Terran Capitals is a SCAM! Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading Bot

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Terran Capitals is a SCAM! Legit Review Exposes Fake Trading Bot

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting an immediate SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification in regards to the Terran Capitals software, app, and Auto-trader as well as Susan Carter the fake CEO and bespectacled thieving grandmother. It has come to our attention that a recent wave of aggressive SPAM emails was recently sent to some of our day-trading members. These extremely deceptive and misleading messages contained promises of massive profits on auto-pilot with no risk to your money. Needless to say we have had our fill of these bogus offers, and therefore decided to conduct an in-depth review and investigation into this system. Our results should not surprise you, we have uncovered a nasty plot designed to steal your money. Our factual base of evidence and findings are so compelling that they leave no room for doubt, hesitation, or disbelief. We have uncovered a new internet binary options investment SCAM.

Official Scam Login Page and Website: www.TerranCapital.co

Proof of SCAM
The Terran Capital narrative encapsulates all the classic elements of an online scam. The image below serves as a prefect illustration of how these fraudsters operate and how their scheming little minds work. Obviously this is a picture of some pensioner, most likely on a day trip in some European country. She is absolutely clueless about her picture being illegally nabbed and used in a slimy sales video designed to fleece your wallet. Her name is most definitely not Susan Carter, and at most she can manage her back lawn depending on how her arthritis is doing that day.

Terran capitals 1

The presenter, (whoever that is) does not bother introducing himself. For all intents and purposes he can be your friendly neighborhood peeping tom making some extra cash on the side doing scam videos for crooked marketers. What’s more disturbing is that this sleazeball is trying to sell you the idea that there is no risk involved in trading, and that is not only a falsification of the facts, its also dangerous and can cause you to invest irresponsibly and carelessly.

Terran capitals 2To make matters even worst, this ghost is saying his company’s “board of directors represents almost 200 years of financial services experience”. We’re talking about companies like Citibank, JPMorgan, or Chase Manhattan, not some unknown basement SCAMs looking to swindle you. We don’t see any company physical address, phone number, official business license, or any social media presence. You can’t call anyone or complain because this thing is a ruse and probably managed by some nasty hoodlums wanting to diversify from drug trafficking and cyber-crimes to online fraud schemes.

Terran capitals 3

Moving forward, above you will see the same sleazy tactics as we have become accustomed to see in all of the recent scams. The use of false advertising is quite evident, these people claim they have an award winning software but what’s the name of that award and when was it granted? The use of fake credentials and logos is heavily applied, and again I fail to understand why they keep doing these things. And finally the actual software, that is not even seen in any way. There are no instructional videos, or robust FAQ section describing how to actually operate the software. We do see a lot of fake testimonials and stolen image bank photos.

Terran Capitals Review
So here we have some ghost telling us how his company became the best algo-trading firm while he touches the issue of high frequency trading (HFT) and how his company takes advantage of market distortions to create profit for its customers. But as the story goes, now there is a huge international bank that wants to acquire Terran, and its just a matter of time before this opportunity slips away and it won’t come back. Well, these pressure tactics wont work and as far as opportunities come in the financial sector there’s always another one around the corner so sit tight and put your thinking hat on please because if you buy into this sham there’s no way out. Nothing will help you achieve the 85% ITM ratio and high strike rates, and forget about technical analysis in the form of Candle Sticks and Bolinger banks, you can toss that out the window while you jump ship with whatever money you have left.

Is this Free?
No, it will cost you at least $250 which will be paid through one of their recommended brokers and in most cases these are unregulated and shady.

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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Copiers
We are constantly requested by various people to endorse certain products, but in most cases they fail our credibility test miserably. Issues having to do with transparency, accuracy, ease if use, and responsive support are critical when we showcase a new system in our recommended section.

Verdict and Foreseen Conclusions
The Terran Capitals software, app, and Auto-trader as well as Susan Carter is a verified binary options investment scam. Our review has stripped it down and what’s left is the foul stench of a nasty ruse orchestrated by less-than-scrupulous marketers trying to dip their greedy little fingers into your wallet. There is not one thing which is genuine, sincere, legit, or honest about this system, and we are warning all our members and viewers to use extreme caution if and when being approached by someone with this dangerous offer. As always we invite you to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get informed.

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