Swarm Intelligence Review, SCAM or Intelligent Swarm of Cash?

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Swarm Intelligence Review, SCAM or Intelligent Swarm of Cash?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Critical Update: We are revising our review due to an increase in customer complaints. Swarm Intelligence is a SCAM and an extremely deceptive and a fraudulent software. Below you will find alternative trading solutions. If you have tried this app out based on our recommendation please let us know by commenting below and we will attempt to provide you with a refund.

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Right when our staff was conducting a SCAM review and investigation about a new fraudulent software that just now hit the markets, we were interrupted by some of our day-traders who asked us to look into the Swarm Intelligence app by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter. One of our members received an invitation to be a beta tester for this new trading robot, and according to him it was a totally legit and genuine trading app with win rate ratio as advertised at 83%. We couldn’t resist the temptation so we actually pulled our our company credit card out, registered to this software ourselves and started executing trades. To be quite honest, initially it took a few losing trades so we were about to blacklist it. But as the software kept executing trades the ratio improved and we were actually able to cash out over $2,000 after an initial deposit of $250. Needless to say we were shocked, but also extremely intrigued and excited! Immediately we knew this was an invaluable trading tool since customers with little or no trading experience could actually take advantage of this system and profit consistently. We know some of you have been previously burned by so called “honest review sites” before, but we don’t endorse a new app every day so why not take a few minutes to see what Swarm Intelligence and Swarm Tech is really about?

Official Swarm Intelligence Website, Members Area, and Login Page: Currently Offline – Not Available to New Traders.

What is Swarm Intelligence? A Scientific Approach
In this context, from a scientific perspective Swarm Intelligence is how decentralized or independent thinking individuals operate when their behavior becomes centralized or organized into a group format. In layman’s terms, the saying “two heads are better than one” explains the concept, only in this case we are talking about the collective behavior and trends of thousands of traders.

A Brief Overview and Update 
The first question we got from our subscribers is “what is Swarm Intelligence and does it have anything to do with bees or ants?” The answer is yes but let’s put things in perspective. The idea is that collective behavior is more correct or “accurate” as opposed to individual. As Dr. Steven Francis says, “the trend is your friend” and that is the main idea behind this new trading app.

Swarm Intelligence Software Review
Francis introduces himself as a specialist in Animal behavior and a trading enthusiast. He is the person who explains the concept behind the software and why the collective power of many is better than one. Then he moves on to talk about the Kentucky Derby and asks how can 20 strangers accurately predict the correct order of of the race winners and the superfecta? He mentions this project was funded by Unanimous  A.I. which is a Silicon Valley based company which focuses on amplifying human intelligence beyond the ability of individuals. He claims that his work with Dr. Louis Rosenberg validated his premise that humans fill in the gaps of each other’s knowledge and achieve better results.

When it comes to trading, Francis says that due to the speed of trading required, individuals don’t have the luxury of time required to compare trades, so his software analyzes various strategies simultaneously to “predict winning trades” using swarm technology.

He developed certain algorithms that are compatible to each strategy and then programmed them to the corresponding computer.


The software is based on 3 factors: Mechanical, Technical, and Fundamental Analysis. The explanation then continues various charting elements such as Fibonacci, Candlestick Analysis, and Oscillators, all of which are integrated into the software and set to provide maximum performance. We value the fact that owners of this app have actually taken the time to explain how the app works, even if it seems a bit complicated they did a good job of relaying the information in a clear and coherent manner.


Francis points out that there are a lot of systems out there that provide a high quantity of trades, but the quality is very low and that is the reason why money is lost. We are also spared the various hype and outrageous claims of guaranteed profits at a click of a mouse. Here we actually have a Doctor and an engineer who are telling us an 83% ITM ratio is what the software can achieve. These are very believable claims and we can deduce from this that the app is a profitable money-making machine.


The explanation also factors in money management techniques and actually has a built-in calculator that lets you select the level of risk you wish to take. For example, if the default is 9 out of 10 and you wish to receive more signals then you can increase the risk and execute a higher volume of trades.

They claim the software is provided for free at no cost since they need to increase their customer database in order to get funding for their project. In reality, while it is true that the software is provided free of charge it will cost you at least $250 to register with and fund a trading account with one of their brokers but this is a common industry standard.

How Does It Work?
The software is a semi-automated trading robot. It selects the trades for you and before it executes the trade you have to approve it. There is also a fully automated mode and you can simply “fire and forget” by selecting the auto-trade option. There are some unique features which is a money management calculator and a swarm level selector. Both of which are used for risk and money management purposes. We tested both of these features and they are all very easy to grasp and operate. We did however notice that the buy now and sell now buttons can be a bit confusing since it is customary to name them call and put buttons, but that is not something which troubles us.


Usability: The user interface (UX) is very intuitive and user-friendly. We found it easy to use and very simple to understand.

Transparency: The brokers are clearly presented to you and you can choose to switch any time just by asking the staff.

Flexibility: You can choose the level of exposure and risk you wish to take.

Accuracy Levels: around 83% is what we achieved and we cashed out promptly.

Customer Service: Impeccable, they even offered us a job but we politely refused.

Whats Missing?
We didn’t find any hyped-up claims, inflated bank accounts, scraped images, or any phony actors. We called Louis Rosenberg, PhD from Unanimous AI and his secretary answered and told us he is away on a business trip – but this person is real and so is David Baltaxe. We could not find any fake testimonials, fiverr.com actors or image bank actors.

I Got Scammed Before – How’s This Different?
Well, Swarm Intelligence AKA Swarm Tech is not like anything we have seen before in terms of accuracy, system integrity, and user friendliness so we have to let the numbers speak for themselves. 

Current Trending and Viral Scams to Avoid
The ones topping the charts are Gemini 2Jarvis Formula, and Click Money System.

Signals Versus Auto-traders – Bringing You Up To Date
If you have already opened an account with Swarm Intelligence and wish to diversify your trading portfolio, feel free to check out our recommended section on the top menu.

Latest Review Summary and Conclusions
The Swarm Intelligence software and signals provider by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter the ex-IBM scientist is a scam-free trading app which has performed according to the advertised success rate. If you believe this duo to be cheaters, liars, or con-artists you have surely done them and yourself a disservice. We don’t get to see such a genuine and legit system hit the markets every day, so we have to tip our hats and recognize the fact that we have actually stumbled on a solid and consistent auto-trader. Still, as is the case with all the systems we endorse we have received a signed letter of compliance from the owners of this app, and if they fail to meet our expectations we will revise our review and expose them as fraudsters in the most transparent way since this is our binding social contract with our members and subscribers.  Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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