Trader’s Buddy Review, SCAM Software is No Traders Buddy!

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Trader’s Buddy Review, SCAM Software is No Traders Buddy!

Posted on by Dan Wright

The Trader’s Buddy software, trading robot, and social app is a SCAM and we have categorically blacklisted it in our factual and detailed review for a variety of reasons. The seemingly harmless and quasi-professional facade of this insidious new app has made it extremely difficult to expose, but we have done our research and we’ll let the facts speak for themselves. There are some very sneaky affiliate marketers who are peddling this piece of trash code, and they have no qualms or hesitations about taking you for a ride and stealing your money.  The nature of the complaints we received indicate to us we are dealing with a sophisticated fraud network specializing in financial scams and aggressive online baiting tactics. If you believe this fake app and auto-trader to be legit or genuine you are sadly mistaken and will have your money stolen by conniving offshore brokers. Here’s a fair warning, don’t let the believable nature of this system trick and deceive you into funding an offshore trading account. We found it is very misleading and the way the facts are represented are untruthful at best, and most likely criminally falsified. Keep reading to see how we reached our conclusions and why Trader’s Buddy is a confirmed financial scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see a screenshot taken directly from the Trader’s Buddy main sales page. In it you will clearly see it says how this “revolutionary trading software is the easiest way to boost your profits, connect with pros, and immediately reduce your risk”. Well, we beg to differ, and we will explain why.

Here’s another screenshot taken directly from the members area in the trader’s buddy software. One of our staff members signed up and this is what he found. First there’s no demo trading, so you can’t really test the trading environment and see if it is intuitive or user friendly (not to mention accurate or profitable). Secondly, we got this highly irritating popup which is displayed every 3 seconds and you can’t click on anything besides the “fund your account” button (very spammy).

Furthermore, the broker is selected for you and there is no way to choose another one. So if you are assigned to an unregulated broker there is no way for you to take a step back and reevaluate your position. You are locked into a broker and there’s no flexibility or maneuvering room.

The image above represents the popup we received every 3 seconds. We have even documented this via YouTube Video and there’s not much more we have to add here. This is considered to be one of the cardinal sins in product management, because it causes you to just close all the windows and leave.

The image above represents a summary of everything which is WRONG with this system and why we believe it to be a SCAM. It’s true you won’t find the usual inflated bank accounts, hyped up claims or exaggerated wins, fake testimonials, or blatant lies. But this type of scam is very misleading because of its believable nature and that is what makes it that much more dangerous. The fact that it is new and untested also adds another layer of suspicion on what’s already being considered to be one of the biggest binary options scams in 2017.

Trader’s Buddy Software Review
This software is seemingly the best all around solution for any trader looking for a one-stop-shop for binary options as well as social trading. The features are new and very enticing. The promoters of this app claim this is a unique peer-2-peer trading platform that “connects you directly with experts”. It’s true that there is a fully automated and semi-automated solution, but the video tutorials and robust educational section merely serve as the proverbial fig leaf used to disguise a much grander deception.

You have the auto-trading feature that can be turned on and off, and you can control your daily budget. There is also a stop loss feature which is not recommended unless you are absolutely sure the trade will result in a loss. You also have 3 built-in strategies such as Rush Options, Basers, and Investo.

Trader’s Buddy Distinguishing Features:
Rush Options: This is for short term and high risk trades like 60 second options. Basers are for medium-term options and Investo is for long-term trades up to 3 days. There’s also a really nice feature named “pending orders”, which allows you to place orders that can’t be immediately executed via your broker. This is a very exciting concept, and we truly wish this system was legit, but a few of our members tried this feature out and ended up losing their money very quickly.

Review Continued – Is Trader’s Buddy Free? You Won’t Believe This One!
Here’s the catch. you will have to pay a minimum of $250 in order to fund a trading account. They claim anywhere else you will need to pay between $75-$200 a month per trading room according to the advertised rates on their sales page! This is a half truth, because while its true some charge monthly fees most don’t. These greedy jackals are planning to get you from every possible direction, so don’t fall for it because there are plenty of solutions out there which will do a much better job without charging you a monthly fee.

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Fake Reviews
You will see many fake reviews hailing Trader’s Buddy as “the next big thing” in binary options trading. A hefty dose of skepticism and a grain of salt will help you save a pretty penny while you continue searching for a genuine trading app.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are deliberating and not quite sure which system is best for you then you are not alone. Fortunately we have compiled a short list of the best and most consistent money-making machines, these are all proudly showcased in our recommended section.

Review Summary and Conclusions
Trader’s Buddy is a verified financial scam. It’s extremely intricate and highly misleading as well as deceptive. The software it employs is new and projects an image of legitimacy, however the exact opposite is true. This app is designed with pure malice and will fleece your wallet first when you fund a trading account and again when you pay a fixed monthly fee. Expect to be ambushed by underpaid sales reps salivating at the mere thought of having you provide your credit card details. You know there’s no way to get a refund from these crooks, and forget about complaining to CySec because it takes a really long time to get things moving with them and by then your money is already spent so you can kiss it goodbye. We can’t overstate how devastating it felt to have our balance wiped out AGAIN in a matter of minutes, so again we lost our money but you don’t have to lose yours. After producing all of this damning proof and evidence, once again we are forced to blacklist this fake app and trading robot and advise our members and traders to seek alternative trading avenues.  Don’t forget to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel and get informed.

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