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Shepard SDP Review, Shepard SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Shepard SDP Software by Perry Shepard is a SCAM, and we have BLACKLISTED it in our fair and impartial review. It has come to our attention that this new and terribly misleading and deceptive app and auto-trader is being heavily promoted by a greedy group of affiliate marketers. This crooked band of cyber-hooligans are currently sending out massive SPAM e-mail campaigns designed to bait innocent day-traders, and have been amazingly successful due to the insidious nature of this new online trading system. So when the complaints started mounting, our first advise was to immediately unsubscribe from the service, but it seems this does not work and now we have grievances from some of our members about how consecutive emails keep entering their inbox. Needless to say this got our staff infuriated, and as a result we spent the last 24 hours working around the clock to find a real smoking gun, and we did. This time these creeps have gone too far and we will expose them in the most transparent and revealing way. After reading this article you will be left totally awe-stricken, and we guarantee there will be no room left for even a hint of doubt or hesitation in regards to our inevitable conclusions. Keep reading our in-depth review to see how we exposed this latest financial scam, as well as how we caught these guys and shed light on their misdoings.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM:
Perry Shepard is really an actor named David Loftus! Below you will see an acting video reel entitled “DJLdemo1” where “Shepard” showcases his acting skills, which are pretty good I might say. This guy is definitely not from, which means we are dealing with a very expensive, high-end production and that makes this fake app much more dangerous.

Now, moving along below you can see Shepard sitting in an arm chair which happens to look EXACTLY like the one Bill O’Doherty is using at an older scam called Your Legacy Club. In fact, they are using the same living room to film the sales video.


The final nail in the coffin is seen in our third and last screenshot where the nameless actress is also the same one used for the Quick Cash System with Sarah Markel, which is one of the all time most vile and deceptive schemes you can possibly dream of.


Shepard SDP Software Review
The story starts when “Shepard” begins rambling about how this software has made a lot of people rich and how it can do the same for you and change your life. Of course the best thing is that its FREE! He says the SDP is Systemized Digital Profits, and his “geek brigade” as Maggie calls it are the programmers who developed the system using fractional cascading. Then he proceeds to make the cardinal sin by clearly saying “Shepard SDP does nothing but win“. He rudely states that the software “wins 100% of the time“,and he goes on to say his team has made millions with it during the last couple of years.

He says his group of beta testers had zero experience and are now millionaires who can live the life they choose without having to worry about the next paycheck. He says the system is totally automated and does everything for you. You just have to watch the money pouring in. Shepard claims they are giving it away because they need software accuracy confirmation by an independent auditing firm, so they can use it to market the software in the future. Additionally, once they get an additional 50 beta testers who fund their trading account, that money will be matched by the broker and will help you get your money right out of the gate.

In reality, this malicious app is designed to take losing trades from the start. The money is charged to your credit card by their recommended brokers which may (or may not) be regulated or legit. They money, including recurring deposits is then split between the promoters and the brokers.

What we are witnessing here is the same farce and rehashed concepts used to trick and deceive would-be traders into funding trading accounts with rogue offshore brokers. We have the use of inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, hyped up claims, and images that are stolen from the internet without consent. Joel Mercado, Lyndsey Fredrickson, David Westbrook are all actors portraying beta testers who have made money with the app.

Is it Really Free?
No way! This will cost you at least $250 to get started so don’t put away your credit card just yet.

But I Saw Some Good Reviews – What’s That About?
Well, it’s no secret that some “honest review sites” are actually paid to promote certain products. Now, if these systems were good, then it’s win-win all the way, but in reality these blog and portal owners are putting money first and don’t really care about the welfare or well-being of their members and subscribers.

Other Viral Scams to Avoid
Biggest scams to avoid now are Gemini 2, Optical Signal Trader, and Free Money System (AKA Millionaire Blueprint) by Walter Green.

Best  Signals and Auto-traders
We were actually contacted by these people and asked to endorse their filthy app. Needless to say we politely showed them the door and asked them to stop cheating people out of their money because we only showcase the best, most accurate, and consistent money-making systems in the market.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Shepard SDP Software by Perry Shepard is a malicious blacklisted SCAM designed to steal your money, and we have proven this in our factual review and investigation. If you still believe this app and auto-trader to be legit or genuine, then options trading is not for you. We were compelled to provide all the required evidence required in order for you to make an educated decision about Shepard SDP, and believe we have done a good job exposing these crooks. We now know just how much grief and misery they have caused some decent folks looking to make some cash trading binary options online. In light of all of this overwhelming mountain of evidence and growing complaints, we are advising all our members and subscribers to avoid this system because if you try to “test the waters” you will surely lose your money. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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