Tesler App Review, SCAM Exposed: New Complaints

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Tesler App Review, SCAM Exposed: New Complaints

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Tesler App is a confirmed blacklisted SCAM! There is no denying this since we have already published two revealing and factual-based reviews in regards to this fraudulent software by Steven Abrahams CEO of Tesler Investments. This fake trading robot wreaks of foul play and insidiousness. Ample evidence has been provided in our previous investigations to validate these claims. However, we are now trying to deal with the aftermath caused by this extremely misleading and deceptive auto-trader. So, instead of explaining why it is so dangerous and how it steals money, we simply decided to gather some of the complaints we have received and display them in the most simple and transparent manner. For those of you who have fallen victim to this latest financial scam, we urge you to stop trading and file a detailed scam report in the top menu on our website. Keep reading to see how the Tesler App affiliates and Abrahams the actor are lining their coffers with stolen money.

Official Scam Website, Members Area, and Login Page: http://teslerapp.co/


1. Rob from the Canada
Pat, I have a serious problem with Tesler and I think I was cheated out of $5,500. It was doing reasonably well with short expiry time trades but then these thieves took a lot of long term trades and I lost everything. It has lost my first $250, and then the rest of my investments because it was taking losing trades rate on the long term contracts. Hell, I was better off tossing dice, at least I would have won 50%. Then, it started taking the same trades in a repetitious manner. What could have gone wrong here? I have Banc De Binary as my broker. Thanks, Rob


2. Karina from UK
Patrick please help me. The Tesler people never sent me the software login details. Do you know how to reach these people, they never answer emails?

3. Erik from Finland
I registered and Tesler linked me to some scam broker named binary banc. I was really upset but decided to try my luck anyways. needless to say the money was lost and all they want to talk about is re-investing. What a greedy fool I have been!
TXS, Erik

4. Janet from Denmark
I lost three times 250 Euros in a week with Tesler App. I got OneTwoTrade as broker. Can someone please explain why this happened, I am really upset. 750 Euros in a week.. is it possible that this broker manipulated the signals or the trades? someone please help me 🙁 i lost money!

5. Lars from Norway
I keep getting these email invites all the time. I recognized it straight away as the same as the Tesler App. Maybe its time for me to change my email address

6. Marina from the Netherlands
This Tesler software  is a scam?!! I have only won four trades out of 15. The auto trade feature is worthless! I hope they enjoy my money and their family eats good tonight! Once bitten twice shy!!!

7. Celina from Australia
Hi  Pat, I have used this Tesler trading robot believing as it to be genuine. Unfortunately it turned out its not true what Abrahams is saying. I put $250 but lost everything. It has a %57 loss, so I just gave up because I couldn’t afford to lose more money. Please do not believe them its a lie.

8. Antonella from Spain
Is there any suggestion you have for trading with Tesler App to get the better accuracy levels?I have been trading for five days now and  the overall performance is horrible.

Tesler App Review – A Brief Recap
The Tesler App is an automated trading robot which was developed by Abrahams. It’s is presented to is as a software that generates “life-changing” profits for new traders just now getting started for the first time. Abrahams claims they charge a 0.5% commission on all money cashed out and that’s how they make their money.

What Are We Really Dealing With Here?
In essence, these testimonials indicate a very clear pattern of deception and malice prompted by greed. These con artists are very skilled at enticing new and unsuspecting traders, and this is the real edge, not  lead patterns and hyper responsive data.

Viral SCAM
The Tesler App is now officially viral and has used every trick in the book to try and get good exposure online. In reality, we are witnessing a barrage of complaints prompted by a fake trading app. So don’t forget to stay alert and ask questions

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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Tesler App is a dangerous new blacklisted SCAM. We have validated these facts and our findings indicate a very clear pattern of deception. While conducting our investigation we noticed something very peculiar. The actors in this video never look at anyone directly into their eyes. This further validates the fact that the actors know they are cheating and can’t look at each other’s eyes. This is very telling and provides additional circumstantial evidence of foul play. In short, stay away from this fraudulent app and seek alternative sources of income. Check out our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel and catch up on the latest scam reviews.

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