how we exposed the Raptor Robot and why we believe it is a dangerous financial SCAM.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: https://raptorrobot.com/

Proof Of SCAM
Below you will see the main sales page for Raptor Robot. Notice they mention the software has a 90% win rate. This by itself is very unlikely, and if a software achieves an  average of 85% win rate its extremely accurate. So despite the professional facade, we are looking at the first and most immediate red flag which is hyped-up and exaggerated claims of wins.

Now, if you look below you will see a set of fake user profiles. There’s no real name or face attached to any icon. But lets say that is an acceptable practice for all intents and purposes. These same people (specifically JASON.S) is saying he has an all time ROI of 34% and a 67% win rate. The others “users” are also well below the advertised 90% win rate, and are in  reality losing money because any result under 75% in binary options means your account balance is getting drained.

So, in effect we have a combination of fake profiles as well as inconsistent claims concerning the performance of the app. In effect, they have literally proven to us and validated our initial claims that their software is fraudulent and not to be trusted.

Raptor Robot Software Review
We do believe this software had a lot of potential, but for some reason they resorted to the same methods of trickery and deception which we have come to recognize and identify almost immediately. It’s interesting the website is HTTPS secure, but this is becoming the new norm and does not qualify the app to be scam-free. There is also transparency where brokers are concerned, but were not seeing a real person standing up and endorsing this offer. We had high hopes for this new software, but ended up with egg on our face again. It’s also worth mentioning that while we did notice a disclaimer, we could not find a terms and conditions section which outlines what is allowed and what isn’t. This just adds an additional layer of suspicion on what is already considered to be a shady and fake signals product.

We did like the FAQ section, but unfortunately its one of the many features which serve as truthful elements in order to mask the bigger lie. Namely, that Raptor Robot is in investment scam and should not be trusted with your money. In reality what we are witnessing here is a very sophisticated scam designed by crafty affiliate marketers. The two major mistakes here have to do with using exaggerated claims of wins, and inconsistencies in the narrative. That fact that there are no real user profiles also didn’t help this band of crooks, and in the end they ended up paying the price of having their trading robot blacklisted.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! Access to this piece of cheap code will cost you at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of their brokers which may or may not be regulated.

A Clean, Professional Look Does Not Mean It’s Legit!
We are very much experienced reviewing these kinds of  of scams, and when we examine the system we don’t just scratch the surface and look for something that looks nice. We test the accuracy levels, customer support, transparency levels, and ease-of use. At the end of the day they say the proof is in the pudding, and that’s where they failed big time.

Similar Viral Scams to Avoid
The ones topping the charts now are Code Fibo and United Trading Network. Make sure to avoid these.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are deliberating its with good cause. We understand making the right decision can be a lengthy and time-consuming process so we have done the research for you. Our staff has compiled a short list of the best and most consistent money-making machines, and these are all showcased in our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Closing Arguments
The Raptor Robot software and trading app is a confirmed financial scam and we blacklisted it with good reason. You can’t afford to get ripped off again, so read our recommendations carefully and consider your options. First, there is nothing genuine or legit about this fake app and auto-trader besides the intent of the promoters pulling the strings behind the scenes to defraud and victimize innocent day traders. Secondly, if you buy into this program you will have to endure a hefty dose of grief and frustration which will come with the realization that you have been ripped off and deceived. Finally, DO NOT deposit or divulge any personal or financial information by email, chat, or phone. Your details will be compromised and passed on to third parties who will either profusely SPAM you or call you up and try to sell you crappy products. Due to the serious nature of the complaints we have just now started to receive, we are officially advising our members and subscribers to avoid this fake trading robot and seek alternative trading avenues. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and get informed.

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