SnapCash Binary Review, SCAM or Cash at a Snap?

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SnapCash Binary Review, SCAM or Cash at a Snap?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Right when our staff of researchers was about to post a new SCAM review exposing a new malicious financial SCAM, we came across the Snap Cash Binary software by Austin Ford. One of our members asked us to conduct a full review and investigation of the inner workings of this new auto-trader, since he claimed it seemed to be a legit and genuine trading app. In a bizarre turn of events, our trained staff of experts immediately sensed something different about this new system so we dropped everything and started digging in deep. Truth be said, we were ready to just add this product to our scam bucket list and move on, but right then and there we noticed the figures, accuracy levels, and results this software was producing. We were perplexed and intrigued by the possibility that this software can actually deliver on its promise. We know you have read a variety of so called “honest reviews” about certain online trading systems, but we rarely endorse new apps so why not take a minute to go over this article and see what Snap Cash Binary is about.

Official Snap Cash Binary Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Snap Cash Binary

What is Snap Cash Binary and Does it Have Anything to Do With Snap Chat – Review
That is a question we immediately got from a few of our subscribers, and the answer is no it does not have anything to do with Snap Cash by Snap Chat. So let’s clear the mist and get our ducks in a row. The Snap Cash Binary app is a system which was designed by Austin Ford, a coder and computer engineer who figured out how to make millions of dollars through incredibly easy trades. He claims you can actually become rich by using his software, and he found two random people on the street who were willing to try out his software as beta testers. He actually gave them $250 to start out with and stated that this initial sum can grow exponentially into hundreds and thousands of dollars if used correctly.


Update: Snapcash Binary is now integrated with industry leading Forex Brokers. 

The way the system works is by offering you trades or option contracts to buy, but there is also an auto-trade option if you prefer that. When you accept the trade you actually buy the contract based on the recommendation (i.e call or put). Ford claims the potential to make huge amounts of money as a “lone wolf” is incredibly high, since everyone uses the same brokers. In other words, the software looks at the whole picture and not isolated sections of it. He goes on to say the success or ITM ratio is 96%, but that is something we will talk about later on.

Now Ford is looking for new beta testers to try out the software and he is actually telling you need to deposit at least $250 to get started, so that is a refreshing change since all the scam artists immediately say it’s free.

Who is Austin Ford?
We checked this guy out and  found out that he likes his privacy, but this is not uncommon with rich people. We did find out the support staff responds to emails in a timely and prompt fashion, and that gives us a strong indication when inquiring if it is a scam or a professional outfit.


I Got Scammed Before – How’s This Different?
Well, this software is different since it offers you the trades and you can decline them or buy the contract based on the pre-selected criteria. We have not seen this kind of functionality before and when we tested it we found it to be extremely user friendly and easy to understand. You should also read how we chose our brokers.

This will cost you at least $250 to get started. This is also very clearly stated in the video presentation.

Viral Scams to Avoid
The ones you need to watch out for are Gemini 2, Cloud Trader, Orion CodePush Money App, and the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
We are bombarded with endorsement offers by an army of con artists on a daily basis, and we rarely take on a new system. Snap Cash Binary is a rare exception and a welcome new member of our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Summary and Conclusions
The SnapCash Binary software by Austin Ford is an automated trading system which promises a 93% ITM ratio and a reliable way to become rich very fast. Usually these things are blacklisted scams designed to bait, mislead and deceive you, but this is not the case. We did however notice two oversights. The first is the use of hyped up claims, our accuracy levels stand only at 86%, which is very impressive but not 93%. When we inquired about this we were told it will improve, so we will have to wait and see. Secondly, we found some testimonials we believe to be fake and that is a big mistake on their side, but at the end of the day the software is a solid and consistent performer, so we are willing to forgo this for the time being, but reserve the right to change or amend our review based on customer feedback. In short, we found the Snap Cash Binary software to be a genuine app which is completely legit. We were more than happy with the amount of money we made and plan to keep using it since it is a definite money maker and has huge potential as a consistent money-making machine. Still just in case, we took exceptional measures and have a signed letter of compliance from the owners of this system. If they fail to meet our standards we will take proper action and expose them immediately. Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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  • Amanda

    So have you tested it yourself, I’m very interested in it. Just scared to test it out.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Yes we did and it’s a money maker although slightly below the advertised ITM ratios but still very good accuracy levels of around 86% and consistently as well. Thanks, Pat

  • Margs

    can I join if I’m in New Zealand

  • Daryl

    Hi Pat, (I’m in Canada)

    Great article. It certainly supports some other binary experts that I follow.

    I’ve signed up, but am wary of the brokers that were presented to me. 1. Bank of Options and 2. 23 Traders. Any insight on this? I want to get started, but am not prepared to deposit until I know I can trust them.

    • Hi Daryl.
      23traders have a solid reputation. The other one could be fine too but Im not familiar with them.

    • Hi Daryl, I believe 23 traders is a solid broker and they have been around for quite some time. I’m not familiar with the second one so can’t really comment on Bank of Options. Thanks, Pat

  • Amber Beth

    So how much money did you actually make seen you deposited your $250 and how long did it take because if you use this system correctly you will make money. Is there a way to not use it correctly?

    • Hi Amber Beth,
      There are two ways to use it. The first option is to “approve” the trades offered to you. This is a semi-automated method if you want more control over your trades. The second option is the auto-trade function, which is a “fire and forget” system that executes trades without having to manually intervene at all. We started out with a $500 investment and its growing steadily, but we are also monitoring complaints and with the exception of one person (there is always someone who is never happy) the feedback is not negative at all so we are currently recommending this system. Pat

  • Dalisu

    Hi. I’m in South Africa. How do I join?

