Trading Compass Sir William Bot Review, SCAM Exposed!

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Trading Compass Sir William Bot Review, SCAM Exposed!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Trading Compass (AKA Sir William Bot) and John Burley and Colin is a SCAM software. We BLACKLISTED this fake and and auto-trader in our impartial review after getting a consistent stream of complaints from day-traders. It’s true that this system has been around for a long time, but this fact does not diminish or mitigate the severity or level of shamelessness displayed by these cyber-thieves. Our staff has wanted to conduct a full review and investigation into the inner-workings of this bogus system for a long time, and now we have done so and it’s time these cheaters have their lies exposed and much needed light shed on their misdoings.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see the classic use of fake testimonials and stolen image bank photos. This is straight up SCAM tactic and clearly illustrates the low level of sophistication. Still, and despite all the theatrical images and trumped up claims of massive riches made overnight, many people across a broad spectrum of socio-economic background were duped by this cheap and evil scheme.

Trading Compass

Trading Compass (Sir William Bot) Review
The scam starts as John Burly (Alias) introduces himself and says he is from Chichester, a small town in the south of England. The voice says “you have received this invitation because someone wants you to have money”. The sales pitch continues to rant about how this software has made him a millionaire and harps on the rags to riches narrative of how John started out with nothing and now he is a millionaire living the easy life without having to work a single day. In the members area it claims that “Sir William is actually a very sophisticated mathematical algorithm and the heart of the brilliant financial software that Colin built”.

In reality, the narrative is riddled with inconsistencies and half-truths. This software is rigged and designed to take losing trades. The profits are split with rogue binary options brokers who are not bound to any form of regulation and ethical business practices is not something they understand or care about. Their only concern is to bleed customers dry and send them on their merry way once they understand no more money is left. We are very well acquainted with these kinds of systems and have had our fill.

As you can see the image above illustrates how they use stolen image bank photos, fake testimonials, fake logos and certifications, and most importantly hide a lot of facts which in turn leads to low transparency levels and loss of trust which is the single most important factor for customers choosing a system.

Fake Reviews:
We are witnessing a barrage of fake reviews in regards to the trading compass scam and Sir William BOT. This is happening for a variety of reasons. We must remember that this system has been around for a long time so it has quite a bit of blogs and websites that have received commissions after promoting this bogus auto-trader and those are still around so there has been a lot of hype around it. trading compass

Is it Free?
Absolutely not. This fake app will cost you at least $250 to get started and if you have an existing account you will not be able to use it.

Can I Withdraw My Money?
Well, its gonna be very hard. If you have a regulated broker they may make life very difficult for you but eventually pay. If it is not regulated you are taking a big chance because some of them are actually legit, but others have given the online trading industry a very bad name.

Other Viral Scams
These include but at not restricted to: Dubai Lifestyle App, Insured Trading, Millionaire Blueprint, and Brooks Blueprint.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
If you are stuck and need to consult about which is right for you simply email us at [email protected] Keep in mind that if you are someone looking for more control over your trades then signals would be the solution more relevant and suitable. If you want a totally hands off “fire and forget” system then you are in the market for an auto-trader. Please note that automated trading solutions will do the work for you, so you’re not gonna be in a position to complain about anything if and when  the expected results are not achieved.

recommended systems2

Summary and Conclusions
The Sir William Bot software AKA The Trading Compass is an investment SCAM, and our fair and impartial review and investigation has provided all the required proof and evidence required. It’s been around for a very long time and caused much grief and misery for a lot of people. There’s nothing legit or genuine about this app and it will surely steal your money. It should come as no surprise to you that we have heard complaints from day traders signing up through the Trading Compass and getting overcharged as well as badgered by underpaid telemarketers with funny accents during the little hours of the night. If you still have any doubts about this fake app after reading our review and believe it to be a trustworthy and profitable app, don’t come back crying about how you lost your money because chances are we will not be able to retrieve it for you. Feel free to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel today and get informed!

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