A Summary of All Binary Options Scam for January 2016

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A Summary of All Binary Options Scam for January 2016

Posted on by Patrick Jones

If you have been emailed or contacted regarding the Centument App, Citidel Software, Einstein Profit Method, Phoenix Trading, Global Millionaires Club, Medallion App, Insured Profits, or the Free Money System (Walter Green), you will want to read a recap of the scam reviews and investigations our staff conducted.

Centument Scam App and Gerald Reed the Actor
This piece of malicious fraud software will make you lose your money very fast and infect your computer with a Trojan Horse that will steal your personal information. The level of sophistication and false advertising tactics employed in this scam will send any cyber-criminal to jail for an extended period of time.

Citidel (Citadel) LTD Investment App and Dr Kent Grifly
This dirty scam is hands down the nastiest and most manipulative attempt to deceive and victimize innocent day traders into registering and funding a broker account under false pretenses. Anyone promoting this fraudulent app should seriously look in the mirror and ask himself how far he is willing to go to get his hands on the blood money sucked out of unsuspecting customers. This app will also infect your computer with a Virus that will lock you out and ask for a ransom.


The Einstein Profit Method
This is the cheapest and least sophisticated scam, the people who created this crummy software decided to invest the smallest amount of money and defraud people as much and as fast as humanly possible. There is nothing believable, honest, or genuine about this app, and that is a verified fact. The use of second rate actors and fake testimonials is so blatant and unsophisticated that it practically screams fraud.

Phoenix Trading
This is a really interesting scam which employs the use of a fake registration form and forged certifications to give the impression of a reputable service, when in reality this thing is a big fraud. William Johnston does not exists, he is just a fictional character devised to sell you an empty bag of nothing.

Insured Profits
Dave and Ginney are the all time scamming duo who will deceive and trick you into opening a trading account with some shady broker operating out of a creepy country like Uzbekistan or Sri Lanka, where people will sell their mother for a dime.

The Free Money System (Walter Green)
The Green Machine will rob you blind and send you to the cleaners. This is probably one of the biggest online deceptions ever carried out and recycled by thieving affiliates wanting to rip you off and get commissions for paying customers.

Other Scams that Keep Resurfacing
Binary Matrix Pro, Mockingbird Method, Coffee Cash Cheat, Channel Ranger, Binaryapp 810  (John Callaghan), Cash Code, Millionaire Blue Print, Fast Cash.biz, Google Trader, Dow Focus Group, Medallion App, Profit Maximizer, Profit Magnet.

Learn How To Avoid Getting Scammed
It’s not enough to complain, you also have to educate yourself and understand how these fraudulent schemes operate so that you can identify them and filter them out immediately from the start. Contact us by email at [email protected] in order to get free access to our 10 Point scam screening guide and you will be in essence “Scam-proof”.

Signals, Automated Trading, Bots
If you Google it you will find a lot of hype these days about bots, I personally do not recommend any of them since it’s basically giving someone or something else complete control over your money. If you have to go with bot Virtnext is the one I recommend this time, however signals and strategies are always my preferred tool.

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