Spectresystem is a Complete Scam, Fraud, Fake

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Spectresystem is a Complete Scam, Fraud, Fake

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Once again another ignoramus decided to make a quick buck by hiring some cheap actors and selling a collage of smoke and mirrors designed to get the standard working man to invest and lose his hard-earned money. This time they call it the Spectresystem, but in reality it’s another scam, and this review will prove it.

Shameless, conscious-less, and and outright fraud and scam are the only words I have to describe the dubious nature of these relentless marketers who will stop at nothing to get their schemes out and publicized. It took me about 2 seconds to call their bluff since the person at the center of it is an underpaid actor telling a totally fabricated story about his new $120,000 Aston Martin car.

The members’ area is really a total sham, especially when the person says “you’ll finally be able to prove you’re not a loser to all the people that ever doubted you”. That is really a shallow and foolish statement since they are appealing to the really basic nature of the individual and praying on all the fears, frustrations, and inability to succeed in life.

Well, of course money is extremely important in our lives but how about parenting, relationships, and keeping a house together during difficult times? These things are also extremely important, and while you may have failed at amassing large amounts of money in your life, it doesn’t mean you are a loser. In fact, most people are not rich and they do not feel like they let someone down or are unsuccessful or unhappy in life.

Spectre System Scam

Alright so moving forward here, this guy goes on and on about the good life and how this Spectre System will change everything, and so on. Well, I honestly still don’t know or understand what they are offering me. I mean, I’m willing to accept I’m not the smartest person in the neighborhood, but this is taking it to another level of stupidity.

Think about it this way, when you go to a shop or the supermarket you choose something based on the perceived value. It means, if a loaf of bread costs $1.50 you know for a fact that when you buy it you will be able to spread peanut butter or cream cheese on it and eat a slice or two and then stick the rest in the freezer.

Spectre 2

In other words, there is no surprise and you always know what you are getting when you pay for it. In this specific case, you are not being shown anything (and probably with good reason). There is no system being displayed, no numbers being publicized, no trading panel to view. In other words what you have here is a total lack of transparency, and absolutely no one serious to speak with.

It pretty much screams scam and to be quite honest, it’s the lowest form of deception since these guys are really targeting the most helpless and poorest sections of our society, and in real life these people would be considered social deviants and thrown in prison for stealing and defrauding innocent people. On top of everything they try a cheap marketing trick and name their system based on the most recent James Bond movie thinking people will be more aware and relate to their so called “system” more effectively. In marketing terms its called piggie-backing, only you have to know how to do it…

So, if you were unfortunate enough to register for this cheap piece of deceptive con artistry, don’t even consider funding your account. If you have already done so, don’t think about re-investing your money or accepting a bonus because it’s just a way for the broker to keep you coming back and losing, alternatively you can check out some new trading tutorials for a new signals system that actually produces results and let me know how that works out for you.

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