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Report a Binary Options Scam Complaint to the Better Business Bureau

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The US Better Business Bureau has recently launched a service called Scam Tracker. The service is a great point of reference for conducting a scam broker or binary options trading software investigation. For instance, if you look into binary options in the search box, your will see 4 complaints filed, the names of the brokers, and type of scam. The search box is located at the top of their site and if anything comes up on your search make sure to educate yourself and get informed before joining a service or depositing with a brokerage.


How Do I Report a Scam?
On the right hand side of their site you will see a big red button as you can see in the image above. Once you click that, you get a form that opens up and asks you these following questions:

Means of Contact: Most likely spam emails, but could also be a number of other methods like Craiglist, a website, or a service.

Type of Scam: In this case it would be Investment.

Scam Description: Here you would be required to provide the details of the scam like Coffee Cash Cheat, Megaprofix, or Sarah’s Confessions, and you can also upload an image no more than 2 MB.

Then you are required to state if the victim (that would be you) lost money, your street address, email, and other details like you country and state (BBB also services Canada if you were not aware).

What is the Better Business Bureau?
The BBB is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering ethical business practices, instilling higher awareness levels, and empowering consumers. It also develops and manages self-regulation programs for agencies and businesses around the world. It is considered to be one of the leading authorities in consumer awareness and is widely respected.

How Can This Help Me?
Technically speaking, if you have been scammed and your money has been stolen there’s not much the BBB can do for you, however if you threaten the broker with a report they may rethink their withdrawal policies and provide you with a refund. At the end of the day you must remember that brokers don’t need the headache of dealing with US authorities and don’t want them on their case with potential law suites, fines and prison time in a US penitentiary.

What Else Can I Do?
If all else fails please contact me at [email protected] and our staff will try to act as intermediate interlocutors and attempt to resolve your disputes in peaceful means. Unfortunately, some brokers will not budge and despite all efforts will not release your money. This is outright theft and piracy, and Binary Scam Alerts will not stand idle and let innocent victims get scammed out of their money while some blood thirsty broker makes a bit of extra cash on account of some pensioner or student that works night shifts to pay for his college tuition.

To Conclude
The better business bureau is an excellent tool to start off with when you wish to negotiate a refund from a broker, however it is just a part of a tool box our staff offers as broker mediation services. In addition, we also offer signals, trading strategies, and depositing and withdrawals assistance through our strategic partners. Feel free to drop us a note if you have been scammed by software like Insured Profits, Channel Ranger, Free Money System (Walter Green), or the Mockingbird Method. Alternatively if you need assistance cashing out your winnings or money from a tight binary options broker we are always here to help.

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