Regulated Brokers Cloned By Fraudsters – Dangerous Scam Alert!

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Regulated Brokers Cloned By Fraudsters – Dangerous Scam Alert!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom has advertised a severe warning in regards to AMC Capital Invest and AMC Capital Management. In our detailed and insightful review and investigation we will show how fraudsters are attempting to piggyback on the solid reputation of honest and regulated brokers in order to trick, mislead, bait, and deceive innocent day traders looking for a legit and regulated broker. The firm, “AMC Capital Invest” is a licensed asset management company which specializes in wealth management and finance. Disreputable scam artists have copied the site and as a result been able to persuade customers that they are licensed. The results are devastating and demonstrate how it is easily possible to illegally solicit funds by misrepresenting facts and manipulating the truth about a broker’s regulatory status. Here’s a fair warning, we are dealing with very skilled internet predators who understand how to produce believable and seemingly legit investment schemes. In light of this dangerous and malicious new trend, we recommend each and every one of our members and subscribers inquire with our staff before opening an account with any broker. We specialize if exposing fake brokers and financial scams, so if you are new to online Forex or Options trading or would simply like to get a second opinion we are here for you.

Fake Websites (According to the FCA):,

The Real Company Name and Site: AMC Capital Invest

Review – Fake Versus Real:
Below you will see the the real site versus the cloned, and it’s plain to see that the similarities in the name are very much evident. It’s no surprise the FCA threw a fit and is very concerned about this form of fraud. The fake company has done damage in various ways. First, it has deceived the public and created a false presentation of the facts. Secondly, it has probably damaged the reputation of the real service since we are sure the con artists behind this scheme solicited funds and stole money while providing useless investment information. Last but not least, it has piggybacked on the reputation of a legit service to gain reputation and clientele, but avoided paying taxes and licensing fees. Taking everything into account, these scammers have attracted the wrong kind of attention to themselves and will ultimately end up paying severe fines or doing jail time for investment fraud (probably both).

Why Do Fraudsters Clone Broker Sites?
Fraudsters are constantly seeking new ways to scam potential customers, but one scam stands out from the rest and has increased in terms of complaints and sophistication. The rise in awareness levels and increased difficulty in getting customers to trust them has increased their level of daring and audacity. Instead of securing a license and following the law, they have chosen the path of easy money with no need to be transparent or take care of their customers. This new tactic is just what they need and most of these swindlers use shell corporations to hide their identity and in this way remain shielded and insulated from the law.

How Do The Cloned Sites Operate?
The con artist typically use stolen data base information to cold-call potential new traders and illegally solicit them by promoting shares, get-rich-quick schemes or other investment opportunities that usually involve rigged software intentionally set on auto-lose.

Especially troubling is the fact that the con artists are using the license registration numbers, as well as physical address of the regulated firm to advise the public that they are genuine. This answers to the regulatory criteria of a ‘clone firm’, and it is extremely dangerous for the reasons stated above.

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How to Protect Yourself and Avoid Getting Scammed
First of all, it’s best to check with us as we constantly perform these checks and expose these types of scams. Secondly, make sure to read the fine print and ask the difficult questions. Specifically about payouts, regulation, and rules of conduct. If there is something which doesn’t sound right or even if you are in the least bit suspicious just take a step back and leave a message at our website. You are also welcome to make use of our Report a SCAM feature and make sure to be specific about the details and nature of the complaint.

On Other News
24option exits the binary options market and makes a transition into Forex and CFD’s. This is primarily due to the fact the the FCA is not willing to regulate them as binary options brokers (but not only). This comes as a surprise since the AMF, which is recognized as the toughest regulatory authority in France has lifted the binary options ban on 24Option, after it has recognized this broker complies with the strictest form of regulation and does not cheat.

Review Summary and Conclusions
If you have stumbled into a cloned binary options broker site pretending to be regulated you had best watch your back. These crooks are in it for the money and will not hesitate stealing your credit card information as well as identity. We know all their tricks and the types of fraudulent software they use, so for us it’s very simple to catch them and shed light of their misdoings. Join our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel to get informed and educate yourself.

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