  • Jacob

    I’m really excited to see a positive review for a change. As soon as I get the money saved up I think I will test this one out. It’s been a while that I’ve gotten excited about a program.

  • Hi Johan, I believe it has no relevance and the software does the work. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Kobus, we are doing that on our Facebook group please join:

  • Hi Na,

    Im not sure if you can, but try and see what happens.

  • Shadlie Abdurahman

    Hi do you guys no if I can trust the brokers from snapcash thanks

    • Hi Shadlie,
      The brokers are legit and can be trusted, if you encounter any problems please leave a message and let us know.

  • Bora

    Hi I’m looking at joining up with SnapCash Binarys. It states that the minimum deposit is $250. My question is the $250 US dollars or is it based on the country you live in like Australia (being Australian dollars? Also when I click on deposit funds it comes up with “TradExtra Logging in please wait”. Is this normal?

    • Hi Bora,

      It will translate AUD to USD and that will be your balance. Tradextra is new and yes, it is OK and legit.



  • Hi Vitor,
    Yes, it is.

    • joaquim

      I´m trying from portugal and i can´t. Is the a new problem?

      • Hi Joaqim,
        No there should not be a problem. Please try using another email – it should work just fine.

  • Amer Shaheen

    Hello, is it available in uae?

  • Sure is!

  • Ayodele Marshal

    hello is it available in Singapore?

  • Ayodele Marshal

    is it available in Malaysia too ?

  • Deji

    is it available for nigerians?

  • We got some initial feedback and based on that we are recommending it. We have yet to do a full review and investigation – we just can’t cover everything at this point. Thanks, Pat

  • Hi Nnolim,
    No try this System they will accept Nigerian traders:

  • Sage O

    Can i find out if Stern Option is a reliable broker? I have been assigned to this broker when I signed up. Please advice.

    • Hi Sage, Yes Stern is fine and you should be OK with it. If you have any issues please let us know immediately. Thanks, Pat

  • Sure – let me know how that works out for you – thanks, Pat

  • Hi Di, no we have revised our review. Snapcash Binary is a SCAM and we are not recommending it. Try to get your money out.

  • Hi Alicia, we only choose the best and Snpacash is not it!
    Here you go!

  • Hi there,
    Don’t deposit this is not a legit app and we have revised our review. Here are some better alternatives:

  • Hi Crystal, we have revised our review and it seems Snap Cash Binary is a SCAM after all. Please be careful and check out our recommended section for a worthy alternative.

  • Scott Lester

    Hello Pat, is it available in Cyprus?

  • George Tan

    Hi. Just wondering how your account with this trader is going. The last update I can see from your comment of your balance was around 8 months ago. Also did you choose the set and forget or whatever it’s called option.

    Another question is that did you try to withdraw any of your money and did they give you any trouble? Thanks.

    • Hi George, we used the default settings on the minimum investment amount. Thanks, Pat

  • MJay

    Hi, I have been given utrader as my broker. Are they legit?

    • Hi MJ.
      The broker is fine. Never had any issues or complaints about them. Ty Pat

    • christina Voros

      Their brokers are good and they are directly linked to snap cash binary. Sam Watson is very helpful there

      • Hi Christina,
        Have you funded your trading account yet?

  • Biljana Stojakovic

    Hi, is iSnapCash Binary available in Croatia?

  • Judith

    Can I join from south Africa, if not can u please help me with any recommendations. Thank u

  • bernadina

    Hi Patrick, very new to his world of binary option but came a cross your site after a lot of reading and searching and read about you review of SnapCash Binary and wonder if they still are an auto trader you would recommend? And thank you very much for a good page!

    • Hi B.
      We are constantly evaluating. Its still performing dor us. Its been that way for a while now. Ty

  • Lucas Brody Gale

    Hi i have joined Orion code, robot 365, option robot and lost over $1000. I dont want to be scammed again or have any problems im tired of wasting money and my time.
    i live in queensland, Australia. Will snap cash work for me if i join.

    • Hi Lucas.
      It works great fir Australia. Tou should nkt have any issues. Ty

  • John L

    Hi can I Trust Universemarkets who I’ve just signed up with? Thanks

    • Hi John,

      No, they are not endorsed or recommended. Thanks, Pat

  • Ranjan

    Hi I just signed up with SnapCash and got Olsson Capital as assigned brokers, just wanted to make sure they are good before I deposit funds and start trading. Thanks

    • No complaints at all about Olsson. We would know immediately via our complaints section.

  • Hi Brian, Of course this is not possible. You would need to either cash out and start over or alternatively fund it and wait until your withdrawal arrives. Either way you would need to fund a trading account with Snap Cash – and you can do it if you are in Australia.

  • Andrew

    Hi Pat I’ve just joined Snapcash binary options but ,the system chose Roiteks binary options brokers for me ,but when I try to check if they are legit or not I cant see if they are a registered brokers ,what is your advise on this brokers ?

    • Hi Andrew. We have heard only good things about roiteks. No complaints. Ans we would know for sure. Ty Pat

  • Andrew

    Thanks Pat for your quick response,I’ll activate my account and Ill keep you posted on how is going with the trades

  • We keep getting questions about Snap Cash still being active. It was always active just upgraded for a short while. Ty Pat

  • Hi Roger – Yes it is very much operating and in full capacity. Fully optimized and generating consistent profits VIA TESTED FOREX brokers only (NO BINARY).