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Report a Scam, Get Back at Those Cheaters Today!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is proud to introduce our unique Report a Scam section. Today you can have your say and really tell the world how you feel and the experience you underwent. We have made sure to make the procedure simple and user-friendly so start sharing today!


  • Oh Mi

    Binary option Scams We are Watching you…!

  • Oh Mi

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  • Oh Mi

    Detector app Scam

  • Oh Mi

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  • Hi Sheila,
    Yes QBITS is a well-known scam, we have written about this:

  • Yep – Trianasoft is a big scam!

  • Hi Geof,
    They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

    • Terence O’shea

      Is this company is legitimate?

      2) Blazing Trade(Johan Strand)

      • Hi Terence.
        1. That is not a company – it is just a web page with links and that should tell you something about that.
        2. Blazing Trader is a massive SCAM – we have written extensively about it.
        3. Its not a serious company.
        4. The forex company looks like a legit service, but this is not an endorsement. If you are looking for a profitable semi-automated FX system we have it.

  • Segun Obisesan

    Everybody, Please STAY AWAY from GTPCAPITAL.COM, they are a VERY VERY FRAUDULENT COMPANY. All they will do is to collect your fund and CUT COMMUNICATION WITH YOU. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET YOUR DEPOSIT AND PROFIT BACK , No matter how small your deposit is. David Stark , Fransceca Green and any other name(s) they call themselves are all FAKE NAMES. Admin, please blacklist this company on your site and other affiliate site, we need to prevent this company from defrauding unsuspecting investors.

    • Hi Segun,
      Thanks for the update. If you have a record of your communications please let us know. Pat

  • Hi Somus,
    Sorry to hear that

  • Hi Efrem,
    If the website is down then they shut down the business. You will not be able to get your money unfortunately.

  • David

    Just a quick word of warning against (formely – following months of differing ‘account managers’ trying to get me to deposit more funds into my trading account they have now given up and closed my account down and kept the just shy of $8000 for themselves.

    Fortunately i have managed to retrieve the initial deposits that were taken without my say so – so i am not out of pocket per sa – but they have kept their bonus money of $3250 (fair enough) and ‘stolen’ approx of $4600 of winning trade money

    • Hi David,
      Consider yourself lucky if you got your original investment back less winnings. If you want to share how you were able to do that please do – we have a lot of these types of complaints. TY Pat

      • David

        Hi Pat,
        I do think i was very lucky in that respect. I was (probably still am) very naive in the beginning and learnt very quickly that the industry is full of scammers. At the time i was unaware of the bonus turnover, and their T&C’s didnt specify a specific volume – one account manager told me 20x another said 50x. They also retained my credit card details and when i said i didnt have any more money to deposit they would just keep trying it anyway without my permission.

        I used this during the many pressure sales phone calls saying they were unethical & dishonest – I believe they used the small withdrawals they allowed me as convincers to try and prove otherwise. In the end these small withdrawals amounted to the same as i had deposited/they took from me.

        So i didn’t do anything special to get my money back – I did try to do a deal with them whereby they took their bonus money back and we split the profits 50/50 but to no avail. I guess they just saw me as an easy target and thought that I would be ‘convinced’…either way they’d win as they got to keep the trade winnings.

        • OK thanks for telling – this is very detailed and informative.

  • Cloud Trader is a confirmed SCAM

  • Hamzah Barik

    Hi Patrick,
    I registered with CFDstocks. After the initial deposit of USD250, I was urged to put in another USD10,000 but I did not. In fact the first broker without informing me got me a bonus and traded without my knowledge and lost. The second broker from CFDstocks persuaded to put in USD10,000 but in the end I relented and gave in to only USD1000. This time around he traded and made some money. Then, the communication stopped. Despite my non-stop calling and emails both brokers did not responded. I email the support department and explained to them what was happening but that also did not get any response. I finally went into my account to withdraw my deposit but it was always rejected and canceled. I have email them yesterday and still no response from them. I realised definitely, I am scammed. Please advise. This is a very bad first-time experience.

    Hamzah Barik

    • Hi Hamza.
      How were you invited to join? Email, popupor just an advertisement?

  • Hi Ano,
    Reading what you have written its plain to see the person who invested with Capital de Binary got scammed. The first step is to document all communications. Then you can move forward with other things.